Gamescom Round Up – Day 1 Highlights

Nick Jones

We round up the highlights from the first day of Gamescom, plus the announcements from last night's press conferences.

Published on Aug 15, 2012

Sony’s the only one of the platform holders exhibiting at Gamescom this year, and its emphasis was on PS Vita.

Sony announced several new games for Vita, including Killzone Mercenary – another attempt at doing an FPS on handheld – and Media Molecule’s first game since LittleBigPlanet, called Tearaway. Tearaway looks like a slick 3D platformer set in a world of paper, so there’s lots of opportunity for touch-based play… folding, cutting, drawing and so on.

Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation also got a run out and, while it looks a bit empty when compared to its home console cousin, it shows a lot of promise.

Rain, from Japan Studios, is not a prequel to Heavy Rain. There may be a prequel to Rain called Sunshine & Showers, however.

There were a couple of new PSN titles announced too, most notably platform adventure Rain and Puppeteer, which appears to be some kind of highly-stylised 2D platformer.

News on PS3 games was limited – there was nothing new on Beyond, for example, but there was a cool new trailer for The Last Of Us, with a nice little twist at the end. We’re pretty hot for this one right now.

Sony’s press conference was also host to the first Black Ops: Declassified footage, which, if we’re being kind, looks like very early code. Probably too early to show to the public, but hey, what do we know?

Black Ops 2's multiplayer game was revealed on Monday night, along with its new Create-A-Class system. Click on the above image for more details.

Meanwhile, over at EA, there were all the usual suspects shown, including Dead Space 3, FIFA 13, the SimCity reboot, Battlefield 3’s new map pack and Need For Speed: Most Wanted gameplay; Army Of Two 3 was the ‘new’ game shown but the Frostbite 2-powered shooter just looks like any other army shooter to us.

Oh, and Crysis 3 on PC looks ridiculous. We're loving this new multiplayer take on the Predator movies.

Capcom revealed that it was the publisher of the previous-titled (and previously linked as a PS3-exclusive) Adrift with the gameplay reveal of the curiously-named Remember Me. It’s basically Assassin’s Creed set in the future. Which might be pretty good.

Throughout the day, the Gamecom rumour mill was in overdrive over the appearance of Half-Life 3 on the official Gamescom games list. Turns out that it was a ‘simple mistake’. Do they not realise?

Around the show floor we chatted to DayZ developer Dean Hall and his worries about Windows 8 and how DayZ could come to consoles one day.

We also asked IO about ‘that’ Hitman trailer (above), and they told us how they were surprised by the reaction but that, ultimately, it had a positive effect on the game.

Finally, Ubisoft’s press conference was a strange affair, focussing entirely on its digital output. Nothing on Assassin’s Creed 3, nothing on Far Cry 3, nothing on Zombi U. Still, at least Ubisoft release a few new screens for Assassin’s Creed 3.



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