Black Ops 2 Multiplayer: Maps And Multiplayer Modes - Details & Videos

Nick Jones

Check out these videos of Black Ops 2's different multiplayer modes including the new Multi-Team Detathmatch.

Published on Aug 14, 2012

Turbine Hardpoint

The Turbine map is a large scale map that resembles Modern Warfare 2's Afghan map. The turbines in question are these large wind turbines, and there is a large aircraft lying in the centre of the map. Turbine is the perfect stage for large team-orientated objective modes.

Hardpoint is basically a capture and control the point-style game, a King of the Hill mode, if you will.

Turbine Domination

Domination is the same as Domination in any other FPS, control three points on a map to score points.

Turbine Demolition

Demolition is another classic mode: teams take turns attacking and defending bomb sites.

Cargo Hardpoint

Cargo is a mid-sized map, with a good balance between interior and exterior. There's a central hub arena which is similar to Modern Warfare's Countdown map; here there are cranes moving large crates across the map. Cargo has multiple tunnels and narrow walkways but there's plenty of high ground for snipers.

Cargo Capture The Flag

We don't need to tell you what Capture The Flag is, do we?

Aftermath Multi-Team Deathmatch

Aftermath is the map set in the aftermath of the Los Angeles attack which happens in the single player game. It's a mid-sized map with lots of variety: interiors lead to high vantage points and low routes which end in the basements of battered buildings. The exterior is also varied, with large streets to the sides and a busy central route that cuts through a dilapidated office block. Overall, Aftermath is a pretty safe map design that wouldn't be out of place in Modern Warfare 3.

Multi-Team Deathmatch is one of BLOPS 2's new MP modes, which enables up to six teams (or squads) to compete with one another.

Aftermath Hardpoint

see above for descriptions of the Aftermath map and the Hardpoint game mode.



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