Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Weapons & Perks Guide

David Scarborough

We take a closer look at the weapons, perks and Wildcards in Black Ops 2.

Published on Aug 14, 2012

We’ve been hands-on with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s epic multiplayer mode and we’ve got the list of weapons revealed so far.


Assault Rifles

AN-94 – fully automatic, high capacity and mid-power assault rifle. It’s a decent all-rounder and a good starting point for newcomers.

SMR – semi-automatic rifle that packs a mean punch with high damage bursts.
It’s also a little slow and cumbersome, so one for long-range pinpoint accuracy.

M8A1 – The main ally weapon previously known as the XM8. It’s a distant relative of the M4A1 with similar hip-fire accuracy and mid-range usefulness, but fires a 4 round bursts.

Type 25 – Another recognisable firearm under a new guise. This fully auto assault rifle is just like the Type 95 in Modern Warfare 3 (post-patch unfortunately). Its high rate of fire and low recoil still make it a valid option.

SA-58 – A new addition to the armoury, this assault rifles greatest strength is its light recoil and range. It takes some mastering but packing some decent damage and with a decent range it’s worth your consideration.

SLG 556 – One of the most powerful additions to Black Ops II’s weapon list, the SLG 556 fires powerful 3 round bursts that reward accuracy. No very newbie friendly but it will feel comfortable for veteran players.

SCAR-H – the SCAR range of assault rifles has become a firm favourite with fans. Once again it’s fully automatic and has great stats all round.


M1216 – Fully automatic with firing four quick shots for mid damage before switching chambers. It’s not too bad at mid-range either.
Saiga-12 – A semi-automatic shotgun with great short range damage. A fast and deadly option for runners.

R-870 MCS – A pump-action shotgun with crazy damage and a decent range and speed. One for pros.

Light Machine Guns

LSAT – A versatile fully automatic LMG with good stats all-round. It’s not particularly potent at long-range but absolutely tears through enemies up close.

QBB LSW – Another weapon with a familiar name, the QBB functions almost identically to the L86 LSW. It also has the highest rate of fire in its class.

MK 48 – The clear choice in the category, the fully-automatic MK 48 deals out decent damage at all ranges.

Sniper Rifles

DSR 50 – Bolt-action that’s rather cumbersome but it will stop any enemy dead in their tracks with any well-aimed shot from the waist up.

SVU-AS – A good choice is you want to reduce your recoil. This semi-automatic sniper rifle is low on damage but high on fire rate.

Ballista – A bolt action sniper rifle with a deadly blast. It’s best feature is its fast handling speeds, which can get you out of a few sticky situations.


Assault Shield – the spruced-up Assault Shield still takes a few hits to kill an enemy, but it can now be deployed in the ground for instant cover.

Sub Machine Guns

MP7 – returning from Modern Warfare 3, the MP7 is once again a lightning-fast fully-automatic SMG. A versatile and strong choice for the discerning player.    
Chicom CQB – A new addition to the weapons list. This SMG features a 3 round burst and a high cyclic fire rate.

PDW-57 – This is the beast of the category. Fully-automatic with a long range and the largest ammo capacity in its class.

Skorpion EVO III – this was a popular choice during our multiplayer bouts. Fully-automatic with the highest rate of fire in its class, it is absolutely devastating at close range and doesn’t fair too bad at mid-range either.

MSMC – Another new entry. This fully-automatic SMG is designed for long-range with a reduced recoil rate.


There’s plenty of exciting new equipment available in Black Ops II multiplayer, including the Millimetre Scanner – which sends a pulse wave to detect concealed static enemies – and the Target Finder – which identifies enemies within the scope. But easily the most exhilarating of the bunch is the new Shock Charges.

You can carry up to two at once, and they can either be deployed to instantly send an electric stun charge through an enemy, or be placed strategically for opponents to stumble over.

Here’s the rest of the list with secondary weapons, equipment, attachments, perks and the new Wildcards. Most should be self-explanatory but we’ve detailed major new additions and any significant changes.





FHJ-18 AA - vehicle lock-on only, two rockets
Combat axe
Bouncing Betty


Reflex sight
ACOG sight
Target Finder
Hybrid Optic
Fast Mag
Fore Grip
Laser Sight
Adjustable Stock
Millimetre Scanner
Grenade Launcher
Select Fire Mode
FMJ Rounds
Extended Clip

Tactical slot

Black Hat PDA – a nifty new device that enables the player to turn enemy equipment against its owners. Has a rather long hack time, though.
Smoke grenade
Sensor grenade
Concussion grenade
Shock charge
Tactical Insertion


Perk 1 Greed - enables the player to pick a second perk from tier 1
Perk 2 Greed
Perk 3 Greed
Primary Gunfighter
Secondary Gunfighter
Danger Close


Tier 1

Ghost – a slight change here as it only conceals you from UAVs while moving.
Flak Jacket
Blind Eye

Tier 2

Cold Blooded
Hard Wired
Fast Hands

Tier 3

Dead Silence
Tactical Mask
Extreme Conditioning



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