David Cage On Beyond: Two Souls Gameplay, Heavy Rain & Ellen Page

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We catch up with David Cage at E3 2012 to get some facts on Beyond: Two Souls.

Published on Jun 6, 2012

Beyond: Two Souls has only just been announced, so we speak to Heavy Rain's creator David Cage to get him to talk about the next Quantic Dream project.

David Cage on Beyond: Two Souls storyline

"Beyond is the story of two characters, Jodie and Aiden, through 15 years of the life of Jodie Holmes. We will her becoming an adult. We will see how she grows, how she evolves, how she changes."

David Cage on Ellen Page

"We're incredibly glad to have her on board, she’s incredibly talented and really embodies Jodie Holmes in a way I couldn’t expect."

Differences Between Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls

"This game is really about the things you like from Heavy Rain, like the drama, the dialogue, all the characters, moral dilemmas, all the choices and consequences and at the same time you will see more actions, more action sequences, but also action sequences in direct control."

Controlling Aiden in Beyond: Two Souls

"Controlling Aiden with the sixaxis controller, because we really felt that was the most immersive way to make you feel like you’re a ghost. When you’re a ghost there are different things you can do, like go through things. Matter doesn’t exist for you."

David Cage on how choices affect Beyond: Two Souls

"Depending on how you play you’ll see many different things. You can get arrested in this scene for example and unlock a completely different thread that you’ve not seen. This is true at the level of each scene can be played in different ways and see different things, but the scale of the full story is the same, depending on your actions or decisions you’ve made rather than QTEs"

David Cage on exploration in Beyond: Two Souls

"The big difference is that there’s more exploration. Heavy Rain was mainly small environments and houses. In Beyond you will have a mix of different types of areas, there are many things you will see and I think people will be surprised by the size of some areas and how detailed they can be even though they’re much, much bigger.

How Beyond: Two Souls has improved on Heavy Rain

I think we’ve improved in all areas…the idea here was not to create another videogame that looks like a videogame and plays like a videogame. We want to create something fully organic, in both animation and storytelling.

The sandbox nature of Beyond: Two Souls gameplay

"What I try to create is story in which you feel you’re free, in which you feel each time you do something there is a logical consequence to your action. So this is how I feel.

"What is a little new compared to heavy rain is there is much more sandbox aspects to it. It’s less driven, a little more open. What I try and do is create an illusion…you’ll forget this is a videogame with a program running pixel in the background."

David Cage on using gameplay 'mechanics'

"I try to have as few mechanics as I can. Because I don’t like mechanics.  Mechanics are the opposite of life. Life is organic… This is what I try to do in my work."

The different abilities of Aiden

"Depending on the colour of the aura, you know what you can do with people. Orange enables you to possess them. Red aura allows you to choke them, so you can kill them. But this is not a set of rules set in stone…it depends on the age of Jodie, what Aiden can do, the mental state of Jodie, since if she’s really tired, if she’s in bad shape, Aiden’s power will get lower and lower."

The flexibility of playing as Aiden or Jodie

"Most of the time you can change between the two, but sometimes the story necessitates it."

David Cage on the rules of playing as Aiden

"Something that we establish early on is that Aiden cannot interact with living beings so he cannot just blast people, only blast objects, so this is why Aiden cannot intervene anytime. We’re really playing with this rule to create interesting situations where Jodie has to deal with the dogs on her own, or use different objects [to get through] people."

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