Beyond: Two Souls PS3 Gameplay And Story Detailed

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We take a look at the games of E3 2012, with Sony's Beyond: Two Souls getting an in-depth look at its gameplay and potential.

Published on Jun 5, 2012

Updated: Beyond Two Souls footage has leaked from E3 2012 - we've included the video below.

Beyond rocked Sony's E3 2012 press conference with the first footage of the game from Quantic Dream, developer of Heavy Rain.

A new batch of screenshots have been released by Sony, highlighting just how impressive Beyond is already looking, but more details about the game have emerged.

Ellen Page plays Jodie Holmes who is followed by her ghostly partner, known only as Aidan/Iden.

This supernatural element will empower Jodie with various abilties, though it's not been confirmed how these will be used, whether they're pre-scripted or how often they can be used.

But just look carefully at the gameplay montage at the end of the video clip and you'll spot possession, the ability to light people in a mystical fire and even create some kind of protective shield.

Beyond will follow 15 years of Jodie's life, with her spirit companion alongside her for as long as she can remember.

But Jodie isn't the only person this will effect - it's clear the SWAT are interested in Jodie's unique abilities, for whatever reason, but David Cage has suggested that Jodie won't be the only person who can sense the ghost.

This is Jodie Holmes, as played by Ellen Page.

We've already seen how Jodie's ghostly partner can interact with the environment, however. As a floating apparition Aidan will be able to move objects and explore each environment - providing he doesn't float too far from Jodie.

He can pass through solid objects, too, perhaps enabling potential puzzle solving through object interaction that Jodie can't get to.

Similarly, possession will play a large part of gameplay - for example, we have seen that Aiden can take control of other peoples bodies, letting them cause a distraction for Jodie to bypass or, in the case of the SWAT, even turn their guns on their allies.

But don't expect a typical third-person shooter. In an interview with Eurogamer, David Cage said "People will be surprised to see how we treat action sequences. I don't think we do it the same way than other studios.

"We have our own take on this," he continues, referring to the film-like quality of Quantic Dream's games, "we keep the cinematography, we keep our specific approach to controls, to make them part of the mimicry, to make you feel like you are the character."

Cage then suggests that gameplay will differ throughout Beyond, "Every single moment has almost different gameplay."

There still isn't much in the way of details on just how Beyond will play. It is confirmed that Heavy Rain style QTE sequences will still be a large part of it - in fact, at the moment, even the icons haven't changed.

There might be more explosions than in Heavy Rain, but that doesn't mean it's the next Call Of Duty.

There will be more to it than that, however. The motorcycle section teased in the trailer is actually gameplay, when you must you the DualShock's Sixaxis control to steer the bike.

In typical Cage fashion, he emphasises the uniqueness of Beyond, suggesting "you'll be really surprised by the story. And there are moments in this game that you've never seen anywhere else, I'm telling you.

"We didn't make any compromise" states Cage, claiming the direction of Beyond hasn't been affected by marketing, "otherwise we would have done probably Heavy Rain 2, which would have guaranteed more sales. There is an explosion because I need an explosion, not because I think an explosion will make me sell more."

There's no doubting there's a heavier focus on gameplay now, however, which was a criticism of many who played Heavy Rain.

Speaking of Heavy Rain, however, David Cage confirmed that Beyond will use a similar story structure, enabling players to make decisions and moral choices that will affect the outcome of the game.

This will affect the entire span of the game too, with Cage saying decisions you make early on "will have consequences on her life later on."

Regardless of what you thought of Heavy Rain, the impact of its toughest decisions was an element that so few games have managed as successfully - if Beyond can capitalise on that with a little more in the way of gameplay, then there's a lot of reasons to keep an eye on Beyond.

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