iPhone 5 Rumours: Release Date, Specs & Features

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iPhone 5 rumours keep on coming. We investigate Apple’s next smartphone, including release date, tech specs, features & new design. Read on to see the latest rumours.

Published on May 31, 2012


Join us as we investigate the biggest iPhone 5 rumours, and give you all of the latest scoops as they happen. Bookmark this page to stay informed every time we update this feed.

[UPDATED 16/07/12]

iPhone 5 leaked photo shows liquidmetal case more clearly

[16/07/12] The above image is by far the most convincing shot of what appears to be the iPhone 5. Note the liquidmetal backing and matte finish around the edges. Japanese site iPhone TGBus has the image.

This image absolutely falls in line with previous rumours and leaks, but as always, we will reserve final judgement until Apple gives us the official line. What do you think? 


iPhone 5 release date: August 7th mentioned by 'reliable sources'

[16/07/12] More iPhone 5 release date rumours here, as Know Your Mobile claims a "reliable industry source" had told them that Apple will announce the iPhone 5 on 7th August.

The source allegedly explained that Apple will unveil iPhone 5 - with iOS 6 as standard - at a keynote address. Know Your Mobile seem pretty confident about the reveal, but we'll know more nearer the time.


iPhone 5 release date: September looking likely, says analyst

[09/07/12] Speculation is still running wild over the release date of iPhone 5, but many are now predicting that Apple will unveil the device in September. 

As reported by InRumour, Brian White, analyst at Topeka Capital Markets estimated that September is a safe bet in order for APple to fend off competition effectively.

InRumour writes, "White claims that Apple is likely to come up with a competitive iPhone that would be sold in tens of millions of copies by the end of the year in order to face up to competition with the next Samsung Galaxy Note and the possible release of the Microsoft Surface tablets."



iPhone 5 to house Samsung Exynos 4 quad-core processor - Rumour

[09/07/12] Macworld reports on a rather tenuous rumour started by DigiTimes, that suggests the iPhone 5 has a confirmed quad core processor manufacured by Samsung. The report also suggests that this will be the A6 chipset.

The confusing DigiTimes post doesn't feature any tangible sources, but does make reference to Samsung's involvement on multiple occasions. 

Here's the most notable reference, "Additionally, Apple is also expected to release its next-generation iPhone built on Samsung’s Exynos 4 quad-core processor in the second half, heating up competition in the segment, commented the sources."

Take this one with a huge pinch of salt of course, as while Samsung's involvement at some stage in the process wouldn't be unrealistic, it's difficult to get too excited without confirmed sources. More as it happens.


iPhone 5 to feature four inch screen, leaked images surface

[07/07/12] Over at Chinese site MyDrivers, the above photo - an alleged image of the iPhone 5's front casing - was leaked, revealing a larger, four-inch screen. If true, this would make iPhone 5 the largest iPhone yet.

The supposed leak follows rumours that Sony is to replace Sharp as the official touch panel manufacturer for iPhone 5. See the story below for more information.


iPhone 5 in-cell touch screens to be developed by Sony, not Sharp

[06/07/12] Following an alleged string of problems in meeting demnd for Apple's iPhone 5, Sharp has been replaced by Sony as the official supplier of touch screen technology for the device. PhoneArena reported on the scoop, suggesting that Sony edged out competition from LG and Toshiba to scoop the contract. There is yet to be an official word on this one however.


iPhone 5 reported to ship with iOS 6. Apple outlines new features

[11/06/12] As many predicted, Apple unveiled iOS 6 at WWDC, together with a slew of new features, such as bespoke Map application, a revampred Siri and more. iPhone 5 is said to launch with iOS 6 onboard as standard.

Apple's official iOS 6 website laid out all of the new features, starting with Maps, a new mapping tool that features Flyover mode, which displays bird's eye photos of locations, giving you a better look at your surroundings.

Siri will receive an update too, with an expanded vocabulary that spreads to Facebook status updates, launching applications, entertainment listings and more. 

Other new features include full Facebok integration across iOS 6, Passbook - a new tool that collates all of your travel tickets, stubs and other documents, as well as improved versions of Safari and Facetime to name just a few updates.


Alleged iPhone 5 schematics surface online  

[30/05/12] Over at Cydiablog, an anonymous source has sent the site schematics for what appear to be the iPhone 5. You can check out the iPhone 5 schematics here. The designs offer some insight into new hardware changes, such as the previously rumoured earphone socket now positioned on the base of the device.

More new changes include redesigned speakers, a repositioned FaceTime camera position and enough space for the heavily rumoured four-inch Retina display screen. The screen is supposedly capable of 16:9 aspect ratio and 1136 x 640 resolution.


iPhone 5 iOS 6 ‘Maps’ leaked mockup spotted

[29/05/12] This supposed leak shows what Apple’s Maps application will look like while running in 3D mode. The app is said to debut with iOS 6 and replace Google Maps. Mac Rumours has the screens here, as well as some more interface details.

Aside from the classic 2D map view, users are allegedly able to switch to 3D mode, giving photographic birds eye views of cities, along with street names, building and business details as well as the ability to drop pins on the environment. Maps could be a powerful new tool in Apple’s arsenal against Android.


iPhone 5’s iOS 6 spotted on app developer usage charts

[27/05/12] Earlier we discussed how iPhone 5 is rumoured to launch with iOS 6 onboard, and that iOS 6 is likely to debut at Apples Worldwide Developer Conference on 11th June, but it seems that people already have access to iOS 6, according to app developer usage stats.

Over at 9to5 Mac, developer statistics – showing a breakdown of how iPhone owners are using an app, as well as what version of iOS they are running – show that some users are already using iOS 6, proving that the new version is out there in the wild.

Of course, this could just be Apple employees using iOS 6 or another developer with early access testing it out, but the proof is there. iOS 6 is already active and is making its way to an iPhone near you soon.


iPhone 5 will feature a smaller charging dock, repositioned earphone input and backwards-facing microphone

Leaked images of what appear to be a redesigned iPhone 5 outer casing confirm that the hardware has been modified. Not only does the iPhone 5 appear to be taller and thicker, it also features a smaller charger input, backwards facing microphone and a Liquidmetal alloy shell. 

Rumours of Apple partnering with Liquidmetal on iPhone 5 casing have been around for a while, and if true, could make iPhone 5 the most durable smartphone on the market. The iPhone 5’s antenna is rumoured to be moulded into the Liquidmetal backplate to improve performance.

The leaked photo also shows a repositioned earphone input, which is now positioned on the bottom of the device, right next to the smaller charger input and redesigned speakers on the base. 


iPhone 5 to feature larger Retina display screen  

According to a range of alleged rumours and leaks, iPhone 5 will boast a four-inch Retina display screen. Anonymous sources have told Reuters that Apple is already placing orders with several manufacturers for the screens, which sit at 30 per cent larger than the iPhone 4S display. 

Sources also imply that production of the new iPhone 5 screens will begin some time in August, making the alleged iPhone 5 release window of October all the more likely. 


iPhone 5 will be deliver 1136 x 640 screen resolution, fifth row of apps

Rumours surrounding the iPhone 5’s screen size and resolution stemmed from reports of multiple prototype designs circulating around Apple HQ, of which two versions have been detailed by an anonymous source. 

9to5mac received the tip, suggesting that iPhone 5 will feature a four-inch Retina display screen capable of 1136 x 640 resolution. The prototype models – dubbed iPhone 5,1 and iPhone 5,2 – are capable of an aspect ratio close to 16:9 and feature an extra 176 pixels, rather than simply stretching the current iPhone 4s display.

This increased size will allegedly result in a fifth row of apps on the home screen, meaning you can cram an extra line of app icons on the iPhone 5 menus. The improved scale will also result in wider, less cluttered user interfaces for many apps.


iPhone 5 will have a Liquidmetal outer casing

Back in 2010, Apple secured a deal to partner with Liquidmetal to produce liquid metal alloy casing for its devices. Many sources are suggesting that iPhone 5’s casing will be made of the alloy, giving it a sleek, shiny new veneer.

This supposed new look will help differentiate between previous iPhone iterations and if true, will result in an iPhone 5 that is lighter, smoother and highly damage resistant. Will the new look convince those on the fence to invest in an iPhone 5? 


iPhone 5 will feature a quad core processor, but probably not the A5X

As soon as iPad 3 hit stores in March, rumours began circulating that – by association – iPhone 5 would use the same A5X chipset. However, new leaks and rumours collated by TrustedReviews suggest that this is unlikely, thanks in large part to the amount of energy consumed by the A5X chipset.

Smartphone battery life is a huge selling point, and this longevity would become severely dented if the iPhone 5 ran on the A5X. Sources suggest that Apple will employ an all-new A6 chipset for iPhone 5 instead, making it built for purpose within the smartphone.

Given the wide range of quad-core processors now entering the market from Apple’s rivals, it makes sense that whatever chipset iPhone 5 uses be quad-core. The news that iPhone 5 will boast a larger, cooler Liquidmetal outer casing, could hint at a larger, more efficient battery does make the A5X an outside chance.


iPhone 5 will launch in October

Several anonymous sources have been throwing their chips on the table regarding Apple’s proposed iPhone 5 release date. However, the recurring release window of October keeps on popping up from multiple sources. 

Initial rumours suggested that Apple would – at least – unveil iOS 6 at its World Wide Developer Conference on 11th June, and at present, this appears to be a strong possibility. Scroll down to see more on Apple’s plans for iOS 6 at the event.


iPhone 5 will use near field communication to enable in store payments

Near Field Communication, or NFC, can be used in many mobile applications, such as one-touch payments. Apple is reportedly keen on the technology, and is looking to use it within iPhone 5, giving you the ability to make in-store payments via the device – according to rumours.

Over the last few years, Apple has patented tech and systems that use NFC technology, and over at 9to5mac, developers have said outright that Apple is working NFC in to iPhone 5. Currently, NFC technology requires a third-party app to operate, but rumours suggest Apple is looking to make it work without an app.

So what does this mean? Well, if you have an iPhone 5, the idea is that you can simply tap your device on any chip and pin device that supports NFC and pay for transactions in an instant. Apple is rumoured to be talking with Mastercard about developing its own version of the service. 


iPhone 5 will run iOS 6, which will be unveiled at WWDC on 11th June

Apple recently began inviting people to help them explore the latest innovations in iOS technology at its World Wide Developer Conference between the 11-15 of June in San Francisco.

The online brochure for the event makes many references to sessions and workshops that invite developers to come and help explore and steer the next step in iOS technology.

The next numerical step is iOS 6 of course. This ties in with rumours that iOS 6 is being unveiled at Apple’s event, and that iPhone 5 will launch with the operating system in Autumn. The reveal of iOS 6 seems likely as a result.

It makes sense for Apple to include a new version of iOS in iPhone 5, especially if NFC technology is to be incorporated into the new device, as it will need a new operating system to support the tech. 


iPhone 5 will ditch Google Maps & replace it with Apple’s own ‘Maps’ app

This is another long-standing rumour triggered by Apple’s acquisition of C3 Technologies, a Swedish firm that specialises in 3D mapping. C3’s maps are displayed in full 3D, giving you an accurate photo view of the world from the skies.  

The purchase of C3 follows Apple’s acquisition of two more mapping companies Placebase and Poly9, suggesting that Apple has something big brewing in the map department.

Apple’s acquisitions lend fuel to rumours suggesting that iPhone 5 is to ditch Google Maps integration for iOS 6, in favour of its own service co-developed by C3 – simply dubbed ‘Maps’. 

Maps is said to offer a traditional 2D map view, with the ability to switch to 3D mode at any time. Leaked photos allegedly show off the new interface, as well as what 3D mode is said to look like.  

You can check out C3’s technology running on an iPad here, giving you a glimpse of what the technology might look like on iPhone 5. This additional mapping clout could also feed back into rumours that iPhone 5 will feature a new A6 chipset, with additional processing and visual grunt. 


iPhone 5 review  

On NowGamer we have strived to deliver the biggest iPhone and iPad news relative to gaming in the past, yet we haven’t reviewed Apple’s hardware. This stance will change with iPhone 5. 

We now view the iPhone brand to be as relevant to gaming as other handheld consoles, thanks in part to the vast bank of games on App Store that is expanding with top quality experiences every week. 

You can expect an iPhone 5 review on NowGamer after Apple announces and launches the device, as well as regular rumours and facts regarding the iPhone 5 as they happen. Stay tuned and stay informed. 




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