iPad 3: The 20 Best Free Games On iTunes

Dave Cook


iPad 3 is out now and with so many games on iTunes, it’s hard to know where to start. Here are 20 of the best free apps available today.

Published on Mar 29, 2012

iPad 3 is a highly powerful gaming device, but insane graphics and processor crushing tech aren’t always needed to deliver a fun and memorable gaming experience. iTunes holds a wealth of gaming apps that are just as effective, yet are simple in design and in many cases come absolutely free of charge.

We take a tour of iTunes in search of the best free iPad games around today so that you don’t have to search through the chaff. But we have tried to steer clear of lite versions where possible, so that's why Angry Birds isn't here before you ask.

Here are 20 of the best, but if you have you have your own favourites, please let us know in the comment section below.


20. Paper Toss HD

Get Paper Toss HD iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…Hate being bored 

Let’s start off basic shall we? In Paper Toss, all you’re doing is flicking the screen to throw balls of scrunched up paper into an office wastebasket, while compensating for the draft of a nearby desk fan. Sounds crap, but It honestly isn’t. 


19. Smurf’s Village

Get Smurf’s Village iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…Like Farmville or Sim City

You may think the concept of a Smurfs game is crap, but this is a truly engrossing village creation game that follows the template of god sim classics. After a while you are left with a sprawling Smurf metropolis of mushroom houses and other colourful constructs teeming with the little blue buggers.


18. Implode! Nature

Get Implode! Nature iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…Like Angry Birds

Rather than hurling birds at precariously designed structures to send them toppling, Implode! Nature lets you rig structures with high-impact dynamite, then destroy them in a shower of explosions and plywood. Like most of the apps on this page, the addictive process quickly becomes impossible to resist.


17. Words With Friends HD

Get Words With Friends HD iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…like Scrabble

Words With Friends is the incredibly popular Facebook version of Scrabble. It’s a brilliant way to kill a few hours while playing people online, and it also lets you throw down challenges to friends on Facebook or Twitter.


16. Mafia Wars Shakedown

Get Mafia Wars Shakedown iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…like Mafia Wars on Facebook

Another iPad version of a Facebook game from Zynga, Mafia Wars Shakedown tasks you with building up your Mafia crew and battling against your mates. The more duels you win, the more new and increasingly insane weapons you will earn.

There are tons of bosses to beat, plenty of levelling up to do and a dash of strategy when fighting against your friends. It’s a simple premise, but one that millions of people are playing already.


15. Bit.Trip Beat Blitz

Get Bit.Trip Beat Blitz iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…like Rock Band or Guitar Hero

An intriguing mix of Guitar Hero and Pong, Bit.Trip Beat Blitz puts you in control of a paddle as you deflect a barrage of fast moving pixels heading your way. Each pixel you hit adds to the music track until it explodes into an absorbing orgy of sound. The soundtrack is bloody brilliant.


14. Gun Bros.

Get Gun Bros. iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…like Smash TV

This mad top-down shooter chucks the titular Gun Bros. against endless waves of savage enemies, armed with a mad assortment of firepower. The latest update added multiplayer into the mix, so now you can shoot random people in the mug too. 


13. PewPew

Get PewPew iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…like Geometry Wars

Taking a cue from Geometry Wars, PewPew is a colourful ‘twin-stick’ shooter that sees you tussling with waves of retro wire frame enemies across five tough and addictive game modes.


12. Robotek HD

Get Robotek HD iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…like turn-based RPGs

Earth has fallen and you must engage your robot in more than 200 battles against invading machines, using a range of weapons and strategic moves to reclaim the globe. Absolutely brilliant, and it looks superb too.


11. Falling Fred

Get Falling Fred iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…like Super Meat Boy

Poor Fred is falling down a lift shaft full of menacing buzz saws, platforms and other objects just waiting to turn him in to a bloody pulp, and you must help him steer around them at any cost. Brutal, tough and very violent.


10. Let’s Golf! 3

Get Let’s Golf! 3 iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…like Everybody’s Golf

Tons of colourful golf courses, a simple swing mechanic and a bevy of unlockables makes this the closest thing you’ll get to Sony’s Everybody’s Golf series on iPad. Plus, it’s free.


9. MetalStorm: Wingman

Get MetalStorm: Wingman iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…like the Ace Combats series

An awesome flight combat game with ace visuals to boot, MetalStorm: Wingman boasts a huge campaign and an action-packed duel mode for challenging players online, as well as a tense survival mode where you fight a never-ending stream of enemy fighters. 


8. GT Racing: Motor Academy HD

Get GT Racing: Motor Academy HD iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…like Forza 4 or Gran Turismo 5

With 26 car manufacturers and over 100 real cars to drive, GT Racing is a superb game for fans of racing sims. There are a few real-world tracks as well as some originals, not to mention online multiplayer for six players. It’s huge, looks great and plays very well.


7. Farm Story

Get Farm Story iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…like Farmville

Farmville is rather popular, and if you just can’t get enough of it on Facebook, allow Farm Story to fill the void. Build your farm, tend to it and help it reach success. Just get ready for your social life to take a hit in the process.


6. Tiny Tower

Get Tiny Tower iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…enjoy sim games

Starting with a ground floor lobby, you must construct a huge tower full of shops, leisure activities, restaurants and attractions. The better your tower, the more people will visit it, making you more money to keep on building. It’s rather massive.


5. Harbor Master HD

Get Harbor Master HD iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…can’t afford Flight Control HD

This is a simple premise that sees you herding wayward ships to port by tracing a line between them and ports. It starts off easy, but when the screen is full of nautical nuisances, juggling them all without crashing becomes a test of skill.


4. Eternity Warriors

Get Eternity Warriors iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…can’t wait for Diablo 3

This (almost) top-down RPG brawler sees your chosen warrior unleashing devastating weapon-based attacks against armies of fearsome monsters, either solo or in online play. There are tons of weapons to loot, so just like Diablo 3, things get addictive quite quickly.


3. Overkill

Get Overkill iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…enjoy Call of Duty or Battlefield

With a huge solo campaign and a massive multiplayer offering, FPS fans can get their fix for free in Overkill. Unleashing a huge range of firearms against troops and vehicles is a joy, and levelling up in multiplayer fast becomes addictive.  


2. GodFinger Allstars

Get GodFinger Allstars iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…like From Dust

GodFinger puts you in charge of a planet full of followers. You must keep them happy by forming the landscape, and using the elements to ensure their safety. Happier followers means more stars, which unlocks new rewards along the way.


1. Zenonia 4

Get Zenonia 4 iPad on iTunes here

Download it if you…like all role-playing games

Zenonia 4 and all of its predecessors truly deserve the top spot here. Set in a rich, massive and engaging RPG world, Zenonia 4 is so big and generous, it’s hard to see why it’s still free. But it is, and besides the massive single player game, there is now PvP to contend with too. This is an essential download for all iPad fans. 




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