Halo 4: Behind-The-Scenes Secrets On Multiplayer, Campaign & Weapons

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We delve into Halo 4’s recent trailer to pinpoint all the details and factoids that Halo fans need to know.

Published on Mar 5, 2012

You may already have seen the recent Halo 4 dev diary from Microsoft and 343 Industries, but it’s so jam-packed with information you might not pick up on all of the details.

So here’s all the new information we managed to glean from the recent Halo 4 trailer, with facts that Xbox 360 gamers will likely get very excited about.

Halo 4 Will Have A More Emotional Storyline

Up until now the major storyline points in Halo have rarely strayed away from ‘space marine shoots aliens’. 343 Industries would like to change that, capitalising on years of franchise history and looking to the plethora of books and comics to expand on the universe in a meaningful way.

Most of all this means 343 Industries will be delving into the humanity of Master Chief, to ‘explore what makes him tick’ and really involve the players when fighting against a threat beyond anything Master Chief has fought before.

Master Chief Will Interact With The World

Videogames have moved on from the original Halo: Combat Evolved, yet the series has since largely been little more than a floating gun. Now Master Chief will interact with the environment, ripping open doors or grabbing objects all from a first-person perspective.

Master Chief’s Armour Has Been Tweaked

One point 343 Industries seems keen to emphasise is the alterations to his iconic space suit. It’s important that gamers feel like an all-powerful superhuman, and they’ve tweaked the suit to better represent that.

Halo 4’s HUD Has Been Redesigned Too

While they’re at it, 343 Industries figured it might as well overhaul Master Chief’s HUD. The result is a sleeker, smoother design – one that appears to be much more curved than previous Halos.

343 Industries even describe Halo 4’s HUD as being based on fighter-jet pilot’s HUD – reinforcing the image of Master Chief as much a machine as man.

Halo 2’s Battle Rifle Is Back

Fan of Halo? Been playing it from the beginning? Then you’ll appreciate this news: Halo 2’s Battle Rifle has returned.

This burst-fire, deadly-accurate rifle is like a cross between the DMR and the basic assault rifle, giving players the ability to cover all kinds of ranges.

Weapons, Vehicles And Enemies Have Been Updated Graphically

Most assets from Halo to Halo don’t undergo much alteration in their designs. 343 Industries admit it has tweaked everything from Master Chief’s overall design, to the weapons and vehicles he uses and the enemies he kills.

It’ll be a breath of fresh air to see some new life in these designs once again.

Multiplayer Levels Are Built From Scratch

We’ve only seen two maps so far, but 343 Industries is adamant that no multiplayer map is built out of reused areas from the single-player campaign.

They’re designed to be competitive, which means diehard Halo fans will have a lot to get their teeth into as they return to Halo’s classic multiplayer game.

Warhouse And Wraparound Are Two Halo 4 Multiplayer Maps

There’s only two maps been revealed so far, Warhouse and Wraparound.

Wraparound is a circular arena with plenty of verticality – classic design for a Halo map. This means arena runs, an important looping tactic to teamplay on Halo, will be ever-present in Warhouse.

Warhouse is set inside an abandoned military base, which has a giant mech being constructed. There’s a lot of interweaving corridors, but just as many open halls – it’ll pay to be vigilant here.

Halo 4’s Multiplayer Will Have A Fiction To It

Bungie never really explained multiplayer, but then it never really needed to. 343 Industries felt that wasn’t the way it should be anymore, and will be including a fiction to the multiplayer with what Frank O’Connor describes as “a compelling and convincing reason for red Spartans to fight blue Spartans”.

What this is, we don’t yet know, but let’s hope it’s not as ridiculous as the reason our imagination has just conjured up.

Detailed Animation And Facial Mo-Cap

For a game about gruff men in space suits, you might be surprised to hear that 343 Industries has put a lot of effort into detailed motion capture, whether that’s from animations of Spartans and his allies, their enemies or even faces.

It believes that Halo 4 should have a more cinematic approach, and by bumping up the animation on all levels – including the Mirror’s Edge style integration of Master Chief’s appendages – then Halo 4 could be the most cinematic Halo yet.

Halo 4’s Audio Effects Are Built From Scratch

343 Industries has rebuilt everything, why not with the audio too? Everything from weapon sounds to the over 100 new tracks of music that have been recorded specifically for Halo 4.

The importance of sound is often overlooked in videogames, so with a modern reworking of almost all Halo 4’s sounds and music, you can be certain Halo 4 will be the best Halo yet.

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