Incredible Things People Have Done With The Last Of Us' Photo Mode

Paul Walker-Emig

The Last of Us Remastered's photo mode has allowed players to create some wonderful images. We've picked out a selection of the best. more...

There’s Got To Be A Catch To EA’s Subscription Service

Adam Barnes

EA's Netflix-like subscription service is too be good to be true; but is it fair to be cynical? more...

Why No One Cares About The Walking Dead Games Anymore

Adam Cook

The Walking Dead: Season Two has been under way for a while now, but you wouldn't know it. more...

What Did You Miss In Destiny's Beta?

Adam Barnes

Sure you killed a bunch of bad guys, but did you track down Ogres, pull off tricks with your Sparrow or have a game of football? more...

Should You Spend Money On The Last Of Us Remastered?

Paul Walker-Emig

Just how much difference is there between the PS3 and PS4 versions of The Last of Us and Is The Last Of Us Remastered really worth your money? more...

Indiecent Exposure #7 - Sunless Sea, Halfway & The Fall

Paul Walker-Emig

In episode seven of Indiecent Exposure, we look at Sunless Sea, Halfway and The Fall. more...

Why Destiny's Beta Is All About Hype

Paul Walker-Emig

As Destiny's beta follows Titanfall in the trend of using betas as a means of generating hype, we ask to what extent betas are really about testing. more...

The Xbox One Game That Makes Kinect Look Good

Paul Walker-Emig

The Xbox One is short of games that make Kinect look appealing. Enter FRU, the game that makes Kinect look fun. more...

Cuphead: How Microsoft Found Its Next Indie Hit On NeoGAF

Paul Walker-Emig

We spoke to the developer behind Cuphead, Studio MDHR, about its inspirations, hand animation, boss battles and a possible PS4 and PS Vita release. more...

GOTY 2014: Who Are The Contenders?

Paul Walker-Emig

Which game will win GOTY 2014? We've picked out all the major contenders for the Game of the Year crown. more...

Alien: Isolation Survival Guide

Richard Wordsworth

Six things we learned things the hard way on the Sevastapol space station while playing Alien: Isolation. more...

Indiecent Exposure #6 - Gods Will Be Watching, The Escapists & Penarium

Paul Walker-Emig

In episode six of Indiecent Exposure, we look at point and click survival game Gods Will Be Watching, prison break RPG The Escapists and 2D survival platformer Penarium. more...

Metal Gear Solid: What Is It All About?

Paul Walker

War; conflict; human rights; cardboard boxes - what is the MGS series really all about? We consider MGS' themes and what the games are trying to say. more...

How League Of Legends Is A Champion For Diversity

Adam Barnes

A look League Of Legends' champions and how the game offers a wide range of characters for all tastes. more...

PS4 & PS Vita: What Is Grim Fandango?

Paul Walker

Sony announced that Grim Fandango is coming to PS4 and PS Vita at E3. Here's why people love it and why news of a remake is positive. more...

Indiecent Exposure #5 - Snow, Noir Syndrome & Space Run

Paul Walker

In Episode five of Indiecent Exposure, we look at Snow, Noir Syndrome and Space Run. more...

Game Review: 2014 World Cup Brazil


Content provided by Game. more...

Sony At E3: Shawn Layden Review - Can He Beat Jack Tretton?

Adam Barnes

Does Shawn Layden have what it takes to replace Jack Tretton? more...

The Forgotten Games Of E3 2014

Sam Smith

Not every game at E3 can be popular. What are the forgotten games that deserve to be remembered? more...

Xbox One: Has Microsoft's E3 Changed Perceptions?

Paul Walker

With Microsoft trying to close the gap on the PS4, we ask whether E3 has helped the company to change perceptions about the Xbox One. more...

GTA 5 PS4 & Xbox One: What’s New & Is It Worth It?

Adam Barnes

GTA 5 is finally confirmed for PS4, Xbox One and PC, but is it worth rebuying? more...

Bloodborne: All The Details About The PS4 Exclusive

Sam Smith

All the info about PS4 exclusive Bloodborne from Dark Souls creators From Software more...

Why Should Gamers Be Disappointed With E3 2014?

Adam Barnes

E3 2014 had some highs, but far too many lows. Find out why with our roundup of E3 2014. more...

Has Nintendo Saved The Wii U?

Sam Smith

After a strong E3 2014 showing, has Nintendo done enough to save the Wii U? more...

E3 2014 Roundup: All News, Reveals & Trailers

Paul Walker

All the news and game reveals from E3 for the PS4, Xbox One, PC and Wii U in one place. more...

How Wolfenstein: The New Order Proves Reboots Can Work

Cassidee Moser

It might be a recreation of old school game design, but Wolfenstein: The New Order shows others how it should be done. more...

How Indies Are Bringing Local Multiplayer Back

Paul Walker

We speak to Sportsfriends developer Douglas Wilson about the renaissance of local multiplayer, the importance of exhibitions and why online has taken over. more...

Battlefield: Hardline Gameplay Video Analysed

Josh West

First Battlefield Hardline gameplay video leak details story, weapons, maps, modes, vehicles and more. more...

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