Indiecent Exposure #2: Broforce, Echo Of The Wilds & Myriad

Paul Walker

In episode two of Indiecent Exposure, a series where we introduce you to indie games that have caught our eye, we take a look at Broforce, Echo Of The Wilds & Myriad. more...

The Truth About Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 For PC

Adam Barnes

With a new Rollercoaster Tycoon in the works, we tried to find out whether this is good news or bad news for fans. more...

'VR Is Here To Stay' - Developers On VR, Oculus & Morpheus

Paul Walker

We asked developers who have worked with VR what it can bring to videogames and how the likes of Oculus and Sony - with the PS4's Morpheus - can make VR more than a gimmick. more...

Indiecent Exposure #1: Gang Beasts, Ether One & Goat Simulator

Paul Walker

In episode one of Indiecent Exposure, a series where we introduce to indie games that have caught our eye, we take a look at Gang Beasts, Ether One and Goat Simulator. more...

Can Amazon Kill The PS4 & Xbox One?

Paul Walker

What does Amazon's announcement of Amazon Fire TV mean for Sony and Microsoft? Is streaming the future of videogames? Here's what we think... more...

How You Can Make Next-Gen Happen

Adam Barnes

Let's make next-gen begin, by stamping out the greed of HD-HD remakes. more...

EverQuest Landmark: 'It's Easy To Shock Players'

John Robertson

We sit down with SOE's Dave Georgeson to talk all about EverQuest Next and Landmark. more...

Why The Internet Is Wrong About Facebook & Oculus Rift

Adam Barnes

Everyone hates Facebook for buying Oculus Rift, but it's actually the best thing that could've happened. more...

How Super Metroid Made Dark Souls

Daniel Cairns

Think Dark Souls is impressive? Well maybe it's time to take another look at Nintendo's attempt all those years ago. more...

Batman Arkham Knight: Is The Batmobile A Gimmick?

Paul Walker

Is the Batmobile as big a deal as Rocksteady says or is it a gimmick? We've had a chance to see Batman: Arkham Knight in action, so let us shed a little light on that question. more...

Batman: Arkham Knight - Rocksteady On The Batmobile, Origins & Next-Gen

Paul Walker

We spoke to Rocksteady producer Dax Ginn about Batman: Arkham Knight, the addition of the Batmobile, why Rocksteady created their own villain and why Arkham Knight is next-gen... more...

Batman: Arkham Knight – Batman’s New Nemesis, Batmobile Gameplay & 4 Other New Features

Paul Walker

After getting a chance to see Rocksteady's Batman: Arkham Knight in action, we've picked out 6 key additions to the game, including the Batmobile, Riddler racetracks and Arkham... more...

Short Peace - How Tokyo Jungle's Director Made PS3's Oddest Game

Ryan King

The Tokyo Jungle director tells us how Short Peace came to be and how he ended up working with Suda 51. more...

MGS 5: Ground Zeroes, Titanfall & Why Less Is More

Paul Walker

Amidst all the talk about MGS 5: Ground Zeroes' length and Titanfall's lack of single player, we're going to float an unpopular opinion: games that give us less should be... more...
Titanfall Screen 2.jpg

Titanfall, Servers & The Problem With Review Scores

Adam Barnes

As games become less about the the on-disc content and more about a service, how can the industry use review scores? more...

Was The Xbox One's Digital Future Right All Along?

Brittany Vincent

We rallied against Microsoft's proposed digital future, but Brittany Vincent argues that might've actually been for the best. more...

How Gamers Are Changing The Games We Play

Wesley Copeland

Everyone's a critic, or so they say. Wesley Copeland finds out how gamers are changing our games. more...

Turtle Beach Z300 Review – Hassle-Free Headset For PC (& PS4)

Adam Barnes

Turtle Beach's latest gaming headset is for gamers who just want to get stuck in. more...

Dishonored 2: 7 Things We Want From Dishonored's Sequel

Paul Walker

Dishonored 2 looks set to be revealed at E3 2014. Here's what we'd like to see from a Dishonored sequel. more...

PS4’s Forgotten Feature That Sony Needs To Shout About

Adam Barnes

There’s a feature of the PS4 that a lot have forgotten about, and with it Sony could have a huge advantage on its hands. more...

Thief & Dishonored - Why The Student Is Now The Master

Paul Walker

It's no secret that Dishonored is a game heavily influenced by Thief and the two certainly invite comparisons. We explain how, in learning from the Thief series, Dishonored... more...

Why Reviews Should Stop Apologising For Nintendo

Adam Barnes

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze reviews suggest there's a little too much favouritism given to Nintendo these days. more...

EVE Online's War Correspondent Debriefs The Battle Of B-R5RB

Richard Wordsworth

We take a look at the aftermath of EVE Online's biggest ever battle, and how the fight took place. more...

Titanfall: Can It Sell Xbox Ones & Other Questions Answered

Adam Barnes

We asked you what you wanted to know about Titanfall, and have the answers right here. more...

Telltale Needs To Stop Pretending Their Games Aren't Broken

Paul Walker

We explain why our patience with The Walking Dead developer is wearing thin and why repeated technical issues with Telltale games need to be addressed. more...

Red Dead Redemption 2 - What We Want To See

Chet Roivas

Red Dead Redemption 2 - or whatever it will be called - is surely on the way, but what does the sequel need to do to improve? more...

Don’t Hate Free-To-Play, Hate The Idiots

Adam Barnes

Everyone's upset about previous Dungeon Keeper, but free-to-play isn't a problem. more...

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Is Really Short (But That Doesn't Actually Matter)

Ryan King

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes might not even last you two hours, according to reports, and the reaction has been an angry one. Why? more...

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