Destiny T-shirts Now Available From Bungie

Nick Jones

Releasing the merchandising before you release any info about your game? That's how Bungie rolls.

Published on Jul 11, 2012

All we really know about Bungie's first game since Halo is that it's some kind of science fiction MMO-style shooter, there will be four instalments and it'll be out on next-gen consoles with an Xbox 720 exclusivity period.

And most of that info came out from the Infinity Ward / Activision spat a few months back.

While you wait for bona-fide info on Destiny you can brand your torso up with these fetching t-shirts which display, we can only assume, some kind of faction or company logos.

So obscure they're cool? You decide.

Bungie's Destiny tees are available from its online store for about $20.



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