Elder Scrolls MMO: What We Want To See

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Elder Scrolls Online has been announced, but what do we want to see?

Published on May 3, 2012

The Elder Scrolls MMO is official, and with such a vast and ripe world to explore there’s plenty of options for Bethesda to use. But what do we want to see from such an epic MMO?

New Races: Snow Elves, Dwarves?

Rumoured to be set a thousand years before Skyrim, we’d like to see the eclectic mix of races available to the history of the Elder Scrolls. Snow Elves have been rumoured for the next Skyrim DLC, and as a race that was forced underground by the Dark Elves of Morrowind, it would be interesting to see this event unfold.

Similar the Dwarves, or the Dwemer as they’re more commonly known throughout the Elder Scrolls, are a mysterious race. Long-since perished, these dwarves have left ancient ruins filled with mechanical contraptions autonomously defending the dangerous underground caverns.

There’s two options here: exploring the race of Dwarves as they lived their lives or watching the downfall of the inventive Dwemer. Maybe, just maybe, even playing a part of their obliteration.

Combat Should Stay True To The Series

If Bethesda wants to make the Elder Scrolls MMO as accessible as possible, it really needs to ride the coattails of Skyrim’s success. Using a combat system other than the one already recognised would only put potential players off.

It needs to be action-based, it needs to have that instantly playable system. Sure, tweak it for a PvP based system and balance things a little better but it needs to be fluid and fun.

Similarly, character classes should still be as freeform as they are in the PC and console RPGs. MMOs are used to forcing players into a specific class with specific skills: that’s not Elder Scrolls.

Elder Scrolls MMO On PS3 And Xbox 360

While it's already been announced for PC and Mac, there’s a huge audience for Elder Scrolls on consoles, and while the series made its name on PC it still has to cater for the newfound fame from console players.

Tying into the combat point, if it plays the same as Skyrim – or a similar version of it, anyway – then console players will be just as happy to absorb themselves in the Elder Scrolls world.

It’d be even better if it was all on one, cross-compatible server too. Imagine that, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC gamers co-existing in a single, harmonious environment. It’s a dream, at least…

Revisiting The Past Of Elder Scrolls

Perhaps the most interesting idea of exploring the world of Elder Scrolls a millennium before Skyrim is the potential for revisiting locations and story elements throughout the series.

Perhaps we could see the construction of Cyrodiil’s Imperial City, or return to a frozen and inhospitable land of Skyrim – maybe even meet the bloodline of Tiber Septim, the man who became Talos and freed Skyrim.

The whole map has been revealed, with the whole of Tamriel available to explore. Imagine Morrowind’s map but on a far grander scale and there will be hours of content just exploring how the Elder Scrolls world came together.

An Advanced Version Of The Skyrim Engine

In an ideal world it will be the best looking thing since Crysis 3, but that’s not going to happen. More reasonably, there’s no sense in not building the Elder Scrolls MMO in the engine that powers Skyrim.

It’s capable of epic scale while exploring outside, as well as finer details when exploring caverns and dungeons. It needs that variety and Skyrim – even on consoles – was capable of being a very pretty game indeed.

And with the variety of the locations that’s available to such a huge world, there should be many more environments to visit. No more one-palette-fits-all like the grasslands of Oblivion or the snow tundra of Skyrim.

Remember those large chunks of land seen by a modder playing Skyrim on PC? Everyone expected DLC set in Morrowind and Cyrodiil but it could well be that the base for the MMO was already there.



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