Tomb Raider Guide: Complete Every Challenge

Alex Evans


Stuck on those Achievements challenges in Tomb Raider? We've put together a how-to guide for all the challenges - mines, eggs, banners, totems - everything.

Published on Mar 12, 2013

Stuck on those Achievements challenges in Tomb Raider? We can help you...

Ghost Hunter: Destroy Ten Totems

Coastal Forest

  • Totem 1: Once you’ve received the bow, look south-east from the building and aim your bow into a tree. You’ll see a Totem hanging from the branch. Shoot it to start Ghost Hunter.
  • Totem 2: Hanging from a rock below the tree bridge in the northeast corner of the forest.
  • Totem 3: Near GPS Cache 2, south of the platform in a tree to the right.
  • Totem 4: Go west from Totem 3 until you find two stone platforms next to one another. Totem 4 hangs off the far-left side.
  • Totem 5: Look at the left side of the tree just past the base camp fire.
  • Totem 6: After coming out of the bunker and exploring the forest, the east side of the map contains a Totem hanging below the far section of a gap in the bridge.
  • Totem: 7: Hanging from the roof above the shrine.
  • Totem 8: Search under the central bridge near relic 3.
  • Totem 9: Hanging from a tree just north of the bridge.
  • Totem 10: The final Totem is past the gate along the patio.

Pyromaniac: Destroy Five Lanterns

Mountain Temple

  • Lantern 1: When you get to the first building in this area, go across the bridge and up the stairs, kill the enemies and go round the left side of the hut. Shoot the lantern to start the Pyromaniac Challenge.
  • Lantern 2: Go back up the stairs, climb up the wall and into the shelter’s remnants. Look right and shoot Lantern 2.
  • Lantern 3: Sneak through the opening created by the fallen lantern, kill the enemies, then shoot Lantern 3 by aiming at the platform below.
  • Lantern 4: Cross the bridge near the Mountain Temple base camp. After that, walk out onto that ledge and turn to face southeast. Look up onto the cliff edge to see the lantern hanging from the ceiling of a small structure by a barrel.
  • Lantern 5: Go up the stone stairs up to the large building in the northeast. Before you climb into the building, look southwest and jump to the top of the small roof below. Then look southeast and up to the second story of the large building on the hill. The lantern is on the right side of the building roof.

Illumination: Light Ten Statues

Mountain Village – Night

  • Statue 1: From the Village Plateau base camp, go to the stone lamppost near the fallen wooden cart to the west. Then jump down and walk into the centre wooden structure and light this large statue.
  • Statue 2: Go south from the cave leading to the Hall of Ascension tomb, then drop down to the small roof near the waterfall and the fallen tree. Go east, cross the log, and immediately use your climbing axe to scale the rock wall you face. After climbing on top of this ledge, there is a small structure which contains the statue.
  • Statue 3: Starting at the centre island south of the cave which leads to the Hall of Ascension tomb, jump southwest to a ledge near another tree stump with ropes around it. Climb the stone stairs leading around the rock until you reach the statue.
  • Statue 4: Climb to the upper area of the waterfalls and defeat the enemies, then jump over to the building on the west side of the map. Walk out of the north-side building and scale the rock face. When you reach the top, you’ll see the statue. Cross over the small islands, light your torch at the stone lamppost, then head back to the statue to light it.

Mountain Village (Day)

  • Statue 5: From the Village Overlook base camp, go up the stairs after defeating these enemies, and the statue is at the top of the stairs on your left.
  • Statue 7: Slide down a rope from the Village Overlook base camp and go up the stairs to slide down another rope. Head up the wooden stairs into the ruined house. Inside this building, face northwest then jump through the doorway to the high ledge nearby – the statue is against the cliff edge.
  • Statue 8: From the Village Overlook base camp, go down the two rope lines heading east. Go north up the stone stairs and use a rope arrow to go up to the next ledge. After scaling the rock wall, look for a small passageway into the rock face to the west – inside this passage is another statue

Mountain Village (3rd visit)

  • Statue 9: Go south from the Mountain Descent base camp until you get to the edge of the water near the small rope arrow post. Create a zipline to the tree trunk across the water to the south. When you get to the other side, follow the path to the south, then west until you reach the edge. Jump onto the arch and cross it to the other side, jumping onto the ledge to the southwest. This path leads to the statue.
  • Statue 10: From the Mountain Village base camp, go to the new area to the west created by the plane crash. Move to the right of the southwest building until you see a wooden wall. Climb it, then the statue is in front of you to the north.

Egg Poacher Challenge: Steal Five Eggs

Mountain Village (Night)

  • Eggs 1: Once inside the multi-storey building west of the plane wreckage, go to the top floor by taking the stairs. Go onto the balcony on the southeast side of the building. Turn west and jump up onto the roof at its lowest point. Travel along this section of the roof, jump over to the west side. Stay near the wall of the larger roof to your right, climb over the roof and walk down to the edge, where you’ll see a bird’s nest.
  • Eggs 2: Climb to the upper area of the water falls and defeat the enemies. Jump over to the building on the map’s west side. Wall scramble on the northeast side of the building, twice, then climb up the wooden ledge hanging off the north side of the building. Jump on top of the crate on this ledge and wall scramble and climb on top of the roof. On the north side of the roof, the eggs are in a large nest.

Mountainside Village (Day): 

  • Eggs 3: This egg nest is near the Hall Of Ascension tomb. Go south from the cave which leads to the tomb, then drop down to the small roof near the waterfall and tree. Cross the fallen tree, go east and pass the climbable rock wall. Follow this ledge around until you reach the eggs.
  • Eggs 4: From the center island which lies south of the cave leading to the Hall Of Ascension tomb, jump southwest down to a ledge near another tree stump with ropes around it. 
  • Climb the stone stairs leading around the rock until you reach the statue. From the statue, use a rope arrow to make a zipline heading to the island to the northeast. Use the line and then scramble up the nearby wooden wall, then pass under the structure. Drop down to the ledge on the west of the island near a rope arrow post. On this ledge lies the nest.

Mountain Village (3rd visit)

  • Eggs 5: From the Mountain Village base camp, go to the new area created by the plane crash. Move to the right of the building to the southwest until you see a wooden wall. Climb this, then head east. Jump off the ledge onto the roof  of the building just to the east. Cross this roof and find an egg nest on the north side just past the peak.

Non-believer Challenge: Destroy Five Banners

Mountain Base

  • Banner 1: Cut off the gas flow at the beginning of the area and kill the guards near the explosive barrel in the long hallway. Go into the first door on the right to reach the bathrooms. Go to the burning barrel and light your torch. Return to the hallway, go to the end, then enter the room on your left. You can see the red and white banner in the middle of the west wall. Use your torch to burn the banner.
  • Banner 2: After defeating the dual machete wielding enemy, climb into the generator room then search for the lanterns on the floor. Grab a lantern and toss it at the banner on the wall adjacent to the hallway you just left.
  • Banner 3: Destroy this banner by going down the doorway leading down to the bathrooms. Relight your torch, then head into the room with the killed enemy. Go to the northeast corner and find the banner next to a generator on the wall.
  • Banner 4: This is hidden behind the wall underneath the Map Room base camp. From there, drop down and exit the double doors to light your torch at the burning barrel. 
  • Defeat a machete-wielding enemy, then go back through the double-doors, turn left, enter the small room with all the equipment and the warning message. After entering the doorway, turn right to find the banner on the wall.
  • Banner 5: This is in the comms room. Use the axe to open the door, then head back through the door to light your torch at the burning barrel. Enter the door to the comms room and the banner is on the wall directly to your right.

Laid To Rest Challenge: Destroy Five Effigies


  • Effigy 1: The first effigy is just south of the helicopter attached to some wooden beams. Move from Helicopter Hill base camp to the south, down the wooden stairs, then turn left to see the effigy. 
  • Effigy 2: Leave the building which houses the passage to the Well Of Tears tomb, then turn right and climb up two low-hanging roofs to the east.  Now turn southeast to see the effigy hanging down.
  • Effigy 3: Leave the building housing the passageway to the Well Of Tears tomb, turn right and climb up two low-hanging roofs to the east. Walk a few steps forward and climb up on top of the third building’s roof. Look to the northeast to find the effigy hanging above a fence in the distance.
  • Effigy 4: From the Ancient Gate camp, go south down the stone stairs until you reach a wooden railing. Go southeast, cross a drainage pipe onto a wooden floor and then go southwest, dropping down to the next wooden balcony. Look west to see the effigy hanging on the side of some tall scaffolding.
  • Effigy 5: From the bridge in the map’s southwest corner,  go north past the wooden stairs leading towards the large tower structure. There is a rusted metal ramp leading inside the structure. Go inside until you reach the northwest wall and climb up the wall’s rungs. Turn to the north and look up onto the cliff to spot another effigy.

Firestarter Challenge: Burn Six Sacks

Geothermal Caverns

  • Sack 1: From The Pit base camp, follow the passageway south until you reach a large open cavern. Use Survival Instinct with the right bumper, then look up and west to see the sack you need to burn.
  • Sack 2: Enter the large cavern from The Pit base camp, turn west and follow the west wall. Pass the first tunnel heading southwest, then move to the next tunnel. This has gas pumping in front of its entrance.  Use a fire arrow to ignite the gas and defeat the prisoner, then stand against the climb wall, turn and face the northeast. Use Survival Instinct to see this sack hanging through a hole in the ceiling.
  • Sack 3: Enter the large cavern from The Pit base camp, then move along the east wall past the gate and the gas-spewing pipe. Stand in the wooden frame just before the hanging lightbulb. The sack is hanging from the ceiling to the northwest.
  • Sack 4: Start at the Catacombs base camp then break the pipe which holds natural gas. Blow up the gas to cause a metal cage to drop and slide to the north. Go down the stairs and use this cage to jump to the higher ledge and crawl up onto the walkway. Move north around the metal cages until you see three enemies standing near the gas. Kill them by hitting the gas with a fire arrow. Ten to the north of the metal doorway you could not pass before hangs a sack under the walkway you just passed under.
  • Sack 5: Go north from the Catacombs base camp, then go down the stairs and jump on top of the metal cage you released previously. Jump onto the ledge, climb up onto the walkway and walk to the end of this. At the edge, look up and to the northwest. Then use Survival Instinct to spot the sack.
  • Sack 6: Again from the Catacombs base camp, move north down the stairs then jump on top of the same cage you released before. 

Red Cap Roundup Challenge: Collect Ten Mushrooms

Summit Forest

  • Mushroom 1: From the Summit Marsh base camp, go east down the stairs. Head southeast off the stairs by following the large rocks that make up the map’s border. Use Survival Instincts to spot the Mushroom in the dark near the base of a tree.
  • Mushroom 2: Start at the Summit Marsh base camp, then head east down the stairs following the large rocks that border the map. Follow this made edge in a southeasterly direction, then go past the helicopter until you head east. Use Survival Instincts to spot the mushroom in the dark behind a tree near the map’s edge.
  • Mushroom 3: Go out from the Summit Marsh camp in an easterly direction, then go down the stairs through the wooden arch. Continue to run northeast until you pass through another arch. Follow this trail to the northeast then pass the tree stump. Walk a few more paces northeast past the large rocks on your left, then behind the bushes near the rocks is the mushroom.
  • Mushroom 4: After entering the forest area, go east to the most northerly bridge, travel northwest then use Survival Instincts activated to spot the glowing mushroom by a tree stump.
  • Mushroom 5: From the open forest area’s entrance, go east and slightly south until you reach the shoreline. Use Survival Instincts to search the ground near the mushroom, slightly northwest of the nearby tree stand.
  • Mushroom 6: From the most southerly bridge made up of plane wreckage, go west up a rocky incline. As you reach the edge, activate Survival Instincts to see a mushroom on a ledge above you. 
  • Mushroom 7: Enter the large forest area and travel southeast to the most southerly bridge. Stay on the west shoreline of the water, then follow it to the south until you go around a large tree growing near the rock wall. Behind this and near the rocks is a mushroom.
  • Mushroom 8: Travel to the most southerly bridge in the open forest area. Go east, pass between two rock ledges until you go under the plane wreckage. The mushroom is behind a bush at the end of the path.
  • Mushroom 9: Go to the most northern bridge in the large forest area. Cross the bridge heading southeast, then turn north and walk around the northeast corner of the bridge and back towards the water. The mushroom is growing next to the corner of this bridge.
  • Mushroom 10: Start at the Hunting Lodge base camp and travel up the stone stairs to find the mushroom growing underneath some bushes near the southeast rock wall.

Cairn Raider Challenge: Find Five Cairns

Shipwreck Beach (Day)

  • Cairn 1: Start at the ruined bridge at the north of the map, face south and walk across the bridge and the wooden steps. Immediately to your right is a sandy path. Turn, then follow this west and you will see an opening on the ledge between two rocks. Drop down to the water from the opening, then use the bow to pull the two floating containers to the tall rock pillar’s east side, near the climbable bit of the pillar. Just to the south of the pillar are some rocks to stand on. Use them to jump to the floating containers and jump up using the climbing axe to scale around the pillar and up on top of it.
  • Cairn 2: From the ruined bridge at the top of the map, turn around facing the south and follow the sandy trail until you pass two sections of wooden planks. Turn southeast and jump onto the ledge against the large rock group in front of you. Follow the ledge until it ends, then jump onto the next-highest ledge in front of you to find the Cairn.
  • Cairn 3: From the same starting point, the wrecked bridge, face south and follow the sandy trail. When you get to the fourth set of planks that the sand passes over, you’ll find yourself near an old rusted truck and a wooden ramp. Cross over the fence to the west, then continue west to a circular rock platform you can get onto. The Cairn is on the left of this platform.
  • Cairn 4: Slide down the peninsula from the wrecked boat on the east of Shipwreck Beach. Travel south and to the right of the burning barrel, then continue down the sandy trail. At the building, turn southwest and follow the path all the way round the building. The Cairn is at the corner where the path turns to the southeast near a railing.
  • Cairn 5: From the Flooded Vault bunker, turn left and head across the wooden bridge that travels southeast. When you get to the wooden ramp, turn up to the right and drop down the ledge which faces southwest. Run towards the pole that sticks out from the Cliffside and use it to swing across the gap to the next ledge. The Cairn is in front of you at the base of a tree.

Mine Sweeper Challenge: Destroy Ten Mines

Shipwreck Beach (Day)

  • Mine 1: Start at the wrecked bridge at the north of the map, then face south and follow the trail until you pass a cluster of two groups of wooden planks. Turn southeast then follow the trail winding between the rocks and continue southeast along the rock wall. The rusted mine is near this wall.
  • Mine 2: From the Survivor’s camp, drop down to the beach then follow the shoreline east. The mine is on the edge of the beach in the water just before you reach the ruined wooden pier.
  • Mine 3: Again From the Survivor’s base camp, go onto the beach southwards. Turn west to spot a half-buried anchor in the sand. Move to the south of this anchor and look south into the water to find the mine.
  • Mine 4: From the old gunboat, go south along the broken pier and up the ladder at the old crane. Zipline down to the galleon, then make your way through and around the ship until you get the Block and Tackle and make the mast crash down. If you’re returning to this area, go to where the broken mast is, go past where it fell, then go past the wooden wall on your left. Move up to the north edge of the section of boat and look into the water to your north – the mine is in the water below.
  • Mine 5: Again starting at the old gunboat Reyes worked/is working on, go south along the broken pier and past the yellow ladder on the block of concrete which houses the crane. Go to the edge of the concrete to the left of the fence and look out into the water southwards.  The mine is in the middle of the water to the right of the old galleon’ shipwreck.
  • Mine 6: To get this mine, you’ll need to have been given the upgraded bow from Jonah. Go east from the Survivor’s base camp onto the ruined wooden pier to the southeast. At the pier’s edge, point northeast and use the bow to fire into the climbable rock wall.  Then, wall climb up the metal sheet onto the rusty beam above. Cross the beam heading east and jump the gap to grab onto a pipe. Jump to climb up the metal grate above, then face northeast and jump to the metal sheet on the side of the concrete pillar, wall climbing to the top of it. Jump across the gap to the northeast and onto the rocky ledge. Then, jump across the gap to the southeast onto the edge of a boat. Walk southwest down to the end of this ledge, then look into the water just above a crate which hangs nearby  - the mine is again in the water.
  • Mine 7: Slide down the peninsula from the ruined boat on the east side of Shipwreck Beach. Move south and to the right of the burning barrel then continue to head down the trail, turning southwest at the building. Follow the path past the wooden railing, then look into the water in the west to see some boat wreckage. The mine is bobbing in the water here.
  • Mine 8: Again from the ruined boat, slide down the peninsula on the east of Shipwreck Beach, then continue south along the east rock wall, past a waterfall. Continue south along the wall’s edge, then enter the water near a much larger waterfall. When there, look southeast on top of the sandy ridge past a group of boulders to see the buried mine.
  • Mine 9: This mine is half-buried in sand. From the ruined boat, slide down to the peninsula, then go south along the east rock wall past a waterfall near a metal ramp. Keep going south, then along the wall’s edge until you enter the water near a much larger waterfall. Go southeast onto the beach and follow the wall to your left, moving east. Pass onto the rock ledge near the cliff wall, then head southeast onto the next beach as you travel between more wrecked boats. Pass the final boat, then turn southwest to see the mine in the sand.
  • Mine 10: Again, from the ruined boat, move south and jump from the metal ramp to the concrete post. Jump from it and scramble up the wooden wall. Travel to the two barrels on the walkway and jump over the gap to the southwest. Run up the ramp, then jump over the gap to grab the wooden planks and climb up to the next walkway. Walk up the stairs, then turn to look down and south just above some rocks on the shoreline. The mine is bobbing in the water.

Previous Inhabitants Challenge: Burn Four Flags

Cliffside Bunker

  • Flag 1: Start at the Bunker Vista camp and go northeast, then use your bow to make a zipline to the rock wall to the southeast. Climb along the rock wall to the south, then use the pipes on the building’s side travel around to the front of the bunker. Climb up into the bunker, then look directly in front of you to see the flag. Burn it.
  • Flag 2: Once you enter the bunker from the outside cliff, head north through the tight passage. Kill the enemies, then go up the small stairs leading to a room. Continue to the northwest corner of the building. Go up the stairs as you turn the corner, then kill more enemies. Go up the stairs, go southwest and round the corner to head southeast. Kill more men, then turn northeast and take a running jump across the gap. Continue along this walkway and jump to a piece of flooring which hangs down – climb this to the next level. Once you have climbed up, turn to face southwest and look under the lift which hangs in the open. On the far wall flutters another burnable flag.
  • Flag 3: Go inside the bunker and go up to the third floor. Follow the balcony around, then jump onto the platform when you see it by the ramp which points towards it. From here, shimmy to the right and climb inside. Face southeast, then jump up onto the rooftop. After climbing to the rooftop, turn to face northeast and look up near the top of the crane tower. The flag is on the southwest corner.
  • Flag 4: Repeat all the steps for Flag 3, but instead of looking to the crane tower, instead face southeast and jump up onto the rooftop. Turn and face northwest and look at the wall of the roof to see a Flag.

Sun Killer Challenge: Destroy Five Totems

Research Base

  • Totem 1: When you enter the research base, walk northwest and then jump across the gap and latch onto the rock wall with your axe. Scale down the wall, then let go as you drop past the metal gate, the re-latch the axe at the next-lowest rock wall. After you slow your momentum, let go of the wall and drop into the water. Follow this water until you reach a rock wall to scale. Climb up it, then walk to the north as you squeeze into the narrow crevice. In the room, aim your weapon to the left of the lightbulb and look into the rafters to see the Totem.
  • Totem 2: From the Research Lab base camp, walk to the metal door just to the southwest. Open it with your axe, then step into the doorway and look up and left.
  • Totem 3: Repeat the steps for Totem 2, then look through the window into the room directly in front of you, slightly to the right. You’ll see the Totem through a gap in the back of that room.
  • Totem 4: If you’ve broken all the gears on the elevator and caused it to crash to the bottom, get inside the lift shaft, then drop down to level one. Stand on the number painted on the floor and turn north. The Totem is hanging from flooring above the railings.
  • Totem 5: Again, having broken the lift gears, go to the first level inside the shaft. Move through the hole in the southwest wall and walk forwards then look north. The Totem hands in front of you from the ceiling behind the fence.



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