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Tomb Raider has a lot of optional tombs and treasure maps - but not to worry, we've created a go-to guide for finding every tomb and map in Square Enix's latest Lara reboot.

Published on Mar 12, 2013

Tomb Raider has a lot of optional tombs and treasure maps - but not to worry, we've created a go-to guide for finding every tomb and map in Square Enix's latest Lara reboot. 

Tomb Raider Treasure Maps

Coastal Forest: Go to the east side of the map, close to the broken bridge, then go up the stone incline south of the stream. Once you reach the top, jump from the ramp onto the beam that goes over the bridge on the south side. Then walk across the beam and jump to the wooden platform. The treasure map is on top of a crate.

Mountain Temple: After climbing the rope ladder, go up the path leading to the stairs. Don’t go up the stairs, go to the left and walk towards the waterfall. Jump down into the small pool where the waterfall ends and go through the narrow rocks to enter a small cave. The treasure map is on the right on top of a crate.

Mountain Village (Night): Raid the optional Tomb Of The Unworthy.

Base Exterior: Jump onto the zipline that goes down from the Radio Tower base camp on the third floor of the large building to the southwest. Then walk around the burning barrel to see the map on a stack of crates.

Mountain Village (Day): Raid the optional Halls Of Ascension tomb.



  • Relic Map: Raid the optional Well Of Tears tomb.
  • GPS Cache Map: Raid the optional Chamber of Judgment tomb.


Geothermal Caverns: Go to the Catacombs base camp, then go north out of the area and down the stairs until you near the bottom. Then look east to find a metal cage wedged between some wooden beams. Walk towards the cage and jump up and grab the wooden planks above it. Scale the planks and jump straight up to grab one that’s higher up. Once you’ve done this, climb up into a hidden area with candles on planks, where you’ll find the treasure map.

Summit Forest: Raid the optional Stormguard Sanctum tomb.

Shipwreck Beach (Day): Raid the optional Flooded Vault tomb.

Shipwreck Beach (Night): Raid the optional Temple of the Handmaiden tomb.

Cliffside Bunker: Go back inside the bunker and find the room with the large cannon. Face northwest and pull down the wall with the rope ascender. Go through this new doorway and turn northeast, following the wall. Circle around the tree in front and point east to find the map.

Research Base: Break all the gears on the elevator and make it crash to the bottom floor, then get into the lift shaft and drop to level one. Go through the hole in the southwest wall and go forward a few paces. Go through the gap in the north wall and turn west to follow the tracks down the hall until you find a yellow and black striped circle in the floor. Turn south, then climb over the crates to find the treasure map on top of a crate.

Chasm Shrine: From the start of this area go straight southeast to the door, use your axe and open the door and continue southeast. Follow the wooden walkway to the north and around to the southeast until you reach the wood ramp which faces northwest. Then run up the ramp, jump up to the wooden rungs. Climb up to the next level and go west, then south.  Jump past the corpse and land on a small wooden ledge. The treasure map is on a table to your right.

Tomb Raider Optional Tombs:

Mountain Village (Night): Tomb Of The Unworthy – Once you have the climbing axe, you can go up the cliff walls above the plane wreckage and follow the white paintings near the wooden bridge and waterfall. Follow the passage and go past the Tomb of the Unworthy.

Mountain Village (Day): Halls Of Ascension – From the Overlook base camp, slide down both ropes heading east, then go up the stairs and use a rope arrow to jump the gap to the north and climb the rock wall. Continue north, then use a rope arrow to cross the next gap. Follow the stairs and enter the cliff opening surrounded by white paintings. Continue north through the passage to enter the tomb.

Shantytown: Well Of Tears tomb: From the Helicopter Hill base camp, go down both sets of stairs to the south of the base camp. Then to your south go up a ramp into a building, then blast the shotgun barricade to the southeast.

Then head southeast to the next barricade and use the shotgun again. Clear the barricade and go out of the doorway to the southeast and step into the next building directly south.

Pass through the small building and go down to the ground level. Circle around the fenced area containing ammo and go up the stairs to the south.

The building has white mountains painted on the sides of the door. Before you enter the building, disarm the trap by burning the salvage sack with a fire arrow.

After killing the enemies, use your bow to destroy the flooring in the middle of the room. Drop down into the small passageway, then follow it until you drop down some ladders. Continue to follow the passageway and squeeze through a narrow gap. Inside is the tomb.

Shantytown – Chamber Of Judgment tomb: From the Windmill base camp, follow the nearby cave entrance to the east until you slide down the wet rock surface and grab onto the ledge as far right as possible. Climb up the two rocky ledges above you where the cave forks in two. Go right and continue along the dark passage until you reach a wooden beam crossing a chasm. Cross this and continue following the passage until you reach a narrow crack in the rock wall. Pass through this to get to the tomb.

Summit Forest – Stormguard Sanctum tomb: From the Hunting Lodge base camp, travel straight north. To the east of the most northerly bridge there is a stone lamppost next to the entrance to a cave. Follow the winding passage to an opening and step inside to find the tomb.

Shipwreck Beach (Day) – The Flooded Vault tomb: Zipline down to the northeast from the large tower on the southwest tip of the peninsula.

Go northeast and jump up to the next-highest ledge. From here, go to a bunker with a metal door going into the cliff side. Open this door, go inside and turn right, then take a few steps and turn left to enter this next doorway.

Walk to the back if this room and climb up the ladder, turn east then jump east to the rocky wall. Use a climbing axe to go up to the next level, then follow the path and crawl through the passage to the northwest until it opens up.

Climb up the wooden wall to the west and follow the path up and around  until you are heading southwest. Enter the bunker’s upper level using the wood ramp in front of you, then head southeast to a small opening in the wall and crawl through the dark passage until it opens into a larger hallway. The tomb is at the end of this hallway.

Shipwreck Beach (Night) – Temple Of The Handmaiden’s Tomb: Go northeast from the Survivor’s Camp until you get close to a pole with a zipline. From here you can see a wall barring the entrance to an underground bunker.

Use the rope ascender and go down the tunnel to the east. Follow the cave until you come across an underground pool with a waterfall. Go over the broken bridge to the northeast using rope arrows. Follow the pathway north, then west, then north again until it opens up into a large room – the tomb.

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