Tomb Raider Guide: Find Every Relic

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We've compiled a list of every relic in Tomb Raider to help you towards that all-important 100% completion.

Published on Mar 11, 2013

Tomb Raider is packed with collectables, so to get that all-important Platinum Trophy or 1000G, you'll need to find every last one.

Thankfully, NowGamer has put together a list of all the collectables and where (and how) to find them, starting with the Relic collectables.

Here is every Relic in the game and how to find them.

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Relic Guide:

Coastal Forest: 3

Hannya Mask: Go into the room from the watery passage and head to the table on the right side of the room. This relic is inside the small chest.

Female Noh Mask: Look under the bridge in the southeast corner of the area to find the relic on a few wooden planks near a corpse.

Oni Noh Mask: After finding the shrine, head north and look west, where a cave leads down to a chest with this relic inside.

Mountain Temple: 2

Green Folded Fan: After ziplining from the burning building, head south down the stone path until you see the wooden wall you can climb up. Go down the stone stairs and find a stone lamp. Go inside the building through the destroyed walls to find the Green Folded Fan on a crate.

Gunbai War Fan: After ziplining from the burning building, go south then climb up the wall. Continue south up some stone stairs, then turn right and climb onto the roof of the nearby building, then go around the wall to the east and go through the wrecked wall and find the relic inside a chest.

Mountain Village (Night): 2

Silver Flask: Leave the first set of buildings by jumping from the roof to a small beam, then going up the wooden stairs. You see some baskets and stairs past the shelf. To your left is a small chest.

Yagen: After climbing up to the area above the waterfalls, jump over to the building on the west side and once on the northeast side of the building, climb up the walls twice and climb up the wooden ledge hanging off the side of the building. Once at the top, go into the room to find the relic in a chest.

Base Approach: 2

Bronze Chinese Coin: After leaving the broken tunnel base camp, go to the southeast edge and find a small chest.

Bronze Japanese Coin: After clearing the enemies at the wrecked base entrance, go inside and use the stairs to go up to the second level. Turn left at the to of the stairs and follow the balcony all the way around past the burning barrel, then find a small chest amongst the litter.

Base Exterior: 1

Japanese Dogtags: Once you cross the bridge and defeat the Solarii on the incline, continue up the building overlooking the path. Go to the east side of the building and climb up and follow the ruined pathway in the demolished building to the west side. On the ground near some rubbish is a small chest with this relic in.

Mountain Village (Day): 2

Medicinal Herb Vial: Use a rope arrow to travel from the area where the Village Overlook base camp is. Land, kill the enemies, enter the hut and go to the west wall. A small chest is inside on a table with the relic in.

Old Photograph: After leaving the caves from the Hall Of Ascension tomb, head south to a wooden ledge overlooking a waterfall and a small roof below. Drop onto the roof, then onto the ground to find a small chest under the roof containing the relic.

Mountain Village (Third Visit): 2

Dried Gobo Root: Head northwest from the Village Plateau base camp and past the first Illumination Challenge statue. Find the door with ropes tied around it and use your bow to pull the door from its hinges and enter the small shed. In here is a chest on a table with the relic inside.

USMC Dogtags: Go into the new area made by the plane crash and go west from the Village Plateau base camp and up the dirt ramp. Go past the tail of the plane and enter the house to the southwest. The USMC dogtags are in a chest on a table in the southwest corner of the building.

Shantytown: 7

Decorative Inro: Go down both sets of stairs south of the Helicopter Hill base camp. Go south up the ramp into a building and turn west to see a week barricade. Burn the barricade or pull it down with a rope. GO into the room to the west to find the relic on a table in a chest.

Jade Horse: Travel northwest from the building that houses the caves’ entrance  leading to the Well Of Tears Tomb. Find the building near a double stack of crates. Turn west when you reach them, blast open the nearby barricade with a shotgun. Enter this, turn right to find the relic on the lowest shelf against the north wall.

Commander’s Inro: From the makeshift bridge in the southwest of the map, go north past the wooden stairs leading up towards the large tower structure. Use the rusted metal ramp leading inside to find  a relic on the table in a chest.

Metal Inro: Head down both sets of stairs near the Helicopter Hill base camp, going east and crossing the open area to find a set of small stone stairs. Destroy the shotgun barricade and kill the enemies and head east. Turn right, go through the nearby open doorway and pass through the balcony area heading southeast. Once you’ve gone through the shelter, turn right and climb up the slanted roof of the building.  Go by the painted wall, enter the doorway into the upper room of the building and go northwest to the small table in the room containing the relic.

Scribe’s Inro: You need to have killed the ambushing enemies to reach Grim the first time to get this . Go up the large metal towers, going north until you cross the wooden bridge that passes south of the Ancient Gate camp. Go east across the bridge towards the stack of umber, under the wooden wall. Go north and walk along the wooden balcony until you get to some crates. Turn right and blast apart the shotgun barricade then find the relic on the table.

Jade Water Buffalo: From the entrance of the building housing the Well Of Tears tomb, go down the stairs and go north just to the right of the cage. Go east immediately after the first set of stairs to the right. Walk between the railing and the building which goes east until you reach the small wooden stairs then jump onto the landing which is east. Turn southeast and jump from the blue cloth next to the landing. After hitting the ground, jump atop the white railing then face northeast and jump up to the next floor by the barbed wire. Climb up, walk a few steps to the northwest, then turn right and blast the shotgun barricade. Enter the room and move to the northeast corner to find a small chest.

Jade Drinking Vessel: Near the windmill blades, drop down to the ground far below. Land next to a set of wooden stairs, then head up eastward. Walk north past the bush and turn east, then continue underneath a different set of stairs. Continue east under the building until the path ends at a table with a set of barrels on it and a small chest with the relic.

Geothermal Caverns: 3

Funeral Fan: Enter the large cavern from the Pit base camp, then turn and face northwest. Go towards the candles and jump to the ledge just below them. Pull yourself up into a tiny alcove and find  a small chest on the ground near a skeleton attached to a post.

Wedding Fan: Turn south from the Catacombs base camp turn south and look for a metal crate with skulls and candles on. A chest lying on top of the crate contains the relic.

Inscribed Silk Fan: Get to the room where a group of enemies are standing before a sacrifice to the Sun Queen. Move west of the alter and follow the stream northwest. Follow the stream into an area behind the altar to find the relic on some wooden planks.

Summit Forest: 3

Chao Dynasty Dagger: Head east from the Summit Marsh camp, down the stairs and through the wooden archway at the base. Face the chopper wreckage and move towards the small cluster of trees near the helicopter, with a fallen log in the middle. On the east side of the log is this relic.

Jade Ceremonial Dagger: From the entrance of the forest, head southeast staying near the west border of the map. Walk in this direction until you come across a fallen tree that you can walk up. Scale the rock wall, then jump the fallen tree and scale the wall to the ledge above. Jump across the gap to the northwest tree stand. Grab onto the rope and make your way to the northeast to the next tree stand which has the relic on it.

Japanese Ceremonial Dagger: From the most southerly bridge, go northeast up the ledge to the west of the plane wing. Once at the edge of the map, go east on the ledge, turn southeast and jump the gap towards the plane wing. Cross the wing, jump onto the zip line and travel southwest up the rope to a tree stand. Drop down from the rope once you are over the tree stand and face east. Jump to the small ledge nearby to jump to. Then jump across the gap and open the small chest.

Shipwreck Beach (Day): 6

Brown Jade Ink Box: Go from the old gunboat that Reyes is working on to the aouth along the broken pier and go up the ladder at the old crane. Zip line down to the galleon and make your way through and round the ship. Retrieve the block and tackle and the mast crashes down. Head down the broken mast and past the wooden wall on your left. Turn left and enter the small shack. A small table in the room holds the relic.

Stuffed Bunny: Using the bow given to you by Jonah, go to the top floor of the ruined boat on the east side of the map. Go southeast past the large salvage crate to the beam crossing the gap. Drop down to the floor directly below. Keep going southeast to the right of the green pipes along the wooden flooring. Enter the room on the left and open the chest.

Worn Wallet: Zipline down to the northeast from the tower on the southwest tip of the peninsula. Go northeast and climb up to the next-highest ledge. From here, you can see a bunker in the side of the cliff. Pry open the metal door here with an axe, go inside and turn right, then left and enter the doorway. Go to the back of the room, climb up the ladder then turn east and run to the edge of the floor, jumping east to the rocky wall. Use a climbing axe and climb up to the next level. Follow the path, then crawl through the passage to the northwest until it opens up. Climb up the wood wall to the west, follow the path around until you head southwest. Enter the upper level of the bunker by using the wooden ramp in front, then head southeast to the table past the burning barrel.

Stained Jade Head Rest: Using the bow given to you by Jonah, go to the top floor of the ruined boat on the east side of the map. Move southeast past the large salvage crate to the beam crossing the gap. Drop down to the floor directly below. Move northeast, go down to the floor where the blue cloth drapes over the edge. Then move a few paces southwest and turn southeast to see a small table wedged between some support beams. Inside this chest is the relic.

Shaped Jade Head Rest: Zipline down to the northeast from the large tower on the southwest end of the peninsula. Go northeast and jump up to the next-highest ledge. From here, scout out the metal door, pry it open, then go inside and turn right. Take a few steps and turn left to enter the next doorway. The relic is on a table in the chest.

Toy Train: Slip down to the peninsula from the wrecked ship on the east side of the Shipwreck Beach map. Go south and jump from the metal ramp to the concrete post. Jump from this, up the wooden wall and go towards the two barrels on the walkway. Then jump over the gap to the west onto a wooden ledge. Walk through the doorway and jump onto the yellow ladder, climbing up to another walkway. Walk northwest to the walkway’s edge, then turn and face the way you came from. Look up above the wooden rungs and shoot out the barricade with a shotgun. Climb, jump and wooden wall climb up to the opening you created. Inside this room is a relic. 

Cliffside Bunker : 3

Japanese 2 Sen Coin: From the Endurance Overlook camp, travel northwest behind the rusted-out truck and into the garage. There is a relic in a small chest in the corner.

100 Mon Coin: If you have visited the Endurance, you can get this. From the Endurance Overlook camp, drop into the hole in the floor and use the axe on the metal door to the northwest. Go through the door and look to your right. Use your bow to pull open this door using the Rope Ascender tool. Jump over to the doorway and climb in. Once you enter the room, turn right and head southwest to the nearby desk. Atop the desk is a chest containing the relic.

Portuguese Tin Coin: After you get the Rope Ascender tool, go back through the bunker until you are in the room with the large cannon again. Face northwest and pull down the wall using the ascender. Go through this new doorway and follow the wall to the northeast until you get to a small chest on the ground just before a tree. Inside it is the relic.

Research Base: 2

Chou Dynasty Helmet: After entering the Research Base, walk northwesterly and jump across the gap then grab onto the rock wall with your climbing axe. Scale down the wall and let go as you drop past the metal gate, then reattach the axe at the next-lowest wall. After slowing your momentum, you can let go of the wall and drop into the water. Move slightly to the west, then turn to face east. Use the grenade launcher to blast away the metal wall, then move to the entrance and up to the north and blow up another wall. Go into the room, climb up the wooden wall and enter a hidden area with a cluster of crates and a relic chest on top of them.

Chasm Shrine: 3

Kansu Burial Urn: Leave the Sacred Hall base camp and go along the north wall to the east until you reach the table. Open the small chest on the table.

Satsume Vase: From the Sacred Passage base camp, point southwest and find the small chest on the ground near some rocks.

Ban Chiang Vase: From the beginning of the Chasm Shrine area, walk southeast to the door. Use an axe to open the door, walk southeast and off the wooden ledge. Turn left and walk through the shattered cage under the northwest corner of the ledge to find a small chest.

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