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Found your first treasure map and don't know where to go? Find all the solutions with these tips.

Published on Nov 17, 2011

There are 11 Treasure Maps located throughout Skyrim and yes, we have highlighted the locations of each of them below. However, each treasure chest cannot be claimed until you actually have the treasure map, and even then you’ll need to decipher the puzzle. So follow our tips below to track down all this loot.

Fort Neugrad Treasure Map

Map Location: Fort Neugrad, Falkreath Hold

You’ll have to climb through the interior of Fort Neugrad before you can find this map. Access the rooftop of the main building of the Fort and search for a chest that is poking out of the snow, the treasure map is inside.

Treasure Location:

The treasure map is, in fact, landscape, with the dotted line heading east instead of north as appears on the map. With that in mind, leave the Fort and follow it around and up into a small crevasse along the cliff face. The chest is hidden between some rocks.

Treasure Map I

Map Location: Ilinalta Foothills, Falkreath Hold

Keep heading south from the first three Standing Stones you find in the game. There you’ll find a bandit camp just south of the fork in the road. Kill the bandits and search them for the treasure map.

Treasure Location:

The map displays the settlement of Riverwood. Head there and look towards the sawmill. Cross the river over to the north side riverbank and keep heading west until you find a large fallen tree. The treasure chest is sitting inside the tree trunk.

Treasure Map II

Map Location: Journeyman’s Nook, Winterhold Hold

Keep heading southeast of Winterhold until you come to the Whistling Mine. From there head east to find Journeyman’s Nook. Inside this area, llook for a sack beside a fire and next to a small table, the treasure map is inside there.

Treasure Location:

The map highlights Valtheim Towers, which is located in the northeast side of Whiterun. Keep following the river until you find a pair of towers with a central pillar in the middle of the water. If looking at the towers from the east, keep moving past it while searching the rocks to the right of the river bank.

Treasure Map III

Map Location: Riverside Shack, Eastmarch Hold

Follow the river south out of Windhelm until you find the Riverside Shack on the east bank of the river. The map is inside a chest in the shack itself.

Treasure Location:

The treasure is hidden beside the Solitude Lighthouse in Haafingar. You’ll have to hop into the nearby waters to the northeast to locate the chest buried within the rocks along the coastline.

Treasure Map IV

Map Location: Redoran’s Retreat, Whiterun

Redoran’s Retreat is a cave located to the west of Whiterun and directly north of Ironbind Barrow. Fight your way through the cave, then search the chest near the bandit chief. 

Treasure Location:

This is a difficult one to track. Locate Pelagia Farms to the south of Whiterun. When looking at the windmill with the mountain behind it, use the map as a reference to find the trail leading up the cliff behind it. The chest itself is hidden by some rocks and a pair of trees, overlooking the farm itself.

Treasure Map V

Map Location: Angi’s Camp, Falkreath Hold

Angi’s Camp can be located in the wintry mountains along the southern edge of Falkreath, directly south of the capital city Falkreath. Search the cabin itself for the treasure map sitting on top of a bedside table.

Treasure Location:

This map directs you to Lost Valley Redoubt, with is located far to the southeast of The Reach, on the border with Falkreath. To find it, follow the only road leading east out of the area until you find Fort Sungard. From there, travel southwest and you will find the valley. You will need to find the two waterfalls at the very bottom of the valley, by the riverside (use the map as a visual guide). The treasure chest is located at the bottom of the very largest waterfall.

Treasure Map VI

Map Location: A Bloody Trail (Secondary Location), The Pale

This can be a little tricker to find. The Bloody Trail is located in a central position between the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon, Stonehill Bluff and Volunruud in the southwest of the area and east of Labyrinthian in Hjaalmarch. Search this area for a dead female Elf, who has the treasure map on her body.

Treasure Location:

Get to the main road east of the treasure map location that leads south out of The Pale. You need to locate Korvanjund to the east, the icon to which should be noticeable from the road itself. While searching the exterior to Korvanjund, look for a large, bent tree on top of an archway. The treasure chest is sitting besides this tree.

Treasure Map VII

Map Location: Traitor’s Post, Eastmarch

The Traitor’s Post is located to the east of Windhelm, close to the border with Winterhold and west of Refugee’s Rest. The treasure map is inside is located inside one of the chests inside the building.

Treasure Location:

The treasure is located in Gallows Rock; to get there, head south out of Windhelm while following the path that runs west along the river in the area. Just before you reach Mixwater Mill, start heading northwest and you will find Gallows Rock. Enter the outer wall of the area, then look for a large protruding rock with a noose near the main entrance at ground level. The treasure chest is beneath this rock.

Treasure Map VIII

Map Location: Haul Of The Horkers (Secondary Location), Winterhold

Take the southeast road out of Winterhold capital until you find Journeyman’s Nook to your left. From there, travel a shortway to the northeast to find the secondary location. The treasure map is on the corpse of a hunter here.

Treasure Location 1:

This is actually the key to the chest – should you be unable to unlock it. Head to Dragon Bridge in Haafingar Hold the cross it to the south side. There is a satchel besides a tree overlooking the river to the west side of the bridge.

Treasure Location 2:

For the treasure chest itself, search the water to the northeast of the Dragon Bridge. The chest itself is a Master lock and concealed underwater, so use the map as a guide to its location. 

Treasure Map IX

Map Location: Lucky Lorenz’s Shack (Secondary Location), Eastmarch

After crossing the border when following the path from Whiterun, you’ll see Fort Amol in the distance to the east and an Abandoned Prison to the north. From where the road splits in two, travel directly to the north to find Lucky Lorenz’s Shack, which has been destroyed by a fallen tree. The treasure map is on the corpse of Lucky Lorenz, squished beneath the tree itself.

Treasure Location:

Head along the road east out of Riften and Mistveil Keep until you come to the bridge detailed in the map. To the south is waterfall in the map – the treasure chest is located midway up this waterfall. The best way to reach this is to drop down from the entrance of the Broken Helm Hallow down the waterfall to the area where the chest is stored.

Treasure Map X

Map Location: Stony Creek Cave, Eastmarch

Far in the southeast corner of Eastmarch is Stony Creek Cave, to the south of the Imperial Military Camp in the area. The treasure map can be found on the corpse of the mage bandit, after you’ve killed him, of course.

Treasure Location:

This one is fairly simple to track down. Locate the Lady Standing Stone in the central island of Lake Ilinalta in Falkreath. From there you’ll need to search underwater to the northeast (use the map as a reference guide) for the treasure chest.



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