Resident Evil 6: Jake Walkthrough & Serpent Emblems Collectables Guide

Ryan King


Resident Evil 6's new boy Jake might be all ready to get his fists dirty, but what about all those secrets and collectables. Our guide will help you out.

Published on Oct 1, 2012

Resident Evil 6 is packed full of things to find and some of them are hidden so well you might need our guide to help you out.

Good job we've got a walkthrough for each character then. We'll be adding to this as we go.

Here's Jake's...

Resident Evil 6: Jake - CHAPTER 1

Head forward and ignore action outside. Sherry will tell you that everyone in your platoon is a J'avo – at this point head down, turn left and there's a SERPENT EMBLEM above the entrance to the next corridor.

You can kill the first three J’avo attacking the helicopter using hand-to-hand if you want to save ammo but you need to be quick here to avoid the helicopter missiles. Run up the hill and into the building for a cutscene. Then push forward until you and Sherry open the double doors.

In the next section Jake says 'we have to shoot our way out' but you can suplex the first three J'avo from behind for easy kills without firing a single bullet. Drop down, kill the next two the same way then give Sherry a boost up the broken ladder.

Go back to the ladder you dropped down, climb back up and head across this room and turn left for monkey bars. Before using them, you'll see a SERPENT EMBLEM in the distance to shoot.

Jump across the gap and it will collapse, so you need to climb up the ladder, double back on yourself and kick the ladder down so Sherry can cross. Cross the bridge, watching out for the QTE if you get too close to the edge, and smash through the double door at the end. When you turn right there will be lots of J'avo, including one that mutates with bugs over its body.

For the bug J'avo, only headshots count, as the bugs protect their body. Shoot the J'avo up high and laying down cover fire. When they're dead, give Sherry a boost up high so she can kick down a monkey bar for you to use.

You'll be split up from Sherry and have to outrun a chopper but besides a twirl-the-right-analogue stick QTE, there's nothing to worry about here. You'll then meet up with Sherry and have double doors to open. When you hear “what do you think, fight or flight?”, enemies will endlessly respawn, so keep running and get to the double doors.

Now you’ll meet Ustanak, your main antagonist for the campaign. Run away from it and watch out for the view change, which has you running in the opposite direction to previously. When Ustanak appears at the window, don’t shoot it – you can’t do it any damage and Ustanak will leave of its own accord.

Head forward until you get to urinals (watch out for the single J’avo that jumps you here). You have the option to give Sherry a boost up through a gap in the ceiling. If Sherry turns around, she’ll see a SERPENT EMBLEM to shoot.

Only Sherry controlled by another player can nab this emblem. Before you go through highlighted door, check room to its right and you'll see a ladder going down. There's a J'avo here but also three wooden crates.

Resident Evil 6: BOSS BATTLE - USTANAK

When you end up in the large concrete room, Ustanak will reappear. Head up the stairs in the middle of the room. This top floor will lead you around the outskirts of the room and it’s littered with explosive barrels. Shoot them when Ustanak moves past them to do damage and slow it down. At the end of the platform, jump down and switch to your Elephant Killer to finish the job.

Do enough damage and a cutscene will kick in. You'll end up in new dark area. When you climb up the ladder to sunlight, look straight ahead with sniper rifle for SERPENT EMBLEM. In the next area you’ll fight a red-humped monster known as Ogroman.

Head up the stairs to the AA turret on the left and a BSAA soldier will set a bomb to blow it up. Kill the J’avos that drop down into the small kitchen-like area. The room is small enough and you can use melee attacks. It’s an easy way to get ammo.

If the monster gets too close to the turret, shoot the red hump on its back. Next is the AA gun on top of the church – use the in-game guidance to find the entrance. It’s the same deal as before with defending the AA turrets from the monster. The J’avo drop in opposite, so keep an eye on where they are.

When it’s been blown up, an underground passage will open up on the ground floor of the church. Following it through for the last turret. Watch out for any cars that the monster throws at you and shoot its humpback. When it collapses, its arm will fall on the ledge when you’re standing. Run up to its arm for a QTE prompt. Do this again and it will be bombed, ending that section.

The next section will see you in an airplane when Ustanak attacks. Shoot at it and eventually, you'll have to jump to the next plane and have a twirl-the-right-analogue-stick QTE. Shoot the side helicopters, then the helicopter Ustanak is clinging too.

It’s quite difficult without an efficient co-op partner and the AI is near useless here. Eventually you’ll have a chance to shoot a gas tank (there's ammo right before you start sliding and you have time to reload) and then get ready for a really, really quick QTE to press A/X as the parachute slides down past you.

Resident Evil 6: Jake - CHAPTER 2

You’ve got to find three memory chips and you’ve also got to contend with J'avo in cocoon which turn into flying creatures. Just follow the glowing eyes and shoot them. The biggest danger is the ammo you’ll waste trying to hit them. They’re one of the weaker mutations you’ll fight.

The first memory unit is nearby but involves double backing on yourself. The second is at the top of the icy hill and there's a SERPENT EMBLEM on the nearby tractor. Then there's a bridge to cross for the third one. After cross the bridge you'll see a big aerial tower with another SERPENT EMBLEM nestling on top.

Clear out the cabin before grabbing the third memory unit. When you’ve got it, head back down the icy hill, up the ladder and through a small hole in the cave - use the in-game guidance if you can't spot it yourself.

There are herbs on the way down but hard to spot, so just mash the appropriate button to grab them as they pass. Then go back to following the guidance again.

There’s now an ambush in the cabin. You need to hold out until the J’avo blow the side of the cabin open – flash grenades and remote bombs are best for this. As soon as the side of the cabin is blown open, run to the snow mobile and get out of there, you’ll take too much damage defending yourself otherwise (particularly on higher difficulties).

When you’re on the snowmobile, mash the item grab button to nab skill points and make sure you stick to the left as a gaping chasm will open up to the right. Follow the path through the collapsing mountain. If playing with AI, lag behind them slightly so they can ‘lead’ the way.

Now there’s a stealth section involving Ustanak and his seeker bugs. Next to the first dumpster, snipe the nearest bug and then immediately hide in the dumpster. Repeat for the next furthest bug. Now you can drop down from bridge.

In the next area, repeat the pattern – snipe the two nearest bugs, and then hide in the dumpster afterwards. If you miss any shots, the third time you’ll hide in the dumpster, Ustanak will kill you so remember you can only alert him twice.

Leave the last seeker bug alive and go around the side – you can climb up the ladder, drop down and then drop down again into the next section. This next room is tricky. The closest dumpster to your left is your only safe hiding spot.

Snipe the bug next to the door that leads into the next area and the nearest bug to the stairs. This leaves three bugs fluttering around the maze but the pattern leaves a gap where you can rush the door. There’s a SERPENT EMBLEM opposite the door – shoot it and then quickly exit the room to nab it safely.

The next tricky encounter with Ustanak is when you need to get the key from next to him. Give Sherry boost up on ladder to the left then set remote bomb next to it. Walk all the way over to the right and detonate the bomb. Ustanak will investigate the noise and leave both you safe and Sherry to grab the key.

Now you both need to get out of there but when you open the door, it’ll be a race against Ustanak to open the doors in time. Keep going and you’ll have a QTE to finish him off for good. Head to the exit to conclude chapter 2.

Resident Evil 6: Jake - CHAPTER 3

You want to equip melee-related skills for this one, as you begin without weapons and the opening section of the chapter is tricky. Hold down attack to charge a palm strike, then tap the button for follow-up attacks. Kill the first three guards and one of them will drop a switchboard key. Use it to free Sherry in her game.

You’ll now be attacked by lots of guards and this is why you equipping melee skills is a big boost, because this section is tough. Keep an eye on Jake’s stamina levels and don’t be afraid to run away if the going gets tough, so your stamina level can recharge and you can use melee again.

When you get to a red ladder, go around the right-hand side to push the cart along so you can climb up and reach it. At the gun camera, shoot the first guard until he dies. Switch viewpoint and you should see Sherry hiding in a cupboard (she needs to do this in her game to discover the code).

In the next room, shoot the SERPENT EMBLEM on top of the shelves (Sherry has no gun so only you can nab it) then shoot the guards for her. When she enters the code, zoom in on it and look at what she's entered. This is the code you need to exit the room you're in. then climb forward until you meet up with Sherry again and get your guns back.

Now there’s a big ambush. When you’re at the bottom of the stairs, snipe the J'avo guarding the doors. One will mutate into salamander J'avo. Kill it and pick up ID Medal it drops. Head up the stairs and there's a long corridor ahead, wait for the J'avo to appear and snipe them from distance (most of them mutate so be patient). When they're dead, enter the red bedroom on the right and check the drawers for an ID MEDAL.

Exit the bedroom through the other door, head forward and smash the crate, then exit this side corridor. You'll know you'll have emerged where you shot the J’avo because you should see items on the floor. Grab them and head across the corridor to the door on your left. This puts you in a small library area.

Kill the J'avo here until one of them drops an ID MEDAL. Exit through the door you entered and turn left, so you're heading back to the end of the huge corridor you started in.

There are enemies down the new corridor to the left, so kick over the table (by taking cover next to it) and snipe them. One of them will drop an ID MEDAL. When the path is clear, go and grab it. Don't enter the big golden room but head back down the corridor and into a side room with green carpet.

You'll notice two sets of large sofas with tables. Under one of those tables is an ID MEDAL. Use a remote bomb to clear the way, then grab it. If you don't have a remote bomb, there's one on the table to the left.

Head to golden room, swing from bars on the right, snipe J’avo by the door. One of them will mutate into salamander, the other will drop an ID MEDAL. More j'avo will drop in at the back of the room, so kill them. When they're dead, use your ID MEDALS (you should have six) on the golden buddha in the middle of the room. After three, you'll see a door in the top-left open. Enter that door.

In this new corridor, enter the room to the right with the Chinese painting of a man reading to children. Grab an ID MEDAL from the mantelpiece. Just three left. Enter the piano room on the left in the new corridor. There's a big shootout here, so kill all the j'avo, including the ones on the balconies. One will drop an ID MEDAL and when the room is clear, you can play the piano to grab another ID MEDAL.

When you open the glass doors at the end of the corridor, you'll notice a fountain. Look inside for your last ID MEDAL. If you missed one, there are two extra. Keep going until you reach the bull steam room. Right at the back, there's a small passage in the water underneath the back of the bull. You'll find another ID MEDAL here.

Go to the stairs at the far end of the room and push the blockade out the way. Yet another ID MEDAL lies underneath it. Put these medals in the statue to open a new door. Head through and open the double doors for a cutscene.

Head into the golden statue room and a tank smashes through the double-doors (you'll take damage if you're too close when this quick cutscene happens). Run to the back of the room and the far right to give Sherry a boost to the higher platform before running around to the far left to swing out of danger on the monkey bars. Head to the double doors and open them.

You need to out-run the tank. Stick to the sides and before it fires, switch to the other side. There's a door at the end to the right, so run through that. You have time to smash the wooden crate before opening the double doors. In the next area, snipe the J'avo on the balcony before heading too far right because when you do, the tank re-appears. Run behind the steps to the far balcony before running up them to find a SERPENT EMBLEM.

Pull the switch and swing on the monkey bars. Your job is now to get the tank to drive past the statue in front of you, so you can swing across and get to the bike. Also keep an eye on sherry, as she has the much harder task of trying to survive while you do that (if you're playing as Sherry, follow Jake up to the lever room and wait out there, as the tank can't fire upon you).

When you've made it across, clear out the enemies so you can safely grab the items from the two silver suitcases. Jump on the bike to end the chapter.

Resident Evil 6: Jake - CHAPTER 4

Now there’s a motorbike section. It’s straightforward as there are no diverging paths or areas to get lost but remember only Sherry (whether AI or another player) can shoot. There’s a barrel she needs to shoot when you the bike is in mid-air. When she ends up on the helicopter, Jake has a QTE to complete before driving while Sherry needs to hammer buttons to stay on the chopper.

When reunited, drive to the left to avoid car and then to the right to hit the ramp. After the QTE to pass under the lorry, there's a SERPENT EMBLEM to the top-left before shooting the oil tank to blow it up. Only a human player as Sherry can nab this emblem – the AI won’t do it.

After the bike section, you’ll be ambushed, so stay on the move. You’ll have a Bear Commander now, so use that to kill the J’avo. Some will be on the helicopter but eventually, the hind-led J’avos will drop down to the ground.

When they’re all dead, the helicopter will fire a missile that knocks down a monkey bar. Swing across, climb up the ladder, kick down the ladder so sherry can join you.

In the next area, climb up the ladder and then to the half ladder, give sherry a boost up so she can kick the ladder down. Swing across on monkey bars, climb up roof, shoot the helicopter down with Bear Commander grenade launcher from this vantage point

You'll got a long alleyway with a Chinese radio playing in the background. When you get to the two wooden crates, look directly across with them for a small box with skill points in. directly after that is a bus blocking off your street to the left. Next to it is a car with a SERPENT EMBLEM on it. Ahead is a long street. Run through it, climb up ladder, drop down and open door for Sherry ASAP as all the cocoons in this area will hatch.

In the next area, climb up to the roofs and use remote bombs as these are melee J'avo, so they have to approach you and therefore happily stumble into the bombs you set. Head up stairs for skill points and shotgun. A cutscene will see you drop down, so head through route on the right to get around street blockade.

When you climb up the ladder, shoot the SERPENT EMBLEM below from the balcony. You can see it through a market stall. Drop down the ladder and move forward towards the boss to trigger a fight against a creature with a chainsaw for a hand.


Fire will seal off the area and there’s not much room to move around. This fight is much easier in co-op because the boss wants to get close but if you split up, it will only move towards one of you, leaving the other free to do damage.

Interestingly enough, the weak point of the boss is at the base of its chainsaw, so shoot at its hand. Watch out for J’avo which drop into the area too. When the creature is staggered, both Jake and Sherry should run up and melee it to trigger a canned animation of the creature being stabbed. Doing this will kill it. When it’s dead, head up to the next area and you’ll meet up with Leon and Helena.

Resident Evil 6: BOSS BATTLE - USTANAK

Our old friend reappears again to take on all four of you at the same time. Turn around immediately and hit the button in front of you. Climb up the crate it lowers and push the skip off the edge. This will spill some explosive containers on the ground.

Don’t use it just yet but bear this in mind if your ammo starts to get low. There are similar skips dotted around the arena and you should use these if you’ve spent most of your ammo and Ustanak hasn’t fallen.

His attacks are easy to avoid if you know how to dodge to the side. He has a big boot attack if you get too close but there’s no reason to get close to him anyway. He might grab you and stick you in his back cage and there’s a tricky QTE to bust out – however, with practice, it’s actually a really easy QTE and this lowers the threat level considerably.

When he’s taken enough damage, Ustanak will turn around and run away. Stop shooting when he does turn around, as he won’t take any more damage at this point and you’ll just be wasting bullets.

When he appears, you’ll be with Helena as Leon and Sherry will be split up from you both. You need to stall Ustanak so the emphasis here is on dodging rather than shooting. When the bus comes through, then Ustanak will switch out his arm for a huge claw.

This means the distance is increased with which he can scoop you up, so be careful of that. Try and save Elephant Killer rounds if possible, as you’ll need them later on.

Now you’ll be sailing down the river and there are fairly simple QTEs to complete. When you reach the seafood restaurant, the chainsaw creature reappears and there’s a mob of J’avo to contend with. The chainsaw creature will attack J’avo if they get too close but it’s more of an added bonus rather than a trait you can really take advantage of. Either way, use your Elephant Killer and flash grenades to keep control of the situation.

Eventually he’ll be shot by a mystery helper, and you need to get on the boat again. There will be two more battles with him but the key here is to stall him until the cutscene kicks in rather than do outright damage to him. When you survive the encounter, the mission will be over.

Resident Evil 6: Jake - CHAPTER 5

Start by giving sherry boost up to the gap above. You'll see SERPENT EMBLEM in the top of the room you're in. When Sherry opens the door and hands you your weapons, shoot the emblem and head to the next room. Pull the levers and you’ll be told that you need to get ‘reserve battery’

Take the platform up to next floor and get your shotgun ready for the splitter. Pull levers to activate next bit of reserve battery and change platform direction. Keep going until you jump away from F. Use monkey bar to swing into D and nab the skill points here. Jump into C, kill splitters and pull the levers. This will open up G. head up here, pull the levers and kill the splitter that you're instructed to.

Pull lever that's shown then hold out on the lift against splitters (use remote bombs on the arm if you have them). Eventually a QTE will kick in – first wiggle the stick, then mash A/X.

When you're done, you'll have enough reserve battery power, so jump through to B and hit the lift switch. Press the button, then get on the lift and hit the lever.

You need to survive as the lift moves up, use melee and Bear Commander, so you can easily take out distant snipers. After cutscene you'll emerge in large furnace room. Reload all weapons before dropping down.

Resident Evil 6: BOSS BATTE - USTANAK

For the first stage of this fight, take the path to the right and run away. You need to drop down to the ledge and push the skip off the end. When you drop down to solid ground, shoot until Jake shouts for Sherry to attack Ustanak.

There isn’t much to look out for here except Ustanak slamming his fist into the ground and causing lava to erupt. This will leave behind ammo though. When Sherry will run up to him for a melee prompt, with Jake should follow in to do the same. You then have to mash A/X to remove his spiked ball hand.

The third stage is hand to hand combat and on the higher difficulties, this can be a real pain. The basic tactic is to get some distance, charge down RB/R1, let go of RB/R1 and then tap RB/R1 for a melee combo ending in overhead strike. Then ‘aim’ in melee stance and press backwards and dodge to backflip to safety, creating distance again. Repeat until final QTE kicks in.

When you leave the furnace, head down the corridor and turn right for a SERPENT EMBLEM. You still have no weapons, so use your hand-to-hand combat to smash it. Now there’s a QTE on a transport cart. You have to alternate between LB and RB (or L1 and R1) to climb up the cart.

It’s tricky to get the timing but make sure you always nail A/X to dodge, and then again to leap up the cart. This makes up the majority of this fight with Ustanak until the end, when you fire a magnum round into its heart to finally kill it.

How are you finding Resident Evil 6? Let us know below.



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