Resident Evil 6: Ada Walkthrough & Serpent Emblems Collectables Guide

Ryan King


Resident Evil 6's Ada Wong gets her own post-game campaign and you can read our guide to it right here. Find every secret and collectible.

Published on Oct 1, 2012

Resident Evil 6's post-game campaign with Ada Wong is among Resident Evil 6's best. But if you're looking for secrets and collectables, well, you've come to the right place.

We'll add to this as we go.

Here's our guide to Ada's Resident Evil 6 campign...

Resident Evil 6: Ada - CHAPTER 1

The first bit is a stealth section. If you ever break stealth, just run but you can cear most of this area with instant kill melee attacks from behind. The first guard is around the first corner. The next guard is on patrol, wait for him to approach your corner then melee kill.

Turn into the room on the left when the guard behind the barrier isn't looking, climb through the small gap to the next room, melee kill the guard. When the guard patrolling outside turns his back, melee kill him. The room to the right has a guard sometimes facing you, you can quickly melee kill him without setting off alarms, then crawl through the vent to the next area to end the stealth section.

In the next section, use crossbow to shoot both guards in the corridor. You'll come to stairs with two guards, one of whom is looking your way. Push the cylinders on the side across to open up a vent to crawl through. When Ada says 'dammit an alarm', take cover and use your crossbow to shoot the guards straight ahead. Then cross over to the left and shoot the guard through the window with the crossbow. When done, head up the stairs for an easy to spot SERPENT EMBLEM to shoot.

Keep going and you'll end up in a puzzle room. First, try exit through the door. Next, head to the back of the room to try and view the painting. Then twist the horns on the goat's head and look through it again. Make note of the creature in the middle. The idea of the puzzle is to turn all four elements of the code (found roughly in the corners of the room) to match that creature.

When you leave, you'll be shown how the pressure sensitive guns work. This will be useful later on. Head forwards until you enter a projector room. Grab the red herb, green herb and combine then before interacting with the projector. There are incendiary grenades to grab too. Also reload all your weapons because an ambush will begin after the projector plays. Before interacting with the projector, arm an incendiary grenade.

After Ada's comment, enemies will rush in. throw an incendiary at them and then use melee to mop up (ammo isn't a huge concern but it's better to save it whenever possible). You'll drop down in a huge room with three pressure sensitive guns, make sure you activate them all. The enemies in this room aren't endlessly respawning, so you can take your time here if you have to. When everyone is dead and you've smashed all the boxes (there are three near the entrance where you drop in), exit the room.

Your new objective is to find the escape vehicle. on the other side of the pillar in front of you as you enter the room is a SERPENT EMBLEM, so shoot that. Then drop down and grab the assault shotgun. Shoot the mutated enemy to the left and hide in that alcove, so you get a good crossbow shot at the alerted enemy who will run in and investigate. This leaves one more enemy to kill on the other side.

The next room is wide open and full of enemies but run in and shoot the gas canister on the near left straight away to kill the mutated enemy. You can take your time picking off the rest. When you get to the lift, you have to shoot the enemies on the opposite balcony to trigger the next cutscene.

Keep running through as submarine sinks. Just as Ada reaches the escape pod, she falls back into the sub. You've got to outrun the rising water level but it's pretty straightforward. The only bit that isn't immediately obvious is when the camera zooms in on the valve blocked by the chickenwire fence, you have to shoot the golden lock off the chains holding it up. Otherwise, keep racing upwards and when Ada kicks the door shut and the next section loads, that's your cue that you're no longer racing against time.

The bee enemies turn up. You don't have to kill them but it's much easier if you do. In any case, once you vault over the small barrier in that area, turn back on yourself and you'll find a SERPENT EMBLEM. Now head back to the ladders (follow the icon) and you'll find an escape hatch and drop onto a lift. It needs power to start working again.

There will be a lot of bee creatures about but if you're quick, you don't really need to fight them. Just jump in the water if they're close and use the objective finder (LT/L2) after you enter each room. Grab all the ammo you can along the way, as you'll need it once you're back on the lift.

On the lift, you'll have a series of questions to answer. Press B/Circle to answer them but bear in mind you have to be close enough to the microphone to do so.

You'll be under attack from enemies so shoot them all and when you've answered a question, quickly grab ammo from the fallen bodies before you have to give your next answer. bee creatures will turn up towards the end - when you hear 'final authorisation', jump on the lift and grapple hook, even if the bee creatures are there. End of chapter.

Resident Evil 6: Ada - CHAPTER 2

Smash the barrels behind you for some ammo, then follow the path along until you get to a chest. Shoot the lock off and you'll grab the first piece of the Simmons family crest. Some enemies will crawl into the room and you have to kill them to unlock the door (go for headshots to save ammo, as they'll be moving slow)

Head forward until you get to a door that needs a round emblem. Put the first piece of the family crest in to open a door elsewhere in the cemetery. Head through that door and drop down. You'll end up in a tomb with stairs, a red light and a green light. Head up the stairs and shoot the lock off the bridge in front of you. Cross the bridge and open up the chest for the amber key.

Enter the green light door and a troll zombie will drop the blue chest down a level. Kill the zombie and grab the sniper rifle next to the lever he pulled. You can also shoot down the hanging bodies (shoot the locks) for extra items.

Push the lever all the way to the right, then shoot down the body hanging above the lever. Drop down the gap to grab the second piece of the family crest. To unlock the room, simply push the electric chairs into the squares behind them and for the third square, melee the zombie that appears onto it.

Climb up the ladder and the door that was previous red will now be green, so you can pull the switch. Chainmail zombies will enter the room. You have to use the crossbow to pin them to the wall. When they'll all been pinned to the wall, jump across the gap and grab the family ring from the chest. Use this to unlock the purple door in the room with the hanging bodies. Exit the tomb.

Grapple hook forwards to end up in another tomb. Head to the skull the camera points out and you'll see two zombies you need to hunt down. First, reload your SMG and shotgun and head up to the broken ladder to chase the red-eye zombie. The floor will collapse and you'll have to outrun spinning blades.

Two zombies will block you as you turn the corner, so spray them with the SMG. Then switch to your shotgun for when the fat zombie shows up. You have more time than you may think once you create distance from the spinning blades at the start, so don't panic. When you emerge from the tunnel, kill the zombie and grab its eye. Follow the path round to re-emerge back in the main tomb.

Now climb up the ladder to chase the other zombie. This is a straight forward kill-zombies-to-advance sequence. There are two long corridors here, so it's a good area to use sniper or crossbow ammo to save on your shotgun rounds.

Grab the gold tooth when you're done, follow the path forwards back to the main tomb area and stick the items in the skull. Grab the final piece of the Simmons family crest from the chest and head back out to the cemetery to put the pieces in the door. Now you need to help Leon and Helena. Shoot Deborah and when the floor collapses, follow the path down.

At the bottom, you'll have a proper battle against Deborah. Use pipe bomb arrows on your crossbow. When she's on the ground and single tentacle emerges, run near her for a QTE to do the most damage. Repeat this until the floor collapses (again). Jump forward and give Leon cover with Helena but shooting the zombies on the stairs. When Leon jumps on the minecart, it will whisk around the side and there will be QTEs to avoid the wooden planks overhead. Then Deborah re-emerges.

When she attacks you on the train, aim and X/A will help you duck her attacks. When you're knocked down, hold aim to stay on the ground. You need to keep ducking wood overhead too. Shoot the glowing orange bit of her tentacle when Deborah is approaching Helena until the cutscene kicks in.

Run up the cave pathway and take the lift up. in this next area, prep your shotgun, a fat zombie will charge you. Its weakspot is its legs, so aim for that if you can. There is another lurking in the background, snipe it before it charges you. Grab the key from the fallen scientist when they're both dead. Before you open that door, go as far left as you can, so you're 'behind' the door and look back towards it. You'll see a SERPENT EMBLEM to shoot.

Enter the door and turn right to grapple hook. a fat zombie will appear behind you as soon as you land, so be ready for that. An armored mutated creature (seen mostly in chris' campaign) will charge you. Given you have no flash grenades, blitz it with your shotgun. when you turn the corner and head towards the closed doors, be ready for another one to smash it down and charge at you. When you drop down into the water, look right for another SERPENT EMBLEM to smash. It's almost impossible to miss.

Grapple hook into the next area, which is full of cocoons. Uh oh. Smash all the boxes in the small square area to stock up with ammo and make sure every weapon you have is reloaded.

As you head towards the exit door, it'll slam shut and you have to eliminate all enemies to proceed. Not all the cocooned enemies will wake up though, so just focus on the ones which have awakened without worrying too much about being put in a bad position by being near those that don’t. Push forward to the icon for a cutscene that will end the level.

Resident Evil 6: Ada - CHAPTER 3

Head forward and you'll see the playground chris passes by in his campaign. Instead of going right, turn left and climb up the boxes. Grapple hook into the next area and you'll see J'avo. They won't move until you perform any sort of action, so take the time to snipe the head of the nearest J’avo before dealing with the other.

Move through market, claustrophobic, lots of mutations so short bursts, lots of reloading. After the checkpoint, you'll come onto a street with people running away and being shot down. Kill their attacker, walk forward and turn right into the burning passageway.

There's a SERPENT EMBLEM straight ahead. Keep killing enemies and mutations until you get the chance to grapple hook out the area (if you’re struggling, head over to the right and grapple hook out of there straight away).

Run away from the chainsaw creature following the prompts and eventually door with close behind him. In this new area kill all the zombies and smash all the boxes before trying to open the door. You need the incendiary grenades.

When you try to open the door, the chainsaw creature attacks and you need to down him. That’s easy enough but the main obstacle is zombies on the floor, so pepper the area with incendiary grenades. If you get caught by them, it’s a struggle to complete the QTE and escape before the chainsaw creature catches up.

On the bus, the chainsaw creature will attack. Shoot him until he's downed with the Bear Commander or pistol – you don’t have enough room to escape if you don’t stagger him – and melee attack when he’s staggering around. Get ready for QTEs to dodge signs overhead. The bus will stop and you'll see the SERPENT EMBLEM through the bamboo barrier that stopped it.

Then the bus resumes moving, so keep shooting the chainsaw creature to stall him. Eventually, the fight shifts to nearby train tracks. Keep shooting and meleeing – the two things to look out for here is not to cross the electrified lines and there’s a tough spin-the-stick QTE to complete.

When you’ve smashed him off the train tracks, you’ll be in a new area. When you enter the room, go down the stairs and smash the boxes. Behind the far box to the right is a SERPENT EMBLEM. You can just about see the edge.

Shoot it, then head up the stairs. You'll need to cover Jake and Sherry. Head forward until the chainsaw creature re-appears and run as far as you can go. There will be a girder with wooden boxes on. From here, your only real cue is to snipe the chainsaw creature when it gets in a close-range struggle with Jake.

do the same in the next section, except it will be a close-range struggle with sherry. run as far as you can and follow the prompt when it appears. then simply run to the speedboat.

Resident Evil 6: Ada - CHAPTER 4

You'll be in the hangar. Start by melee killing the enemy in front of you and then follow the icon. Ultimately, you'll have to get three passcodes to proceed. The first is on the guard who enters the room straight away, so kill him. A splitter will then drop down, so take care of that too.

Head down the stairs and wait for enemies to patrol both corridors either side. use your crossbow to kill them both silently. Now simply follow the two red icons and look out for the gun icon that appears as you get close for the bear commander.

There will be a checkpoint after you open a metal door, so prep your shotgun. As you turn the corner there will be a QTE and close-range battle with a splitter. When you've dealt with it, kick open the metal doors and you'll find the guard with passcode C.

Passcode B will be eaten up by a splitter, so chase it down and kill it. Use the guide to head back and run. There will be loads of splitters behind the door when you enter the passcode, so be ready. Grapple gun up to the next bit and jump in the lift.

Now you have to find the secret information. When you go to open the door, Chris and Piers turn up. They obviously have an (understandable) case of mistaken identity. When you have control over Ada, run and slide under the closing door.

Now there's a stealth section where you have to avoid the spotlight around the balcony before grappling gunning up to the next level. If you do set off the alarm, just run and grapple up anyway but as you land, turn left immediately for a SERPENT EMBLEM.

Crawl through the vent, kill the waiting guard in door to the left and smash the boxes. As you proceed, you'll come to another bee creature. Without a knife, two flame grenades are the quickest way to kill it (use shotgun if more damage is needed). When it's dead, open the red light door.

There’s another spotlight section. If you’re spotted, again, quickly rush to the end and use your grapple hook to reset the alarm. Ada will note security is pretty tight – use your crossbow from cover here to clear out the guards. Climb up the ladder and into the vent but watch out as two spider enemies are patrolling inside. Drop to the office-like room for a cutscene.

Now escape from the ship. Keep heading to the icon until you meet up with Ada. Another cutscene will play showing Carla melting. When you have control, look to the left of the gap you drop down for another SERPENT EMBLEM.

As soon as you drop down, the race to escape the ship begins. First section is straight forward, keep running until you get to the door with the valve on it. Turn the valve and step through. Repeat for the next door with the valve on it but shoot the blue canisters to the left first, so you won't be attacked.

The next section will have a QTE as you run down the corridor, then another QTE style moment where time will slow down as the large mutated face attacks. Shoot the nitrogen canisters to the side to survive, then open the next valve door.

Now you will see a massive face in front of you. Shoot the eyes until they explode, shoot the mouth away, then shoot the nitrogen canisters behind them. There’s no immediate threat on you here but you don’t need to hang onto your ammo either, so surgical precision with your shots isn’t required. Enter the lift and leave. End of chapter.

Resident Evil 6: Ada - CHAPTER 5

Right at the start, when you're giving cover to Leon and Helena, look in the open truck on the right for a hard to spot SERPENT EMBLEM. When you've cleared the zombies, Leon and Helena will move onwards.

Now you fly down the streets and another chopper will appear. Keep firing at it and when it turns to show you the enemies on either side, target them. There will be a few helicopters to shoot down. Destroy them all and you’ll face mutated Derek.


In his T-Rex form, he jumps around a lot, so keep your distance. His weak spot is in its mouth but you can also use explosives dotted around the arena to do damage if Derek gets close to them. Save missiles in case the T-Rex gets uncomfortably close to Leon or Helena. Hold it off and eventually, a truck turns up so Leon and Helena can fight back, so defend truck.

Again, you need to hold off the T-Rex for a certain period of time and you should save your missiles for emergencies. When truck flips and Leon and Helena are vulnerable, shoot explosive barrel between them and t-rex.

Now Ada has to save nearby civilians. There’s no friendly fire here, so you don’t have to be too careful with your aiming. When you’ve cleared out the helipad, make sure you grab all the ammo from the boxes underneath before grappling across and reload everything you have too.


You’ll now face the 'rhino' version of Derek Simmons. He has a spike projectile attack and a charge. Both can be avoiding by aiming and holding left or right while tapping dodge and they’re easier to avoid from distance, so use any long-range weapons you may have (sniper rifle or Bear Commander works well here).  Aim for the face or neck area.

You need to hold him off until Leon and Helena turn up to offer support. When they do, shoot simmons until he falls to his knees. At this point, run up to him and melee for a QTE. Repeat this until a cutscene kicks in.

When you regain control, quickly snipe the zombies ahead of you for herbs and ammo. Now you need to protect Leon and Helena as they climb up the side of the burning building. Simmons will be climbing up below them.

When you shoot Simmons, he falls a few metres before climbing again. You need to hold him off until Leon and Helena reach the gap ahead. One thing to remember is when sniping, zombies will keep appearing and attacking you, so check every now and then.

When Leon and Helena are safe, Simmons will turn his attention towards you instead and Leon will jump to save Ada. When you regain controls, repeat the first pattern of avoiding charges and spikes. Eventually a cutscene kicks in where Leon is in trouble. Immediately run up to Simmons and perform the last QTE in Resident Evil 6.

To complete Ada’s story, walk forward and activate the console in the lab.

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