Pokemon X & Y: The Best Pokemon You Can Get

Luke Albiges


We've picked the Pikachus from the Mewtwos in our rundown of the best Pokemon you can get in Pokemon X and Y.

Published on Oct 14, 2013

It'll be months before the metagame dust settles and all the sneaky new tricks and exploits work their way out of the system. But even this early on, it's plain to see that some of the new Pokémon are just that much more useful than others. Here's our rundown of ten of the best so far...

Obviously we've not added into this list the legendary Pokemon Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde since, well, they're legendary and, as such, are obviously super powerful.


Eeveelutions are always popular choices and while this one might lack the fortitude of some other Fairy types, it's all kinds of powerful. A free switch-in on Dragon attacks makes it easy to get into action, after which its decent move pool and great offensive stats should help it do some serious damage.

Mega Mewtwo Y

Mewtwo is banned in most competitive play modes (just like the other legendaries) but can still be used in Random Matchup online play where it's one of the most terrifying Special Attackers. This Mega Evolution makes it even more stupidly overpowered, although its new ability Insomnia is borderline useless.


Great typing gives this haunted sword thing several key immunities and resistances, plus it has a really interesting Forme changing mechanic and can switch some of its stats at will. It's technical, sure, but with all kinds of free switch-ins, you should have plenty of opportunities to try this curious addition out.


This squid-owl thing might not look like much on paper but its Ability is what really makes it notable - Contrary reverses all stat changes done to it while new move Topsy-Turvy applies the same effect to opponents. Expect to see all kinds of tricky combos using these gimmicks in the coming months.


Speed might not be everything in Pokémon but it sure as hell counts for a lot. While its other stats and typing might not be great, Noivern's pace alone allows it to leap in with super effective coverage moves before the opponent can even do anything. Score the odd flinch or two and you'll be hitting for no reply, too.


Another Speed-based Pokémon, Greninja is arguably the best of the three starting Pokémon's final forms offensively. With several moves that buff its Attack stat, it's all about getting set up without taking a hit - quick as it may be, Greninja is squishy as hell. But after a couple of Power-Up Punches, it's unstoppable.

Mega Alakazam

Alakazam was pretty much amazing before X and Y, with this Mega Evolution only making him even more viable. The stat boost from the Mega form is solid enough to replace many of the common hold items, which the Ability change (Megazam learns Trace, which copies the opponent's Ability) gives it a versatile - if tricky to use - tactical tool.


Some will claim that Tyrantrum made it into this list based on looks alone, and that's partially true - it does look badass. But even with Fairy taking a huge bite out of Dragon's metagame dominance, this dude proves that Dragon types can still be viable, especially when they can hit like a damn truck.


It doesn't evolve, it looks rubbish and it's basically just a pebble. But with good typing, a decent move pool and incredible defenses, Carbink walls many major offensive choices pretty easily. Add in the fact that it can lay down entry hazards such as Stealth Rock as well and you'e got a defensive Pokémon you're likely to see quite a lot of.

Mega Venusaur

There's not much between the Mega versions of the Kanto starters but in a format due to be dominated by Fairies, this poisonous quadrapedal tank feels like the right way to go. It deals well with other common defensive threats (such as bulky water types) while covering its own weaknesses with new ability Thick Fat.

Of course though our list is based in the stats of the game, you may have your own personal preferences - why not let us know what you think are the best Pokemon and why in the comments below?



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