Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Intel Locations Guide

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Hunt down all those hidden intel locations in MW3.

Published on Nov 8, 2011

There are 46 intel items in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that will unlock two Xbox 360 Achievements or PS3 Trophies once all are collected. So to save you the hassle of upturning every stone yourself, why not follow our in-depth guide to all the intel locations in MW3.

Act 1

Black Tuesday
Intel: 5

Intel Location 1: Early on after having the objective to flank the Russians in Wall Street and entering a derelict building, search inside the bedroom for the first intel. It can be found in the corner of the room on the floor.

Intel Location 2: After entering a small office and defending it against Russians, search at the back of the area underneath a staircase to find the intel on top of the counter.

Intel Location 3: Once you’re given the objective to rally up with your squad in the lobby, search inside the lobby for another intel on a table on the left-hand side of the room. Make sure you collect it before taking the stairs.

Intel Location 4: When you reach the Stock Exchange floor, look for this intel piece in the southwest corner of the room on top one of the desks.

Intel Location 5: When outside again, you’ll be ordered to place a thermite charge on the jammer. Look for the intel on the tabletop to the right.

Hunter Killer
Intel: 2

Intel Location 1: When entering the bunkroom section of the submarine, look for the first intel piece in the far corner of the room.

Intel Location 2: Once you start encountering enemies with laser sights and crossing narrow walkways, look between a small niche between a set of servers for this tucked away intel.

Persona Non Grata
Intel: 4

Intel Location 1: When you get given the objective to follow Captain Price, you’ll come out to a courtyard. Clear out the enemies, then search the alcove along the northern part of the area. The intel is sitting on top of a crate.

Intel Location 2: Find the store called the ‘Trekking Trade’, then enter the building nearby. Inside the building in the bedroom at the back of the house is the intel sitting on top of the counter.

Intel Location 3: When you reach the UGV, look behind it for a computer with the intel inside.

Intel Location 4: As you head towards the helicopter extraction point, look for a small playground and – specifically – a small slide on your left. The intel is sat on top of the slide.

Intel: 2

Intel Location 1: After heading downstairs to secure the president’s daughter, look inside the kitchen area to find the intel on top of the counter.

Intel Location 2: After the plane crash, follow Commander Pudovkin over a log. After leaping the log, search the ground to the right.

Back On The Grid
Intel: 3

Intel Location 1: You’ll be given the order to regroup with Captain Price. Before you do, however, search inside the factory Price and Soap appeared from and look for the first intel piece on a counter in the right-hand corner.

Intel Location 2: As you take the street heading southwest, search inside the shacks for the intel, which will be sitting on top of a crate inside.

Intel Location 3: Inside the church at the end of the level is a table towards the back of the building. The intel can be easily seen on top of this table.

Mind The Gap
Intel: 3

Intel Location 1: Early on in the mission, just before you infiltrate the warehouse, search the alley on the left of the locked door. The intel is sitting on a crate in the corner of this room.

Intel Location 2: After searching the truck, head across the side of the building towards a set of stairs. Take these then turn left up another flight of stairs and through a doorway. At the top of here is a room with the intel on the top of the table nearest the windows.

Intel Location 3: With the objective to clear Westminster Station, you’ll head up an escalator inside the subway; search behind a nearby newsstand to find the intel underneath the counter.

Act 2

Intel: 3

Intel Location 1: After clearing the area for the tanks at the start of the mission, enter inside the plane wreck and locate the intel at the front of the wreckage.

Intel Location 2: As you head west, when the road begins to turn south look inside continue heading west to look for a yellow-bricked wall along the west. You’ll find the intel here, sitting on top of a set of ammo crates.

Intel Location 3: Towards the end of the level, before breaching and securing the goalpost, search the east wall of the main office building for a set of cubicles – the intel is hiding in one of these locations on top of a desk.

Return To Sender
Intel: 3

Intel Location 1: As you head west early on in the level you’ll come to a pack of buildings in the centre of the map. Search the set of buildings south of the main road, and head to the second floor. The intel is sat on top of the desk upstairs.

Intel Location 2: In the most southwestern corner of the map is an office you’ll have to breach. After clearing the room, search the southwest corner of the office for the second intel piece on the desk.

Intel Location 3: As you begin moving up the hill north towards the secondary extraction point, search the small building to the east with the intel inside.

Bag And Drag
Intel: 4

Intel Location 1: Once inside the book store, search the top floor between a pair of bookcases along the west wall. The intel is sat between these on top of the windowsill.

Intel Location 2: While following the GIGN leader you’ll enter a small café from outside. In the back room of this café is the intel on top of a pair of chairs.

Intel Location 3: When you catch up with Volk, clear out his troops but don’t head after him just yet. There’s an intel piece in the corner to the south, on top of a metal box.

Intel Location 4: After exiting the catacombs you’ll be inside a building, but before you exit onto the street outside, search for the intel laptop on top of the crates at the north side of the hall.

Iron Lady
Intel: 2

Intel Location 1: After the sniping section where you enter the courtyard, look for a set of stairs behind the greenhouse in the central north section of the area. At the landing of these stairs is the intel.

Intel Location 2: Once all the tanks are destroyed towards the end of the level, don’t begin to head towards the chopper. Instead, search inside the bus on the left hand side of the bridge – the intel is at the back.

Eye Of The Storm
Intel: 2

Intel Location 1: When following Soap through the streets, a pair of Russians will enter. You’ll take down one with Soap deals with the other, after which you should search the nearby hotel lobby for the intel sat on top of the counter.

Intel Location 2: When you receive the objective to fight to the church, search the tables in the small courtyard area (beneath a parasol) for the last intel in this mission.

Blood Brothers
Intel: 1

Intel Location 1: While protecting Soap you’ll enter a gallery. Search the northeast of this room for the level’s only intel piece.


Intel: 2

Intel Location 1: With the objective to escape the castle, you’ll enter a large group with a set of desks inside. Clear the room then search the far left corner of the room for the intel on top of a set of machines.

Intel Location 2: Look for a room south of the main courtyard, before detonating the C4 under the bridge, for the intel sitting on top of a crate next to a grey brick wall.

Scorched Earth
Intel: 5

Intel Location 1: While proceeding through the offices you’ll come to a room with a caved out floor, creating a ramp to the next level. Before heading up, looking inside the most northwestern cubicle to spot the intel on a desk.

Intel Location 2: At the rooftop you’ll be ordered to rappel down the building, but before you do search towards the east of the area to locate the intel behind a chain link fence.

Intel Location 3: Next, after rappelling down the building, head to the south and enter the bookstore. The intel can be found on the right-hand side of the counter here.

Intel Location 4: While advancing with the German tanks along the derelict road, look left for a bus. Turn left after passing it and search a nearby room closest to the bridge. Inside this small area is a crate with the intel on top.

Intel Location 5: After entering the large room with the objective to get to the roof, head into the stairwell as if you were continuing upwards, but search for this concealed intel underneath the steps of the staircase. 

Down The Rabbit Hole
Intel: 2

Intel Location 1: In the centre of the map, after taking out the snipers on the catwalk, is a set of different routes. Enter the office to the south and then head west. You’ll spot the intel on top of a set of filing cabinets.

Intel Location 2: Once you have the objective to escape with the president, search the southwest side of the room you’re in to spot the intel sitting on top of a barrel.

Dust To Dust
Intel: 3 

Intel Location 1: After entering the hotel and taking the escalator, turn around and look for the bar in the left-hand corner. The intel is on top of the counter here. 

Intel Location 2: When following Yuri you’ll enter a poker room. The intel is on top of the table. 

Intel Location 3: Just after entering the restaurant, look to the right for the final intel on top of the bar.



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