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Hitman: Absolution guide: Penthouse.

Published on Nov 19, 2012

Hitman: Absolution - PENTHOUSE

On the table in the room near where the whalebones are hung.

Fire the harpoon in the room with the whalebones.

Repeat ‘Bones’ (below) a couple of times. You just need to kill a bunch of people with the whale skeleton and the number stacks up across multiple tries.

This involves throwing people off the building. On the main outside downstairs balcony there is a guard patrolling. Subdue him, throw him off, then work your way around the outside of the building to throw off once or two more. Repeat. Important thing to remember here is that you can throw any body off and it counts; they don’t have to be thrown off while alive.

From where you start, go left and up the stairs. The first door on the left leads to a laser-protected rare item display room. To avoid the lasers use Instinct. At the far end of the room is the poison you need. Once you have it go back downstairs and out into the main room (the one where you started the level).

The sushi is in there on a table right in the middle of the room. Wait until nobody’s looking and dump the poison into the sushi. Once your target has eaten the sushi be sure and follow her outside for one of the best moments in the game. Trust us on this.

In the chamber with the whale skeleton, work your way to the end of the room where the scale model of Dexter Industries’ factory works sits and hid behind it on the side closest to the window (and the button that activates the model). When your target is close, activate the model, then, sticking to cover and flipping between it, work your way around to the harpoon. By the time you get there your target should be leaning over the model. Open fire!

In the chamber with the whale skeleton, hide between the factory model and the window. When your target arrives, start the model, and cover-flip your way upstairs. Pull the handle at the far end of the gantry to release the whale skeleton on top of them all.

Good god, this one took a while to figure out. Hopefully, we can save you a fair bit of grief here. On the main patio outside, in the far corner closest to the sniper window, there’s a big barbecue thing, under which is a gasoline can.

Take it and go back in, working your way around to the right, to the end of the long room, through the door into the chamber with the fireplace. Hide on the far end of one of the sofas there and prepare a shot to lob the gasoline can into the fire. When your target goes to warm herself there, lob it unceremoniously into the fire. Two out of three times it’s going to bounce out again, but try it enough times and eventually it’ll wedge itself in and then explode, covering her in gasoline. Done.

To the right of the room where you get the poison is a bedroom with a checkpoint in it. There’s also a sniper rifle leant up against the window there. Sit there with it until you see your target appear on the patio below. She should stop at the edge of the far balcony (where some of it is missing). When she stops there, shoot her in the head.

Follow your target until she goes into the secret door (the one that shows up as blue in Instinct mode). Just follow her in and watch the cut-scene. Be prepared to take fast and accurate action when the need arises.

From the ‘Blackwater Park’ level previously, you need to arrive at the Penthouse dressed as the plumber. The plumber’s outfit can be purloined from the rear of the hotel grounds. The reason this challenge is here and not listed in the previous level is that while dressed as the plumber, you have to kill your target up here in the Penthouse, then disappear, all the while unseen. We recommend ‘Savage Sushi’ as the least risky.

All of these challenges involve donning the samurai armour,
sneaking about and killing people with the katana. Both samurai armour and katanas can be found about the level. Stay unseen.

Same deal as part one. Kill lots with the sword in lots of different ways.

Same deal as part two. Kill lots with the sword in lots of different ways in the shortest time possible.

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