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Hitman: Absolution guide: Fight Night.

Published on Nov 19, 2012

Hitman: Absolution - FIGHT NIGHT


Facing the Patriot’s camper van, the evidence is behind it and to the right, roughly speaking. Exactly, it is along the right-hand wall next to one of the body chests.

Find the keycard before the guards do. If you’re standing behind the Patriot’s trailer, facing the body chest there, it’s just in the little gap between the crates just to the left of that chest, down on the floor
a couple of metres into it on the left side.

It’s easy enough to get the Patriot’s uniform. Just kill him and take it – you need it for the Chameleon challenge anyway – the tricky part, though, is not being seen. Start by working your way all the way around the left side, along the back wall to the end of it. As you go to turn right, there is a guard there, leaning up against one of the crates. Take him out and stash his body.

Now wait exactly where you are. A second guard will come along and put his back to you. Kill/ subdue and stash him. Now move around the back and cut back in towards the trailer, taking a left just before reaching the body chest directly behind the trailer. There is another guard in there with his back to you.

Take him out and stash him. Three guards left and they’re all located in the bottom corner opposite where you started the level. First take out the guard who it not bent down and not patrolling. Stash his body and grab the wrench near where he was standing. Next, throw the wrench to attract the patrolling guard to a place where he will have his back to you, but that is far enough around the corner, the last guard won’t be able to see you. Take him out and stash him, then use the wrench again to get the last guard’s back to you and do the same.

Finally, move back round to the rear of the Patriot’s trailer and turn off the generator. When one of his entourage comes to fix it, sneak up behind him, wait until he has switched the generator back on (so you can repeat the trick), stash the body and keep repeating until the Patriot is the only guy left. Sneak up, garrotte him, take his outfit and exit the level. There are enough body chests almost exactly to stash every body, so do this before leaving if perfection is your thing.


Entering through the left-hand bar – if you’re facing as you entered the arena – make your way upstairs to the room with the big window facing out into the arena and full of the Patriot’s entourage. The evidence is in there.

Just enter the arena as the Patriot and beat your opponent.

Beat him without taking a single hit. This is pretty easy, so long as you realise that every combo starts with B, followed by the mashing of X, with the last blow either Y or A. You should be well enough practiced at this by now to do this first time, but if you’re don’t manage it, don’t beat yourself up, just try again.

Both the previous challenges rely on entering the arena dressed up as the Patriot. However, these next ones involve going in through the keycard entrance, dressed in your good old Hitman suit. For this one, sneak backstage via the right-hand bar door. Take the door on your left once at the top of the stairs and take out or sneak around the two guards there. You should now be on a gantry/walkway in the form of a tight corridor. Midway down it is the controls for the lighting rig. Hit them and watch it drop.

Taking the left-hand bar exit, stick to the left wall and you will come to a caged area with a keycard door on the front of it. Go in and take out the two guards in there. One the back wall of the second room is an Ilya sniper rifle. Take it and head back down to the arena, and over to the opposite bar. Head up the stairs and all the way to the end of the walkway and through the keycard door there. In there is the perfect sniper spot. Shoot your target with the sniper rifle.

Go to the cages off military store where you get the sniper rifle, grab
the proximity mine. Head back down to the arena and toss it into the cage. Not subtle, but really quite satisfying.

Complete all of the above four challenges and this challenge unlocks automatically.

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