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Hitman: Absolution guide: Shaving Lenny.

Published on Nov 19, 2012

Hitman: Absolution - SHAVING LENNY


Broadly over the other side of the level from you, in the direction you face at the start, are two garages. The evidence is upstairs in the garage on the left, guarded by two cops who are chatting about various stuff. You can’t miss them and since it’s right next to them, it’s difficult to miss the evidence too.

From the start, head off to the street on your right, but keep to the left wall. You will come across a window into a small wooden cabin you can climb into. On the other side of it is a policeman and if you rushed directly here from the start, so too is one of your targets. When the cop has his back turned, drag him back through the window and subdue him, then immediately sneak up behind your target and push him into the oil. Go back to the checkpoint and do this twice more to unlock the challenge.

In the right-hand garage (facing them from the start) is a car up on high jacks. Next to it is a switch that drops the car. It’s not rocket science this, or so you would think. Two problems: first there is a mechanic and a cop there, second, the target doesn’t naturally walk under the car. To get rid of the cop and the mechanic, in the alleyway outside, activate the alarm of the car opposite. The cop will go take a look-see.

When the mechanic’s back is turned, sneak up behind him and despatch him. Now do the same to the mechanic, using his outfit as a disguise. Go back into the garage (now no longer a trespass zone as you’re a mechanic) and pick up the wrench.

Now wait behind the column where the switch is and prepare to throw the wrench so it lands under the car. When your target enters, lob the wrench under the car. If it landed right, he will walk there to investigate. Drop the car on his head.

From the start, sneak into the shop on your left. Use the radio to distract the clerk and sneak upstairs. When you enter the room, turn the gas on on the stove and position yourself just behind the door, which will remain open (unlike other doors in the game).

Pull out your Ballers and get a sliver of the cooker in your sites. When the target enters the room, shoot the stove when he is adjacent to it. Done. If you don’t want to be caught, hide the body in the wardrobe as quickly as you can and then hide in it yourself as the clerk downstairs will be on her way up to find out what the commotion was.

Get a mechanic outfit as described in ‘Get the Mechanic’. Outside the front of the left-hand garage, in the corner on the left (facing from the start), is a petrol pump. Go interfere with it. Next, go upstairs to where the evidence is found and stroll out onto the upstairs patio.

Position yourself overlooking the petroleum spill you created. When your target arrives – and stands what looks like too far away, but trust us, it’s not – fire a bullet into the puddle and enjoy some very, very impressive pyrotechnics. So much for a clean kill.

Get the mechanic’s outfit as described in ‘Get the Mechanic’, or the policeman’s outfit as described in ‘Oil Is Thicker Than Blood’. Make your way to the patch of wasteland on the right side of the place where you drop the car on your target’s head. There, you’ll find a fence gate and some electrical mucky-muck to hook up to it. Hook it up and flip the switch when your target is a few seconds away from opening the gate.

For all of these parts you’ll need the sniper rifle. It’s upstairs at the donut shop. Go there, get it, then activate the checkpoint so you don’t have to do it again for the other two parts. For this part, head over to the garage with the upstairs balcony. From there, aim across to the top window of the convenience story. Shoot your target in the head with the sniper rifle when he appears. Now go back to the checkpoint.

Do exactly what you did in part 1, but in reverse. Occupy the top of the convenience store and shoot the guy when he appears on the garage balcony. With the sniper rifle, of course.

This is the easiest of the three because if you checkpointed yourself at the top floor of the donut shop, you’re already in the right place to take the shot. Look out the window. Wait until a target is in sight. Kill him.


In the main lounge area, the evidence is on top of the big TV the guards are all watching.

From the start, take the stairs on your left. Keep to the left wall and at the far side of the courtyard, pick up the wrench and use it on the electrical wires right next to it. Flip the big switch.

From the start take the left stairs, the climb up onto the ledge on the side of the opposite building. Shimmy around and climb into the window and work your way to the right, downstairs and into the barber shop. Put on the disguise, then come back out into the main living area – where you are now invisible to the guards.

Head past the pizza and through the kitchen and into the small storage area on the other side. Pick up the lighter fluid here. Go back the way you came and take a left at the big TV. Along the right-hand wall is the hot sauce. Replace the lighter fluid with the hot sauce. Go to the barbecue if you want to watch…

Turn on the gas in the kitchen area and wait until one of your targets is stood alongside it. Shoot it with your silenced Ballers while out of sight in the storage area by the kitchen.

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