GTA 5 Guide: All 50 Stunt Jump Locations

Adam Barnes


Struggling to find all 50 stunt jumps in GTA 5? Don't worry, we've got your back with our GTA 5 stunt jump locations guide.

Published on Oct 1, 2013

It's a GTA staple, but once again GTA 5 features stunt jumps for you to find, complete and - hopefully - survive.

We've scoured Los Santos and Blaine County in GTA 5 to find each of these GTA 5 stunt jumps and their locations, and even figured out how to complete them.

We've bundled them all into a video below to make finding each GTA 5 stunt jump a breeze, but here's a few tips to help you.

As you'll see in our video, we opted for GTA 5's Dinka Akuma motorbike. This can be bought for from Southern San Andreas Super Autos and delivered to your special garage.

You can even kit this out with additional turbo, engine upgrades and other speed boosting parts to make completing these GTA 5 stunt jumps even easier.

The motorbike isn't required for every one of these stunt jumps and in most cases either a fast car - an Infernus or a Cheetah, for example - will do the job.

However we opted for the Dinka Akuma since it is the quickest accelerating motorbike available in GTA 5, and riding one of these gives you additional mobility and requires less room to land.

It is more risky than attempting them in a car, however, since heavy landings and crashes in a motorbike will ilkely result in your death - even with a helmet on. As such, remember to quick save before each jump so you can restart if there's an issue.

The GTA 5 all 50 stunt jumps video is below, but if you're interested in GTA 5's collectables then be sure to check out our other related guides on the site.

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GTA 5 Guide: All 50 Stunt Jump Locations Video



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