GTA 5 Guide: All 50 Spaceship Part Locations

Adam Barnes


Found Omega but can't find all the Spaceship Parts? Let us help, with this in-depth guide to GTA 5's hidden collectables.

Published on Sep 23, 2013

There are multiple types of collectables in GTA 5, with the Spaceship Parts dotted throughout the world being the trickiest to locate.

We've tracked down and collected all 50 GTA 5 Spaceship Parts, and put them into a video for an easy-to-follow guide to all of their locations and where you can find them.

These collectables will be available after Franklin speaks to Omega - one of his Stranger & Freaks side-missions - to talk about this Spaceship Parts.

Like the Hidden Packages of previous GTA games, these Spaceship Parts are hidden in all corners of the map, with a large number in Los Santos themselves and as many in the surrounding Blaine County.

Once you've collected all 50 Spaceship Parts, don't forget to return to Omega for a humorous cut-scene and your reward - a 'sci-fi' dune buggy.

GTA 5 Guide: All 50 Spaceship Part Locations Video



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