GTA 5 Guide: All Under The Bridge & Knife Flight Challenges

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How to find and successfully pull off every Under The Bridge and Knife Flight challenge.

Published on Sep 19, 2013

GTA 5 features a number of challenges you need to complete to unlock 100% Completion for the game, and these Aerial Challenges are just one of them.

To count towards the 100% you actually only need to complete 25 of 50 Under The Bridge challenges and only 8 of 15 Knife Flight challenges.

However there is a Trophy and Achievement for GTA 5 dedicated to completing these challenges and, as such, you will want to find them all.

We've tracked down every Under The Bridge and Knife Flight location in GTA 5, and even created a video showing you where to find them and how to complete them.

GTA 5 Under The Bridge Challenges

While the majority of Under The Bridge challenges in GTA 5 can be successfully completed with any type of vehicle, some are better suited than others.

First off, it's best to play as Trevor when completing these challenges due to his improved flight skill.

Additionally we'd recommend purchasing the Mallard stunt plane, a light plane that can fit through or under most of these challenges.

Alternatively some challenges may be completed easier with a helicopter - if you are struggling with our methods shown below, then consider switching to a small chopper (though don't forget the width of the vehicle includes its rotor blades).

It's worth noting that sometimes - for some reason - a successful (i.e. no bumps or crashes) pass underneath a bridge may not unlock the corresponding challenge (which you'll see happen in our video) - if this happens you'll have to reattempt the challenge.

Here's how to find and complete all 50 Under The Bridge challenges in GTA 5.

GTA 5 Knife Flight Challenges

Unlike Under The Bridge, Knife Flight challenges must be completed in planes since they require you to make use of the Knife Flight method of flying - which can be learned in the Flight School in Los Santos.

There are only 15 of these Knife Flight challenges available in GTA 5, requiring you to fly through two close objects. Playing as Trevor and flying a Mallard will make these challenges much easier.

Most of these will be pretty easy, but there are a couple that will prove to be a little tricky. To save you having to go back and find a plane after crashing (they're all in Los Santos anyway) make sure you use quick save to quickly load in case you crash and burn.

Here's how to find and complete all 15 Knife Flight Challenges in GTA 5 and - when combined with all 50 Under The Bridge Challenges - unlock the Close Shave Trophy and Achievement.



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