Gran Turismo 5: The 12 Best Cars

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We take a look at the best - and most expensive - cars in Gran Turismo 5.

Published on May 10, 2011

You'll only earn 4,000 Credits for coming first in the Sunday Cup, so get saving.

Our massive, six-page Gran Turismo 5 review is online now. If you like large numbers and long car names, this is the list for you. We filter through the chaff to bring you the most expensive cars that you'll never own. To put everything into perspective, however, you'll only earn 4,000 Credits for coming first in the Sunday Cup. So what are the best cars in Gran Turismo 5?

Pagani Zonda

Cr 2,600,000

We were surprised that this is our cheapest car in the list (okay, comparatively), since it's quite easily one of the most gorgeous around. Super fast and super sleek and at a 'bargain' price.

Gran Turismo Ford GT LM Spec II

Cr 3,600,000

As a car designed by Gran Turismo for Ford, you can expect this is as gorgeous as it is fast. This is one mean looking car, and definitely one to save your pennies for. Delicious.

Peugeot 908 HDi FAP Team Oreca Matmut

Cr 4,000,000

One of the flatter cars, the downforce to this beast means you'll have no problem sticking to the road as your speed through R246's sharp right turn. It's got a mean acceleration too, a mean combination to dominate any track.

Audi R10 TDi Race Car '06

Cr 4,750,000

The heavy front might look the rear would slide out too often, but check out the beefy spoiler pushing the car down. Slick curves covering an also flat chassis makes this a very beautiful vehicle.

Mazda 787B Race Car

Cr 5,260,000

Now we're starting to hit the big numbers. This Mazda sports car might as well be a rocket with a spoiler. The soft curves keep it aerodynamic, however, so it's acceleration is unfathomably quick.

GT by Citroen

Cr 5,600,000

Only 5.6 mil for a car designed by Citroen for Gran Turismo. Well, we say car – it looks more like a stealth bomber. It comes in three varieties, too, so you even get a choice of how expensive you want your Batmobile-wannabe to cost.

Ferrari F10

Cr 10,000,000

Though we prefer the pure racing red of the F2007, this is the newer model of the Formula One vehicle available. Which means only one thing: it's fast, it's grippY and you'll win every race in it.

Ferrari F2007

Cr 12,500,000

The second of three Ferrari's and two Formula One cars. This is the older model, yet is faster and more agile since it no longer needs to take on board the heavy fuel take of the newer model, the F10, making this car faster, grippier and you'll win even more races in it.

Lamborghini Miura P400 Bertone Prototype

Cr 15,000,000

Now this is how you race! Classy roadster, the Miura, with its smooth design, sloped rear and unique headlights makes this one of the most gorgeous vehicles we have every driven (in a video game). It's not half zippy, either.

Ford Mark IV

Cr 20,000,000

This is it, one of three most expensive cars in the game. Speed and cornering is as expected of a sports car of this price, but the most unique feature is the angled rear, tapering to a point and giving it a very stylish profile.

Jaguar XJ13 Race Car

Cr 20,000,000

Jaguar's are about as classy as they come, and this classic roadster is by far the best. We defy anyone to deny the good looks of the XJ13, possibly our favourite in the entire game. And even for a car getting on for a bit, it's still a far faster and sweeter a ride than any other.

Ferrarri 330 P4

Cr 20,000,000

We stand corrected, this is the best-looking car in the game. For a princely fee of 20 million credits you can drive around in the 330, with stylish curvature at the front and the Jetson-esque window making this car more than stand out.



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