Gears Of War 3: Medal And Ribbon Guide

Adam Barnes


Earn every online medal and ribbon award in Gears of War 3

Published on Sep 20, 2011

Gears Of War 3 is out this week and it boasts a massive collection of online accolades that progressively unlock a ton of new content as you go. Some ribbons and medals are notoriously difficult to unlock, but we’ve taken the time to list each and ever one of them here. Ribbons

Meeting certain criteria in a multiplayer game of Gears of War 3 will earn you ribbons at the end of each match. Build up enough of one ribbon type and you’ll unlock something tasty.

General Ribbon Awards (All Multiplayer Game Modes)

MVP: Earn the highest point total in a multiplayer match
First Blood: Get the first kill in a multiplayer round
Be the first person to die in a multiplayer round
Last Man Out:
Be the last man standing on your team
Better Man:
Win a sudden-death showdown
Kill three or more as the last man standing to win the round
Never Had a Chance: Win every round in a match
The Double:
Score two quick kills in a row
The Triple:
Score three quick kills in a row
The Quad:
Score four quick kills in a row
The Quinn:
Score five quick kills in a row
Nemesis: Kill the same opponent fives times in a round
Kill your nemesis
Swift Vengeance:
Quickly kill your previous killer
Earn more kills than deaths in a match
End an opponent’s kill streak
Killing Spree:
Kill five opponents without dying
Rampage: Kill 10 opponents without dying
Unstoppable: Kill 15 opponents without dying
Invincible: Kill 20 opponents without dying
Godlike: Kill 25 opponents without dying
Trick Shot: Score a headshot with one Torque Bow shot that earns a double kill
Hat Trick: Score three headshots in a row without dying
Mortarfied: Kill multiple opponents with a single Mortar shot Clusterluck: Kill multiple opponents with one grenade
Grenade Hug: Kill an opponent after being grenade tagged
Sapper Star: Kill an opponent with their own planted frag grenade
Ole!: Grenade tag an opponent who is charging with the Retro Lancer
Kill multiple opponents with a single Boomshot blast
Hail Mary: Score a Boomshot kill from over 200 feet
Kaboom!: Kill multiple opponents with a single Sawed-Off Shotgun blast
Roadblock: Halt another player’s Retro charge with the Sawed-Off Shotgun
Lumberjack: Use the chainsaw on three opponents in a row
Charge!: Retro charge three opponents in a row
Military Intelligence: Spot five enemies that end in a kill
Not So Fast: Kill an opponent who is executing a teammate
Negotiation Over: Headshot an opponent with a meatshield
Oscar Mike: Kill a Roadie Running opponent with a headshot
The Super: Kill an evading opponent with a headshot
Death from Below: Kill an opponent with a grenade while you are down
Death from Beyond: Kill an opponent after you have died
Death from Above: Kill multiple opponents with a single Hammer of Dawn blast
No, Wait!: Kill an opponent while they are reloading
Special Delivery: Kill an opponent with a bag and tag
No Smoking: Kill an opponent with a smoke grenade
Never Surrender: Go on to win a match after being the losing team
Unlucky Bastard: Be the only player on your team to die in a round
Team Player: Score the most assists in a match
Personal Assistant: Assist in 10 kills in a round
Medic: Revive five teammates in a round
So Close: Kill an opponent while recovering from being down but not out
Survivor: Revive yourself five times in a round
Methodical: Score five executions in a round
Stop Thief!: Have five kills stolen by others in a round
First to Fight: Have the first kill in every round of a match
Final Word: Score the final kill of the match
The Cleaner: Score the final kill in every round of a match
Coup de Grace: Have the final kill with an execution
Vigilant: Win a match with zero deaths and at least 10 kills
Smooth Operator: Have the highest kill-to-death ratio in a match
Tough Guy: Have the fewest deaths in a match
Rough Day: Have the most deaths in a match
Stay Down: Have more downs than kills in a match
Executioner: Score the most executions in a match
Evasive: Take the least amount of damage taken in a match
Contender: Score the most melee hits in a match
Pacifist: Have more revives than kills in a match
Spray and Pray: Score the most blindfire kills in a match
Headhunter: Score the most headshot kills in a match
Carmine’s Star: Have the most headshot deaths in a match
Grenadier: Score the most grenade kills in a match
Pistoleer: Earn the most pistol kills in a match
Quick Clips: Have the most perfect Active Reloads in a match
Clear!: Score the most revives in a match
Well Protected: Be the most revived player in a match
Guys? Hello?: Spend the most time down but not out in a match
Buttoned Up: Spend the most time in cover
Under The Radar: Earn no other ribbons in a match

Capture The Leader

Untouchable: Don’t get captured when playing as the leader
Lead By Example: Kill five opponents while playing as the leader in a single round
Want Something Done: Capture the enemy leader while playing as the leader
Captiv-ating: Capture the enemy leader
Secret Service: Score the most leader rescues in a match


Rear Guard: Survive every round of Wingman
Avenged: Kill your Wingman’s assassin

King Of The Hill

Top Of The Hill: Kill five opponents from inside the ring
Ring Breaker: Broke the oppositions ring three times in a round
Ring King: Captured a ring three times in a round
Dead Ringer: Win a round of King Of The Hill by blocking the opposing team
Eye On The Prize: Earn the most points in the ring
Sacrifice: Break the ring alone while down but not out


Pop Goes the Weasel: Blow up three enemies at once as a Ticker
Indigestion: Kill an enemy with a swallowed grenade as a Wild Ticker
Monkey-Dog: Have multiple enemies you stunned as a Wretch killed
Meatshop: Kill four enemies without dying as a Butcher
Team Shaman: Heal four team-mates at once as a Kantus
Team Saviour: Revive three team-mates at once as a Kantus
Pillager: Destroy five fortifications in a round
Test Driver: Play as five different Locust types in a round
Antihero: Kill five different Heroes in a round
Ready For The Heavies: Unlock the final row of Locust
Just in Time: Complete the wave with only one second left


Long Hauler: Complete all 50 waves in one session
Point Man: Earn the most cash in a wave
Combat Engineer: Work on five fortifications in one deployment
Establish a COG base
Give $5,000 to your team-mates
Reconnaissance: Spot three weapons in Ghost Cam before they are collected
Observer: Survive a wave without any kills
Phat Loot: Complete a wave Challenge Objective
Last Hope: Survive the wave as the last player alive
Go on without Me: Complete a wave as the only dead player
High ROI: Kill five enemies with a weapon you have purchased
I Gotcha: Revive all four team-mates in a single wave
Like a Boss: Survive a Boss Wave without dying or getting downed
Rope-a-Dope: Kill three enemies in a wave as they attack a decoy


Botanist: Shoot five Lambent Pods in a single chapter
Mech Jockey: Kill 10 enemies with a Silverback
Flyswatter: Kill five Shriekers
Quick Kicker: Kick five small enemies
Pull!: Kill any enemy in the air after they burst out of the ground
Dewormer: Kill three Lambent Headsnakes
Pruner: Sever five Lambent mutant arms
Pig Sticker: Retro charge four Formers in a single charge


Ace: Score the most kills in an Arcade chapter
Hand Holder: Earn the most revives in an Arcade chapter
Wingman: Have the most assists in an Arcade chapter
Stockpiler: Take the most ammo in an Arcade chapter
Conservationist: Take the least amount of ammo in an Arcade chapter
Number 1: Earn the highest score in an Arcade chapter
Priority Target: Have the highest score for a single kill in an Arcade chapter
On Your Feet, Soldier: Complete an Arcade chapter without ever going down but not out


Unlike Ribbons, Medals are long-term targets that are unlocked as you play Gears Of War 3. Some require unlocking a certain number of Ribbons, while others are based around Xbox 360 Achievements. Earning Medals will unlock characters and weapon skins, check here for a list.

Old Guard: Have the Veteran Gear Achievement in Gears of War 2
Seriously: Earn the Seriously 3.0 Achievement
Embry Star: Earn 30 Onyx Medals
It Has Begun!: Complete one versus match
Vengeful: Awarded for executing nemeses
Captor: Awarded for killing enemies with a captive
War Supporter: Awarded for playing in a Gears Event
MVP: Awarded for earning MVP ribbons
Field Service: Awarded for reaching different levels
Veteran: Awarded for playing multiplayer matches
Match Winner: Awarded for winning multiplayer matches
Headshot: Awarded for pulling off headshots
Heavy Weapons: Awarded for heavy weapon kills
Explosives: Awarded for kills with explosives
Finisher: Awarded for pulling off executions
Skunker: Awarded for skunking the enemy team
Leader: Awarded for earning Untouchable ribbons
Abductor: Awarded for capturing enemy leaders
Assistant: Awarded for getting assists in Versus multiplayer
Medic: Awarded for reviving squad-mates
Cover: Awarded for earning Buttoned-Up ribbons
Active Reloader: Awarded for performing perfect Active Reloads
Lancer: Awarded for kills with the Lancer
Hammerburst: Awarded for kills with the Hammerburst
Retro Lancer: Awarded for kills with the Retro Lancer
Gnasher Shotgun: Awarded for kills with the Gnasher Shotgun
Sawed-Off Shotgun: Awarded for kills with the Sawed-Off Shotgun
Pistols: Awarded for kills with the Pistol
Spotter: Awarded for spotting enemies
Pyro: Awarded for killing enemies with fire
Sapper: Awarded for destroying enemy grenades
Guardian: Awarded for rescuing leaders in Capture The Leader
CTL: Awarded for playing Capture The Leader matches
KOTH: Awarded for playing King Of The Hill matches
Warzone: Awarded for playing Warzone matches
Execution: Awarded for playing Execution matches
TDM: Awarded for playing Team Deathmatch matches
Wingman: Awarded for playing Wingman matches
Allfathers: Awarded for earning a Bronze Medal in all game modes
Master-At-Arms: Awarded for earning a Bronze Medal with all five starting weapons
Rifleman: Awarded for earning a Bronze Medal with all three starting rifles
Hard Target: Awarded for earning Last Man Out ribbons
Shock Trooper: Awarded for earning First Blood ribbons
Old Schooler: Awarded for curb stomping enemies
Battle Mistress: Awarded for playing as a female character
Sovereign: Awarded for winning Capture The Leader rounds as the leader
Special Teams: Awarded for getting map-based weapon kills
For The Horde!: Awarded for completing all 50 waves of Horde
Horder: Awarded for completing 100 waves of Horde
Architect: Awarded for earning Founder ribbons
Squad Leader: Awarded for earning Point Man ribbons
Field Engineer: Awarded for completing fortification modifications
Big Money: Awarded for earning cash in Horde
Loot Courtesan: Awarded for completing challenges in Horde
I’m A Beast!: Awarded for completing Beast without failing
Beastly: Awarded for completing 60 waves of Beast
Motivator: Awarded for healing or reviving teammates in Beast
Dismantler: Awarded for destroying fortifications in Beast
Ruthless: Awarded for killing humans in Beast
Investor: Awarded for earning cash in Beast
High Roller: Awarded for earning Ready For The Heavies ribbons
King of COG: Awarded for earning points in Arcade mode
Number 1: Awarded for placing first in Arcade mode
Warmonger: Awarded for completing all Arcade chapters
Force Multiplier: Awarded for maintaining max multiplier in Arcade Mode
Survivalist: Awarded for completing chapters without dying
Aficionado: Awarded for playing chapters of Arcade
Doorman: Awarded for manipulating objects in Campaign
Tour of Duty: Awarded for completing Campaign



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