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We uncover all the secret Gears Of War 3 collectibles, COG Tags and related Xbox 360 achievements

Published on Sep 20, 2011

Seen those Gears Of War 3 Achievements? If not, then you should know that there are four Achievements that focus on Gears Of War 3’s hidden collectibles. Lucky for you, we’ve listed them all below, but first the Achievements:

Collector – 5G
Recover 5 Campaign Collectibles (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade).
Pack Rat – 10G
Recover 20 Campaign Collectibles (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade).
Hoarder – 15G
Recover all 42 Campaign Collectibles (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade).
Remember the Fallen – 15G
Recover all 15 COG Tags during the Campaign (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade).

You'll need to keep your eyes out for each of these collectibles.

Gears Of War 3 COG Tags And Collectibles Guide

Prologue – Trouble Past
COG Tag 1 – After escaping your room, take a right and head into the next room on the right-hand side. You’ll need to open the door first to find it.

Act 1, Chapter 1 – Anchored
Twenty Dollar Bill – After waking, search the desk inside your room.
Dom’s Psych Report – Take a left after leaving your room.
Requisition Form – Search the next room on the left after collecting Dom’s Psych Report
COG Tag 2 – After being handed the hard drive and defeating the next set of Lambent enemies, look for an orange container with the Gears logo plastered on it. Head around here and look for a dead body hanging from the bridge. The COG Tag is below this guy.

Act 1, Chapter 2 – Abandon Ship
Silverbacks Manual – Look to the left of the Silverbacks hanger bay.

Act 1, Chapter 3 – Homecoming

Journal: Home Of The Best Breakfast – As you enter the town before meeting one of the Stranded next to a fortified gate.
Child’s Diary – On the way to the Stranded warehouse in Hanover, inside the play set.
Grocery List – Inside the supermarket, search the checkout counters on the right before the enemies first begin to attack.
COG Tag 3 – You’ll need to barge past a fallen locker. After doing so, take a right and then a right again and enter the room there.

Act 1, Chapter 4 – Helping Hand
Clipping Times-Tribune – After passing a set of green doors while collecting your reward, take a right and continue going until you pass a blue container. From here turn right and head down passed a brown container. Search the floor around here for the newspaper.
COG Tag 4 – You’ll receive a bunch of ammo supplies and open a gate, from here take a left and then another left to reach a docking platform. Follow this around to its end.

Act 1, Chapter 5 – MVP
Cougars Season Program – Search the upper levels for the merchandise counter, the program is behind the counter.
Cougars Player Handbook – After passing the south gate on the lower level, search the right-hand corner.
Cole’s Championship Ring – After Cole’s football flashback, search the opposite side of the field for this ring.

Act 1, Chapter 6 – Hanging By A Thread
Bayonet – After passing through the first gate on the bridge, smash the wooden crate beside a metal carrier for this collectible.
Sightseeing Book – After firing the mortar at the ship, you’ll cross the bridge and climb a ladder. After the ladder, turn right and find this around the corner.
Toll Booth Tokens – When passing through the tollbooth the Locust will use a machine gun they have crafted out of Retro Lancers. As you approach the weapon, search to the right of the steps for these coins.
COG Tag 5 – Once on the lower bridge, look for a white van near where the Locust will attack. Head to the left just before the van to find a ladder: take this down and follow the corridor to a barricade with the COG Tag behind it.

There are 15 COG Tags throughout the game.

Act 2, Chapter 1 - Shipwreck
Octus Medal Diploma – In the second area of the bridge a second set of enemies will attack. After the fight look for two silver containers. The medal is in between the two crates, near the destroyed helicopter.
Captain’s Log – After using the Siege Beast three locust will burst out of the ground. Search the area near where they appeared for a set of crates, with a wooden crate on top. Destroy this crate for this collectible to fall down.
COG Tag 6 – After the Locust raid on the Sovereign ship, search around a yellow container with the Gears logo on it. The COG Tag is hidden behind this container.

Act 2, Chapter 3 – Forced Entry
COG Tag 7 – After the stealth section, enter the side and head over to the right. Look for a fresh food tank with a basket nearby. The Tag is inside the basket.

Act 2, Chapter 4 – Trench Run

Locust Hammer – After the Gas Barge attack you’ll be directed up a nearby ramp. Instead, turn right at a set of boxes.
Queen Symbol – After meeting Queen Myrrah and killing the enemies that appear, head through the first gate and down the ramp. From here, turn left to find a gate: head inside here for the symbol.

Act 2, Chapter 6 – Airborne
Manifest – The Locust will blow open a gate. Enter this area and take a left, following this path all the way to its end.
COG Tag 8 – Before climbing aboard the Gas Barge again, take the nearby stairs and turn right until you find another room. Inside here look for a couple of crates, the COG Tag is located behind these.

Act 3, Chapter 1 – Unbreakable
Anvil Gate Plaque – At the start of the chapter, turn around an search the gate itself.
Watercolor Painting – From the Anvil Gate Plaque, take the set of stairs on the right. Keep following this route until you find a room on the right with a large painting inside.
Sam’s Father’s Medals – From the painting, continue along the path outside the room to its end. Here you’ll find a small room with two blue ammo crates inside, search this room for the medals.

Act 3, Chapter 2 – Rescue
Journal – After fighting the berserker search behind the circular building. A wooden booth here is where the collectible is located.
COG Tag 9 – In the same section, search the left-hand side of the area for a building with the Gears logo plastered on it. Search around this building for the COG Tag.

Act 3, Chapter 4 – Ghost Town
Panicked Note – After meeting the old man in Mercy who plants the explosive charges, take the stairs and turn right. The note is in the corner by the balcony.
COG Tag 10 – When chasing the old man you’ll come across a building with a ‘Deli’ sign. Search inside here for the COG Tag.
Message – After defending the market area from an assault of Lambent you’ll need to climb up a ladder. At the top, take a left and search the room nearby.

Act 3, Chapter 5 – Brothers To The End

Air Raid Shelter Sign – After entering the crypt in the church, break through the wooden planks and turn left. Before heading towards the objective, search for this poster in the dead end nearby.

Levelling up can even be completed offline.

Act 4, Chapter 1 – Ashes To Ashes
COG Tag 11 – After seeing the container of critters land on top of you, look to the left. A small wooden structure hides the COG Tag on the inside.

Act 4, Chapter 2 – Crater
Journal – At the start of the chapter bash through the wooden door of the abandoned building on the right. The journal is inside here.

Act 4, Chapter 3 – Hang ’em High
Fuel Order – After defeating a wave of Lambent while heading towards the cable car, pass the left-side of the empty pool and look for a wooden shed with two crates nearby. Search on the left of the shed for this note.
Old Magazine – After the cable car ride and at the top of the building you’ll enter a room on fire. Look to the right of the exit for this magazine on the ground.

Act 4, Chapter 4 – Batten Down The Hatches

Tabloid – After the hangar you’ll enter an open area with a ramp leading inside to a wall with ‘02’ on it. In the open area, head behind the blue container on the right for the collectible.

Act 4, Chapter 5 – Bon Voyage

Bulletin – When looking for the propeller for the submarine, you’ll enter the maintenance bay. After heading down a set of stairs into the main room, search inside the room to the left of the stairs.
COG Tag 12 – For this you will need to choose to search for fuel. When moving through the hangar, look for a container with the Gears logo on the right. Head down then and search behind the crate for this COG Tag.
Contractor Report – After opening the third hanger door while escorting the submarine, search the building with a ‘1’ on it, enter inside here for the collectible.

Act 5, Chapter 1 – Home Away From Home
Pamphlet – While working your way up to the station platform, look to the left in the far corner to pick up the booklet in between the balcony and the glowing light.
Assault Plans – You will need a Silverback to collect this. After the beach section you’ll enter a cavern, look to the left for an iron barrier that can be destroyed by the Silverback.

Act 5, Chapter 2 – Blackout
Schematics – On the way to the generator you’ll come to a large, ornate room  with a desk in the middle. A hidden, red button is on the desk, which will unlock the safe behind a nearby painting.
COG Tag 13 – Again, you’ll need a Silverback for this one. Make sure you have a Silverback before getting on the lift. When exiting the lift, head towards the room with ‘Storage 3’ labelled on the wall. Inside here is a barricaded door – use to Silverback to destroy it and find the COG inside.

Act 5, Chapter 3 – Shattered Paradise
Money Stack – After destroying the barges outside you enter the main building. Follow the corridor to its end and look for a set of suitcases. To the left of these is a hidden compartment.
Diary – You’ll enter a room with a large white angel statue in the centre. Search the nearby sofas for the diary on a table.
COG Tag 14 – After the room with the angel statue just before heading outside to the plaza, head to the right-hand corner and search near the benches.

Act 5, Chapter 4 – Threshold
Memorial Announcement – At the start of the chapter, follow the corridor until you come to a statue of Dr Ornar’s head. Hold X to collect it.
Announcement – After reaching the top floor in the elevator, call the lift again to open doors and find a poster inside.

Act 5, Chapter 5 – Ascension

Brochure – After exiting the elevator, take the stairs and work your way right. Keep going until you find a sofa near the pillars, the brochure is behind there.
COG Tag 15 – Once you enter the darkened room, search in the corner for a stack of crates. Smash all of these to find the COG Tag underneath.
Fenix Research – After reaching the top floor of the Azura complex, search the office with the telescope. Look at the desk nearby for this collectible.

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