Gears Of War 3: How To Level Up Fast

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Learn how to rise through the Gears of War 3 ranks quickly with our game guide

Published on Sep 15, 2011

Performing well in competitive multiplayer is by far the quickest way to progress

This isn’t Gears Of War 2, people. The third instalment of Epic’s blockbuster franchise is working on all cylinders right out of the blocks and if you want to stay ahead, you’ve got to act fast. Here’s a quick and easy guide of how to do just that!

Stay In A Pack

This is NOT Call Of Duty. Nine times out of ten if you walk away from your team mates thinking you can sneak out a victory alone you’ll find yourself curb stomped to hell and back before you can perform an active reload.

Even if you’re not playing with any friends be sure to use your tac-com to keep an eye on the rest of your squad and if worse comes to worst, just follow one of them around.

Not only will you be able to squeak out a few extra kills, you may just to finish off other people’s downed prey. Not the most ethical of decisions, but you’ll get a nice bump in XP.

Spot Your Enemies

Now, we don’t mean literally scream down your headset every time you see a member of the horde but a quick press of the left stick when an enemy is in your sights will earn you XP.

It can be such a valuable tool that if you decide to do nothing more than scout you can still rank up after a single match if your finger is up to the task.

You won’t be considered a Gears master, but the bonus points you receive whenever someone kills one of your spots will make up for that and then some.

Spread Your Wings

Gone are the days when you could only level up thanks to multiplayer. In 2011, you can jump across all modes in order to increase that number next to your Gamertag.

Gears Of War 3 is no different. If you get tired of standard online gaming, Horde, Beast and Campaign can all be used to add XP. Horde and Beast are best on casual with four friends as you’ll scoot through them with some speed.

Where Campaign is concerned, switch on arcade mode and every single kill you perform will earn you XP. Going through the entire adventure will easily push you up five or more levels.

Keep It Horde

Those who decided to whine, moan and complain that Horde has changed really haven’t taken a step back and looked at the bigger picture.

If you reel in four buddies and ensure you have plenty of time on your hands the amount of XP to be earned is huge. Not only will you get some thanks to your kills, but the success of your entire team contributes towards your tally, meaning even if you sit back and do nothing you will receive a boost.

Warzone, Warzone, Warzone!

If you feel yourself drawn to the more classic Gears Of War offerings, remember to choose warzone over execution if XP is your main objective. In execution, as the name suggests, you have to move up close to successfully end your rival’s life.

With warzone, you can find a secluded spot and not only kill foes from afar, but, as already mentioned, sneakily pick off others as well. Naturally if you’re confident in your ability you’ll get more for an execution, but we’re guessing you suck…

Hide In The Shadows

This certainly isn’t for the proud amongst you, but this isn’t about feeling superior – it’s about those magic numbers. Dying in Gears gets you nothing. Nadda. Zip. Zero. Therefore, it’s certainly something we want to avoid.

Even better, if you’re the last guy standing on your team, you’ll be rewarded with an XP boost. You won’t fly through the rankings this way, but if you’re struggling during a match at least you know there’s a way to try and make good of it all.

Tag That Frag

There’s a temptation when it comes to frag grenades to just hurl them all over the place and hope one blows someone’s head off. Here’s a more strategic method that will see your XP explode instead.

Play the Thrashball map and head to the cave-like corridor where the frag grenades are located and tag two on each of facing walls. Hide yourself in the corner – it’s so dark you’re often not seen – and wait for some schmoe to run in.

Once they burst – or when the frags themselves respawn – grab some more and repeat. On average you can keep this up for an entire round, earning some serious XP. Just make sure no one clocks on to what you’re doing, though…

Spend Your Cash

It’s almost ironic that in a mode called Horde the biggest problem we face is other players hoarding their cash. In short, don’t fall into this trap.

Although you may see the new fortifications as a simple way to protect yourself, the more you invest in them, the more XP you will ultimately get, especially if they’re involved with multiple deaths. On top of this, if you pour enough cash into specific defences you’ll level them up too, raising that total even higher.

Do The Robot

Computer controlled opponents will never be as challenging as a real life human being. Thankfully for us, this works quite well. If you’re all about advancing your XP just enter the multiplayer arena, switch on bots and spend hours laying them to waste.

Not only will you get better when you go back to the main event (you can also use this as an opportunity to learn each map) but, as long as you have the patience, you have an easy way to rank up.

Play The Medic

Gears Of War 3 rewards you for pretty much everything you do. With that in mind, do not underestimate how important it is to revive your fallen comrades.

To this end, if you play a match entirely through tac-com and hurry to the aid of those that are downed, you can obtain as much XP as someone who delivers an above-average killstreak.

It’s not easy due to the intense nature of Gears, but it’s a smart strategy that’ll pay dividends in the long run.



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