FIFA Street Tricks, Skills, Moves Guide

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Pull off the most insane tricks street football moves in the latest FIFA Street on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Published on Mar 27, 2012

FIFA Street has arrived, with EA Sports taking the existing FIFA engine to create the closest thing yet to a realistic street-soccer game on consoles - that doesn't mean there aren't some crazy tricks to beat your mates with however - far from it, in fact.

We've taken it upon ourselves to list every single trick in FIFA Street below - with move-sets direct from the game itself. Xbox 360 controllers are catered for whereby LB, LT, RB and RT translate to L1, L2, R1 and R2 respectively on a PS3 controller.

The Controls:

Street Ball control can be accessed by holding LT/L2, which enables your player to move the ball around - and away from defenders - with LS.


To attempt a Panna hold LT/L2 while directing LS towards a defender - depress LT/L2 while pressing RT/R2 to attempt to play the ball through the legs of the defender and - hopefully - leave your opponent red-faced.

Fundamental Tricks: Stepover, Feint, Heel Chop

Our favourites: Stand on Ball, Roulette, Flip-Flap

Special Tricks: Fake Back, Ginga Moves, Around The World

Our favourites: Neck Stall, Blanco Hop, Ginga Roulette, Around The World, Elastico Chop, Freeze 360, Back Heel Air Touch.

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