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Bob Barbas boss fight walkthrough needed? After help with the Succubus? We've got the perfect guide to dealing with all the bosses in DmC…

Published on Jan 11, 2013

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Mission 1: Found

Boss: Hunter


Knife – The Hunter pulls his knife arm back and takes a vicious yet predictable swing at Dante. Can be evaded relatively easily and parried if you’re feeling brave.

Leaping Stab – After a short hop-step, the Hunter leaps and comes down at Dante with his knife. Easy to evade, but cannot be parried. He has a longer ranged version when angered as well – if he jumps from far away, expect a horizontal slash rather than a downwards stab.

Spinning Slash – The Hunter launches into a spin, performing a backhand slash with his blade. Usually performed when you get behind him (which you don’t really need to do), this can be both evaded and parried, though the timing may throw you off a little.

Sky Drop – Leaping into the sky, the Hunter vanishes from the screen. His shadow grows larger as his return approaches, the impact sending out a small shockwave. Keep moving as he falls, then hop the shock.

Rush – The Hunter sprints back and forth across the arena, dealing obscene damage if you get caught in the stampede. This only seems to happen on higher difficulties, which is handy – Angel Boost is almost as good as evading in terms of avoiding it.

Glaive – After hopping far away, the Hunter coughs up black smog that seals the area and tosses in a yo-yoing glaive to keep you company. Jump it as it comes flat or evade sideways when it come in vertically to stay safe. If you’re looking for a highlight reel finish, you could always try to parry it – doing so deals good damage and gives you a huge opening for an attack of your own.


With a gaping scar like that on its face, it doesn’t take a genius to place this thing’s weak spot. Get up in the air and lay into that ugly mug with air combos – don’t forget that you can still use the Evade move in the air (and even during some attacks) so use that to keep yourself safe. When you come back later, his scar will act as a grapple point to help you get in even easier, too. Pile on enough hurt and he’ll eventually drop to the ground, which is where you can really mix up your attacks to boost your Style Rank. After a while, he leaps away and starts attacking you from range. Your guns can knock him from his perch for another easy combo opportunity, so make the most of it. If this guy gives you trouble, there’s a good chance you’re playing the wrong game – it only get harder.

Mission 6: Secret Ingredient

Boss: Succubus


Swipe – After raising one of her large arms, the freak will take a swing across the entire stage. This can be safely jumped or Demon Evaded for a handy boost with which to attack the briefly exposed weak point, though parrying the arm offers a flashier solution to the problem – it also lets you use Demon Pull on her head to knock her out momentarily and slightly extend the combo opportunity.

Slam – Raising both arms, she slams them down on the ground in front of her. Evade (Demon, ideally) then get back in on the exposed weak point while you can. There’s a single-arm version that strikes to the sides too, though it’s rare.

Spew – If she starts gagging and covering her mouth, use the Angel Lift points on either side to make good your escape – she’ll coat the whole platform with acid and while you can just try to stay airborne until it dissipates, it’s safe just to get away.

Shout – a close-range blast from the mouth, this can be escaped by simply rolling out of the way after she reels back.

Summon – The Succubus calls spikes to rise from the ground. It’s hard to see coming but as long as you keep moving during the fight, you should spot them starting to emerge and you can then evade them with ease.


So her weak spot is tucked away inside that big ol’ head of hers, though you don’t even need to be hitting it to do decent damage. Wail away on the legs with your weapon of choice while keeping an eye out for attacks to parry or Demon Evade for advantages. Parries will bring her down briefly, as will doing enough damage to her weak point in a short period of time.

Empty her life bar and she’ll drop, leaving you to sever one of the two cables holding her up with Demon Pull from the platform nearest it – if you’ve already moved because of a Spew attack, you won’t even have to chase it. Demon Pull it down and she’ll rear up for a huge slam, so use the Angel Lift points to escape before she smashes the whole platform.

Repeat the same process (but bear in mind which side is out of action, in case you need to avoid acid) and she’ll be down to her third and final life bar – keep up the attack then Demon Pull the face to finish her off. Oh wait, she’s not dead. All that’s left to do, mind, is to follow the obvious on-screen prompts for either Demon Pull or Angel Lift to mess her up here. Then, when she grabs the pillar in a last-ditch survival attempt, clobber her hands until she lets go. Easy, right? Good work.


Mission 10: Bad News

Boss: Bob Barbas


Spinner – Given away by a purple glow around his base before it comes out. This creates a spinning laser pattern on the ground (complexity is based on how hurt he is), so just hop/glide over the beams on your way to the nearest Eryx panel.

Squeeze – Indicated by a green glow around Bob’s base. He’ll summon two laser walls that open and close trying to crush Dante – jump at the right time to avoid damage as you navigate to an Eryx panel.

Beam – After a blue base glow, he’ll release a frontal blast of energy. You don’t want to be in front of Bob when this happens, so Angel Boost to either side when you see the glow to avoid it, then get to an Eryx panel.

Walls – If you see a yellow glow, this one is coming. Bob summons a series of expanding walls to crush Dante, though each has gaps in (green-outlined windows) – quickly line yourself up with these to avoid being hit.


Get too close to Bob’s giant holographic head and you’ll be blasted back – you need to use Eryx’s Stomp on the red ground panels around the outside of the arena to lower his defences.

Dash in with Stinger or something similar to begin your assault, then combo away as best you can. He’ll try to blow up the ground beneath you toward the end of the prone period – transition into an air combo when the ground turns red the first time and continue as before. The second time, the red marker will be much bigger – this is your cue to leave, so Angel Boost out of there (unless you think you have time to finish him off) and head back to the nearest Eryx panel to drop his guard again, then repeat.

Once his bar is empty, an eye will open to reveal an Angel Lift point – yank yourself in and you’ll be in a news report. The camera angle can be disorientating but just try to deal with the hordes as you’re stuck here until the report finishes.

Devil Trigger here is a good way to thin numbers quickly and regain any health lost in the main battle. Eventually, you’re pulled out and back into Bob’s chamber. Fight on as before only now, you’ll need to hit two Eryx panels to unshield him – hitting one will cancel his active attack, so use that to your advantage.

Again, finishing him opens a Angel Lift point in his other eye, leading to another news report. Same deal as last time – survive, refuel, escape – then there’s one last round. This time, predictably, all three Eryx panels need to be hit so when you do eventually get an opening, make the most of it. If you have any left, fire your Devil Trigger when you make your opening to really lay on the hurt.


Mission 14: Last Dance

Boss: Mundus' Spawn


Pound – An attack from the freak baby’s big hand that cannot be parried and sends out a long range ground burst – get in the air and even then, you may still need to dodge.

Swipe – The smaller arm takes a swing, which can (and should) be parried. Far easier to avoid if you’re not feeling brave, though. Later in the fight, there’s also a double version that swings both ways with extended range, though the longer wind-up gives this away.

Uppercut – If you’re attacking the stalk eye, the Spawn will sometime pull back then lash out upwards to interrupt your air combo. Evade and continue you attack.

Disco Ball – The baby retreats a fair distance, lobbing a huge glitterball at you. Parry it to return to sender or just get out of the way, but don’t let its travel speed catch you off guard.

Tantrum – An enhanced version of Pound. The baby wails then slams the ground four times. Stay in the air as best you can and if you need to touch down and re-jump, make sure you do so between the energy waves this sends out.


Well that’s not exactly pleasant, is it? While the baby’s third eye is its main weak spot, you’ll need to wail on the core it holds in its tiny, withered hand to get a shot at that. When it has it clenched to its body, use Demon Pull to yank it free, then Angel Lift up to it and go nuts. Watch out for Uppercut while comboing and eventually, the eye will open.

This is your cue to unleash all manner of hurt on its face, using it as an Angel Lift point when you start to drop. Rinse and repeat (you can get a free shot at the eye by parrying the mirrorball, too) until Baby’s life bar depletes, at which point you can use a Demon Pull to tug Lilith out and beat on her as best you can.

Activate Devil Trigger if you have it and stick to Rebellion attacks – others had an annoying tendency to miss her in our experience. After a while she’ll get sucked back into her demon offspring (ewww) and while the baby will start having more Tantrums and guarding its core better, the main strategy doesn’t change until the bitch is dead. Which can take quite a while…


Mission 19: Face Of The Demon

Boss: Mundus


Smash – A simple fist smash that can (and should) be Demon Evaded – a target marker on the ground shows exactly where he’ll hit. Mundus’ hand remains on the ground and has an Angel Lift point on after this attack, so pull yourself in and wail on it.

Triple Smash – Three of the fist attacks in quick succession. There’s no opportunity to attack during or after the attack, so use Angel Evade to stay safe.

Twin Smash – Mundus brings both his fists down at once, sending out a ripple of energy along the ground. Get clear and get in the air, then pick which fist to attack and Angel Lift over to it.

Shockwave – If Mundus raises his fist but there’s no marker on the ground, this is what he’s going for – he’ll bring his hand down at one end of the platform and send a shockwave all along it. Jump it and drag yourself over with Angel Lift to sneak in a bit of damage.

Lava Breath – Mundus spews lava that coats the entire rooftop. As with the Succubus’s acid, use the Angel Lift points at either side of the battlefield to relocate to somewhere a little less deadly.

Fireball – His arm turns into a cannon and Mundus fires a fast-moving projectile – parry it back at him for decent damage or just get clear of it.


Mundus isn't a particularly complex fight – the main difficulty comes from the sheer amount of damage he does if he manages to hit you (2/3 of a life bar per Smash on DMD… ouch). Demon Evade his fist pounds then rush back in to exploit the damage boost. The main thing is just to avoid being hit, since the basic strategy is incredibly simple. Once you ‘kill’ one of his hands, you’ll be able to use Demon Pull on his eye to yank out both Vergil and Mundus’ core. He’ll continue to fight with one arm, though his attack pattern doesn’t noticeably change – keep it up until both arms are gone.

Then, despite a total lack of arms, he’ll carry on attacking but he’s reduced to just two moves – a triple version of the Fireball he used to fling at you back when he had arms (sniff) and the old Lava Breath nonsense. Don’t bother trying to parry… just evade them and wait for him to bring that big ugly mug down to roar at you. Angel Pull into his mouth and really go to town – it should only take two or three combos to put him down for good.


Mission 20: The End

Boss: Vergil


Summon Sword – Vergil’s main attack at range. He conjures up a spirit katana and quickly flings it at you. Can be parried to open up a combo opportunity, easily avoided or even hit or shot until they dissipate. As the fight goes on, he is able to create more at once, making him a dangerous line of defence that should be removed as soon as possible – Prop is great for this.

Rush – After sheathing his blade and adopting a giveaway stance, Vergil rushes forward leaving a trail of swirling blades in his wake. Dodge to either side and you should get clear, but mind the aftermath.

Helm Splitter – Teleporting into the air, Vergil comes down hard with his version of Dante’s air attack. Evade just after you see him reappear, or leave it late and Demon Evade if you’re planning on following up with a counter-attack.

Dive Kick – A third aerial option that only seems to come into play later in the fight – evade (or parry, if you’re up to it) and counter quickly, if you can.

Throwdown – Sometimes after teleporting up, Vergil will throw a blade down instead of smashing to the ground himself. Be ready for either when he leaves the ground.

Quick Blades – Vergil backs off and spins projectiles at ground level out at a rapid rate (which gets quicker as the fight goes on). Jump rather than evading as they keep coming, though he’s vulnerable while lobbing the annoying things.

Drive – Late in the fight, Vergil will charge his blade before alternating area blasts in front of him and teleports four or five times. Angel Evade until it’s over – you won’t get a decent hit in during this and trying will just get you killed.


Vergil is incredibly defensive, making it tough to get a hit in – it’s like fighting a beefed-up Dreamrunner, effectively. Hit his guard too many times and he’ll parry and counter/teleport, so your best bet is to either open him up by parrying his projectiles or to chase him after his own Rush attack or Helm Splitter and exploit the momentary opening.

As the fight continues, each cut-scene triggers a new danger for Vergil to abuse. The first ups the number of summoned blades he can have active. The second unlocks his ground projectile move. The third speeds up his projectiles and gives him the dive kick. The fourth lets him chain teleport moves together and gives him his Drive while the final one triggers his doppelganger. Now you get to fight two of him at once!

Single out one at a time (beating up the copy will give you loads of Devil Trigger, so that’s the recommended option) and whittle them down until eventually, the real Vergil will drop. You only need fight the copy until you have enough meter to activate Devil Trigger, at which point you can activate it and attack Vergil to finish both him and the game. Time to up the difficulty and start again…



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