DmC Lost Souls, Secret Doors, Secret Missions Guide

Luke Albiges


DmC walkthrough for every single Lost Soul, Secret Door and how to complete all the Secret Missions…

Published on Jan 11, 2013

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Mission 1: Found Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: 1 Copper

As you approach the mirror in the ghost house, hug the right-hand wall. You’ll find an alcove there, complete with a Copper Door that leads to the first Secret Mission.

Secret Mission 1: Air Brawl

"Kill all enemies within the time limit. Enemies only take damage in the air."

Juggle combos are a staple part of Devil May Cry combat so use this simple exercise to see what your various toys can do. Although Rebellion's Hightime attack and a decent air combo will do the trick on these weak enemies, it's even easier once you've got more of your arsenal available to you – Aquila's Buy In pulls all enemies near you, then Osiris's Raze coupled with an Aquila air juggle and Revenant's Fireworks should pretty much do it in one combo.

Lost Souls: 6

•    Just after the fight where Bathos is introduced for the first time, you’ll get a cut-scene with Kat. Turn around and look behind you for a red glowing gem on the wall – smash this with Eryx, once you have it.

•    From the same cut-scene, head in the right direction instead and this one is right there on the wall in front of you. The tutorial tips even tell you it’s there, so there’s no excuse.

•    When you reach the large fairground area with the carousel in the middle, hang a right along the outside of the pier section. Come back here with the Angel Lift ability and ride the grapple points over the sea to reach it.

•    After the mirror cut-scene, head to the end of the corridor and turn right – it’s right there on the right-hand wall.

•    From there, carry on to the passage at the end to find a barred door with a glowing red sigil on it – once you have Arbiter, you’ll be able to come back and smash through this.

•    Head to the opposite end of the main corridor, where the giant electric chair doll is. Duck into the room to the left of it and turn around to see the last Lost Soul hiding cheekily above the door.



Mission 2: Home Truths Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: 2 Copper

Copper 1: After exiting the dreamscape where you learn the Demon Pull ability, drop down to leave the room. There should be a glowing crystal on the floor (which you can later break with an Eryx ground pound for a Vital Star) but cast your attention instead to the walls, one of which should house a shiny Secret Door.

Secret Mission 3: Simple Eradication

"Kill all enemies within the time limit"

One minute is more than enough time for anyone to deal with six Stygians. Keep on top of them using whip abilities and focus on strong attacks rather than crowd control to thin their numbers quickly. If you can't seem to cull the lot in time, come back when you have more weapons and abilities to use, though it shouldn't take more than a couple of attempts. And remember, style doesn't matter here, so just rinse your biggest attacks.

Copper 2: When the house really starts falling apart, cross over using the Demon Pull points then smash through the Arbiter and Osiris doors in quick succession. Turn right just after and Angel Boost over the gap.


Secret Mission 8: Stylish Victory

"Gain an S Rank within the time limit"

There's what appears to be an endless supply of Stygians waiting to be punished here, so just mix up your attacks and try to avoid damage. Big attacks like a mashed-out Trillion Stabs or charged Eryx blow add healthily to your total but even if you just slug away and mix up your attacks relatively well, you should find the time limit to be more than generous.

Lost Souls: 9

•    After entering the first big room, leave through lower left door. Drop down and use Angel Lift on the right-hand side, in the collapsed corridor below.

•    By the first Divinity Statue, use Aquila to cut through blue door across the gap then glide over to claim your prize.

•    After getting Arbiter, head out of the room via the only exit – you need to Angel Boost over the gap to reach this one.

•    Whether you got that last one then dropped in or missed it and fell short, the next is at the bottom of the hole you end up in.

•    Smash the Arbiter door in the main hall and head through, then turn around and look up to the top of the frame. There he is, the cheeky blighter!

•    Just after the last one and before the bedroom, there’s an Osiris door. Come back here once you have the scythe (you’ll need to redo the level later) and hack your way in.

•    Dropping down after the Demon Pull tutorial world, leave the room with the Secret Door and red Eryx crystal on the floor. Turn around as soon as you exit as once again, it's hidden above the doorframe.

•    After getting Osiris, use it to hack through the blue door on the left as you leave the room. Again, it’s on the rear of the door frame.

•    After pulling yourself over the abyss, you’ll need to go through an Arbiter door and an Osiris one in quick succession. Use Angel Boost to clear the gap on the right – it’s just by one of the Secret Doors.



Mission 3: Bloodline Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: 1 Argent

After learning the Angel Boost ability, grapple back up to the ledge next to the words ‘come closer’ and turn the camera to face out. It might take a couple of goes but if you air dash to the left back out the gap, you should reach the platform with the door on.

Secret Mission 11: What Goes Around

"Kill all enemies within the time limit. Enemies only take damage from other enemy’s attacks."

Sounds impossible, but turns out to be surprisingly easy. The two Bathos will be doing all the work here - if both die, restart the challenge. The trick is to stay in one spot and do as little as possible until Bathos lobs a bomb. Then, use Demon Pull to place an enemy (ideally the two Stygians first) in the blast radius then get out of there yourself. Fiddly at first but a useful skill for the main game, so get used to it.

Lost Souls: 3

•    As you go to leave the starting area and the floor collapses, turn around and look up and left at the wall behind you. It’s hiding up there.

•    After learning the Angel Boost ability, grapple back up around the outside of the arena. You’ll see it on the wall on your way up – it’s just a case of finding the right point to air dash across to it.

•    Still in the starting area, use Aquila to target and destroy the glowing blue door high on the wall. You can then grapple up to it to find the last Lost Soul.



Mission 4: Under Watch Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: 1 Copper, 1 Argent

Copper: On your way up to the first camera of the pair, you shouldn't be able to miss an Osiris door on the upper levels. Slice through it to reveal a bunch of souls and the door.

Secret Mission 2: Simple Traversal

"Reach the goal within the time limit."

Simple is the word - you can pretty much walk this and still get to the end with time to spare. Once you learn to Angel Boost over any flat platforms to cover ground more quickly, all of these traversal missions are pretty easy, this one especially since it only uses Boost gaps and Angel Lift points – you never even need to take your finger off the left trigger.


Argent: Ready to yank out the second of the pair of cameras? Don't do it just yet. Instead, look right to see an Angel Lift point - glide over then yank yourself up to unlock a new challenge.

Secret Mission 13: Flawless Conquest

"Kill all enemies witout taking any damage."

With no time limit, caution is key here. Or at least it would be, if it weren't for Aquila. Round Trip makes this challenge a breeze - use it to lock down as many enemies at once as you can then wail on the ones that aren't trapped. Go for Pathos first just to get it out of the way, and the only other thing to be wary of is the odd stray icy blast from a Frost Knight that has gotten free – dodge, re-Round Trip, combo and repeat until everything is dead.

Lost Souls: 8

•    Shortly after the start - at the end of the first corridor, hang a right to find this sucker hanging out on a wall in the alcove. Hit him a bunch.

•    On your way up to the first creepy eye camera, use Demon Pull to create a platform then Angel Lift to get up. Jump up around the side - the Lost Soul is on the corner of the building.

•    After the cut-scene where the whole street collapses, hang a left up a side alley to where the Vital Star is/was. Turn around and this one can be found above the archway you came in through.

•    Just after the Shielded Pathos introduction fight, check up to the right of where you came in. There's an Angel Lift point on the building, so grapple up to the roof and glide across the road to get at it.

•    In the same area, to the left of the big billboard. Can be tricky to reach, but we found that Aquila's Caliber attack after a double jump did the trick.

•    Just by the Divinity Statue on your way to the first of the two cameras, you'll Angel Lift up to a platform. Glide off down towards the dead end and you should just be able to reach this troublesome troubled soul.

•    While on your way up to the second camera of the two, smash through the Arbiter door to reveal this cosy little fella.

•    And just over the road lives his little friend - you should see it clearly on you way out. Glide over and give it a hiding. Y'know, just because.



Mission 5: Virility Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: 1 Copper, 1 Argent

Copper: After you defeat the first Tyrant, you’ll head into a warehouse. Climb the handy stack of boxes and glide across to the upper level, where the door is plainly visible.

Secret Mission 4: Demonic Conflict

"Kill all enemies within the time limit. Enemies only take damage from Demon weapons."

How are you supposed to kill these guys using only your most powerful weapons? Oh, that's right – it's really easy. Use Demon Pull to get the sky bastards down and to open up the Death Knights without having to first destroy their shields, plus the Demon Evade ability can add extra punch to your attacks to get the job done even quicker.


Argent: While exploring the tunnels near the end of the level and following the yellow pipes, keep an eye out for an Arbiter door. This Secret Mission his hidden away behind it.

Secret Mission 16: Displaced Skirmish

"Kill all enemies within the time limit. Enemies only take damage from within the active zones."

This one could take a few tries, if only because there's a little more luck involved due to the random zone placement. Still, the concept is the same every time – use Demon Pull to get the enemies into the shrinking danger zones, Aquila's Round Trip to hold them there and your combos of choice to finish them. Move on quickly once the ring gets small - if you wait for it to vanish, the next one will already be shrinking by the time you get there.

Lost Souls: 6

•    After your first fight in Limbo, glide out and grapple around the outside of the area to the right – it’s up on a container.

•    Just after the Tyrant fight, look out over the large drop - you should see a couple of Angel Lift points in the distance. Leap out and yank yourself over to them to find this chap hiding on the far wall.

•    Shortly after the Tyrant fight, you’ll ascend a box staircase and cross towards a set of corroded pipes (shown in a cut-scene). As you pull yourself across the first part, it’s in a container on the right.

•    When you reach those pipes, climb up onto the walkways above. This one is just above the left hand wall of the exit.

•    Head to the far right of the same walkway then drop down to the level below.

•    From back on the walkway, look out over the lower levels and you’ll spot an Aquila door in one of the nearby containers. Head through and follow the Angel Lift trail, then glide over to the Lost Soul on a hovering box.



Mission 6: Secret Ingredient Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: 1 Copper

After making your way through the long pipe at the end of the timed section, don’t go through the door to the boss just yet. Instead, glide over to this not-so-hidden door in the far left corner of the chamber between pipe and boss.

Secret Mission 6: Rapid Descent

"Reach all of the goals within the time limit."

Somehow, this early challenge is actually one of the hardest. Keep an eye out to the right as you descend the left hand side – there are a few points at which you have to branch off and grab one or two checkpoints from off the main course. Don't forget the one on your right at the very start either. And should you fall, just start over – you're sent all the way back to the start and there's pretty much no way you'll do it then. Persevere, learn the lay out and you'll tame it.

Lost Souls: 2

•    Just after you need to use Demon Pull for the first time, hop over to the main platform and check around the back of the large container.

•    As you exit the long pip following the timed section at the start, hang an immediate left – it’s right there on the first pillar.



Mission 7: Overturn Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: 1 Gold, 1 Copper

Gold: Just after your route is blocked by a giant screen, you'll reach a section where you need to Eryx punch a container to forge a new path. From here, glide back to the right hand side of where you just came from to find a gap in the fence.

Secret Mission 17: Divergent Slaughter

"Kill all enemies. Do not use the same attack twice."

Start by using Rebellion's Stinger to knock one of the enemies (ideally one of the two Elites) flying off the edge, then immediately repeat while mashing Y on the next closest enemy to hopefully score a second Ring Out with Trillion Stabs. From there, it should be easy – charged Eryx attacks are your best bet, since you should be able to drop the remaining two foes with just those. Just be careful not to repeat attacks or combos.


Copper: After the section where you have to knock down the lift to progress, you'll smash a second Eryx floor and drop into a room where you have to fight two Rages. Beat them up and then go through the door - it's right by where you drop in.

Secret Mission 5: Angelic Warfare

"Kill all enemies within the time limit. Enemies only take damage from Angel weapons."

Same gig as last time only here, it's the weaker arsenal getting a workout. We recommend Aquila, since it can attack pretty much the whole room at once, especially after a Buy In. Chuck out a few Round Trips every couple of attacks but otherwise, just wail away on the Y button with the left trigger held down and fill the room with more spinning death blades than appear in the whole of Super Meat Boy.

Lost Souls: 8

•    When you reach the penitentiary, follow the grapple points round to the left until you reach an Eryx door. Turn left before heading through and Angel Boost across the gap.

•    Just after your route is blocked by a giant screen, you'll reach a section where you need to Eryx punch a container to forge a new path. From here, glide back to the right hand side of where you just came from to find a gap in the fence.

•    At the next giant TV screen (where Dante says 'okay, there's the tower - back on track', look up to the right and grapple up to the ledge.

•    Jump out of the arch in the room where you first fight Rages - you should be able to hear it, and you'll be able to see it too if you just spin the camera around - it's up on the wall next to you.

•    After the cut-scene showing the breakable Eryx floor in a lift up above, follow the lower level walkway around to the right - this on is on the back of the lift shaft.

•    When you reach the Eryx floor, don’t go into the room. Instead, glide around the walkways anticlockwise, round the outside using the platforms on the corners to find it on the other side of the crate by the Eryx floor room.

•    After hitting the lift down, you'll reach a second Eryx floor. Don't use it just yet - instead, look right to find another Lost Soul hiding away on the wall.

•    When you get to the second Divinity Statue (near the end of the level), look right to find it loitering up on the wall here.



Mission 8: Eyeless Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: 1 Copper, 1 Argent

Copper: After the tunnel extends for the first time during the harpy chase, grapple up on the right (to where there's an Eryx door) and look back out into the tunnel to see an AQUILA door on the far wall. Blow it open and glide across, then head down the side tunnel to reach it.

Secret Mission 7: A Taste Of Heaven

"Kill all enemies within the time limit. Enemies and Dante die in one hit."

A taster of what to expect from the game's Heaven Or Hell mode, although those shielded enemies can still deflect blows to protect their fragile lives. Start by removing the two Pathos from the equation, though you should use the same strategy for the whole lot of them – Demon Pull strips shields from Pathos and stuns Knights, then a single shot from Ebony & Ivory will score the kill. Keep your distance, keep doing this and you should rinse through them with ease.


Argent: At the first Divinity Statue, head right and follow the tunnel for a moment. Look out for an opening on the left with an Arbiter door in it - smash this to find a much shinier door hidden behind it.

Secret Mission 12: Moderate Traversal

"Reach the goal within the time limit."

Again, getting to the goal really shouldn't be difficult, especially with that kind of time limit. Angel Boost across flat areas to improve your time and watch out for the few sneaky Demon Pull mix-ups. The bit at the end can be confusing but once you work out that it simply alternates between Angel Lift and Demon Pull, it's quite a lot easier.

Lost Souls: 5

•    After the tunnel extends for the first time during the harpy chase, grapple up on the right (to where there's an Eryx door) and look back out into the tunnel to see an Aquila door on the far wall. Blow it open and glide across.

•    Just after stepping out onto the train tracks for the first time, look left - it's just next to the doorway you just came through.

•    When you reach the first Divinity Statue, head right down the tunnel. After just a short distance, look on the right wall to find an alcove where this one hides - it's just opposite where the Argent Secret Mission is hidden, if that helps.

•    On reaching the nest, don't grab the eye out of it just yet. Instead, Angel Lift up to the grapple point by the 'Platform 1' sign in front of you and wander down the corridor, but watch out for Demon Shards.

•    There's one more to grab before you grab the eye out of the nest, too - the Angel Lift point on the 'Platform 2' sign also leads to a Lost Soul.



Mission 9: Devil Inside Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: 1 Gold

In the room where you fight loads of Harpies, several Death Knights and a Witch, where the floor is missing in a cross pattern. In the far corner, just on the way out, you should be able to spot this golden door.

Secret Mission 20: Subsistence

"Survive until the timer expires. Each enemy killed restores some of Dante's health."

It's time for survival mode and they don't make it easy. Stygian waves are easy enough to handle, but Knights should have their shields smashed as quickly as possible so they can be caught in combos with the small fry. Ravagers should be given the usual Round Trip treatment to lock them down. Then, some time with less than a minute to go (the later the better), activate Devil Trigger and smash a few fools for a crazy life boost as the Dreamrunners arrive. Then pretty much just run away until time runs out. And hey, at least the glass floor doesn't collapse this time.

Lost Souls: 2

•    Go through the Arbiter door near the start and follow the maze-like passage around. You'll hear this one moaning a mile off but to reach it, you must hack through the Osiris door near the end - just before you head out and meet up with Phineas again, though you can also just turn around and go get it after you trigger the cut-scene.

•    After making your way back across the giant wings after acquiring Devil Trigger, you'll glide down and eventually reach a building. Stop in the doorway and you'll hear the moaning of a Lost Soul - you need to hop out the door then double-jump to the small walkway out to the side to reach it.



Mission 10: Bad News Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: None

Lost Souls: None



Mission 11: The Order Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: 1 Copper

In the maze of tunnels beneath the facility, head left until you reach the Arbiter doors. There should also be an Eryx crystal wall - smash that and follow the passage behind it to the end to find this hidden door.

Secret Mission 10: The Power Within

"Kill all enemies before Dante's Devil Trigger Expires. Each enemy killed restores some of Dante's Devil Trigger."

Angel Lift is your best friend in this challenge. Use it right off the bat to pull yourself toward the first enemy and go to town on it - upgraded Aerial Rave takes just four hits to kill. When one goes down, quickly Angel Lift to the next. Rinse, repeat and you should be in the clear. If you still find you don't have enough time, you might need to come back to this after investing Red Orbs in a Devil Trigger Cross or two.

Lost Souls: 7

•    After you get into the housing building and smash through a few walls and floors. Drop down after the Osiris door but before you smash the Eryx door down there, check out the arch in the corner for a Lost Soul.

•    While following the soldiers breaching security doors, there's a Lost Soul on the wall in the one they can't breach - the one where you fight off a few grunts and the one with an Aquila door above the main door.

•    Head down the stairs from the server room (Dante will say 'Kat, are you here?') and follow the maze right and then right again at the end of the passage. The doorway should seal with the words 'no escape' and as you turn around, you'll see it on the wall as a Ravager appears.

•    Follow the path left from the entrance to the maze and you should see an Arbiter wall at the far end. Smash through and follow the new corridor.

•    After the two Arbiter doors, smash the Eryx wall opposite and head into the next room to find it on the wall.

•    Head back to where you entered the maze (the big door now with crystals blocking it and red lights above) and go through the door on the opposite wall. A little way down the corridor, this fella should be tucked away on the right hand wall.

•    In the room near the end when you get attacked by the strange masked enemy. Before that, though, there's a Butcher and a pack of Stygians to deal with. The Lost Soul is high on the wall above the door you enter through - use Devil Trigger as soon as you get close to the Stygians to blast them up then a combination of Angel Lift and Enemy Step to reach it. Combos that gain you altitude (like Rebellion's Roulette or Osiris's Double Up) can also get you up there if used well.



Mission 12: Under Siege Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: None

Lost Souls: None



Mission 13: Devil's Dalliance Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: 1 Ivory, 1 Argent

Ivory: After the club transforms and goes all broken and evil, turn around and jump up to the upper level. Straight away look right and you'll see an Angel Lift point - leap out and grapple over to the floating ledge, where this ultimate challenge awaits.

Secret Mission 21: Shenanigans

"Kill all enemies."

Shenanigans indeed. Only three enemies but they're tough as nails and this combination is horrible. You've little choice but to drop the Witch first or she'll shield the others – reflect her fire swords back at her and use Aquila to bring down her shield, laying into her properly whenever you can. That leaves two Rages, which can be tackled in any order as whichever you take out first, the other will go nuts. Aquila combos work best on the Ghost Rage, while Eryx's Snake Eye does excellent damage on the Blood Rage, particularly when charged. Good luck - you'll need it. The reward is a Devil Trigger Cross Fragment.


Argent: Where the second Divinity Statue is (just after Round 5), there's a little ledge you can drop down onto. This door can be found right there.

Secret Mission 15: Hasty Acquisition

"Gain the target number of Red Orbs within the time limit."

Time to break stuff. The time limit may be tight but it's possible once you find a route that works for you. We started by turning left at the start to smash all the junk in the alcove, then coming out and just following the outside wall, deviating only to smack the odd collection of goodies on a corner. Use Angel Boost to get between groups of breakables – they're far more worth stopping for than the single objects.

Lost Souls: 7

•    When the club is morphed into the gauntlet, turn around and hop up onto the upper level. This one is above the door right in front of you there.

•    By the first Divinity Statue, the ground has formed a ramp up. Look underneath it and this Lost Soul won't be lost any longer.

•    Where the floor first turns to blue and red skull panels that can only safely be traversed in Angel and Demon form respectively, take the right hand branch and hop over the platforms. This little guy is on the back of the pillar on the raised platform.

•    After hitting the floor switch at the end of Round 3, it appears on the wall near the door you originally came in through.

•    After Round 4, take the higher of the two neon paths then glide out to the right when you see the Angel Lift points and pull yourself in. Follow this new path to reach a floating room, where this one is hiding.

•    At the second Divinity Statue (just after Round 5), follow the statue's gaze and you'll see a distant platform with an Angel Lift point on it. Pull yourself up and glide across several gaps to find this sad little chap at the end of this secret route.

•    Just past the Divinity Statue, you'll head up a couple of tunnel rooms before emerging on a larger solid platform where a switch will appear. This last Lost Soul is on the right hand wall here.



Mission 14: Last Dance Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: None

Lost Souls:



Mission 15: The Trade Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: None

Lost Souls: None



Mission 16: The Plan Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: 1 Gold, 1 Copper

Gold: On floor 106, just after the corridor tries to collapse in and crush you, you'll have a short fight then have to glide across a large gap by landing on small beams. While on the first of these, take a right and cut down to the lower levels, where the golden door lies in wait.

Secret Mission 18: Extreme Traversal

"Reach the goal within the time limit."

The toughest of the three but still no horrific challenge. The toughest part is switching weapons for the various doors (which goes Arbiter, Eryx, Osiris/Aquila, Eryx), though you can bring your right thumb across to do this while running or gliding. Again, use Angel Boost to get around quicker and watch out for that tricky run near the end - you'll need to learn the flow of it.


Copper: When you cross the collapsing bridge and reach floor 154 proper, head round to the right past the Osiris door - this is pretty much the last thing on this floor.

Secret Mission 9: Bait And Switch

"Kill all enemies within the time limit. Enemies only take damage while the Demon Evade damage bonus is active."

You need to have bought (and ideally upgraded) Demon Evade to even attempt this - if you haven't, you'll need to come back later. The clue's in the title here – enemies are generally quite reluctant to attack you, but a quick tap from any weapon should be enough to goad them into trying. At the last minute, hit RT and RB together and when you see the slow-mo confirmation that you've pulled it off and activated the Demon Evade damage bonus, lay into them something chronic. You should have the evade timing down by now, so this should be plenty of time. Your reward is a Devil Trigger Cross Fragment.

Lost Souls: 9

•    After the first Dreamrunner fight, head to the lift on the side of the room but don't go in just yet. Look right to see an Arbiter door – smash through and head down to basement.

•    On floor 105, take a right out of the lift and go round all the way. You'll see the Lost Souls, though you'll have to wait for a pause in the flow of debris in order to safely jump across.

•    Exactly the same as above - they're both together so you can't really miss it.

•    On 106, shortly after the corridors try to crush you, you'll need to glide across a large gap using the small platform halfway across. Land here then leave via the side passage, then head up the stairs to find the Lost Soul at the end of the staircase.

•    After climbing to 106, drop down when you reach the Angel Lift points. You'll fight a few Stygians, then you're free to check the nearby lifts - there are two Lost Souls in one of them.

•    As above and basically impossible to miss if you get the other one.

•    Just around the corner from the lifts, there's an Osiris door. Carve your way in and free this one.

•    After avoiding the lasers in the sky-bridge corridor, turn left when the chalkboard instructions tell you to go right. There's a Lost Soul on the right hand wall here.

•    After Vergil heads off to Mundus's chamber, follow the passage around to the left. Ignore the advice to turn right and keep on going to find another one hiding at the end of the corridor.



Mission 17: Furnace Of Souls Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: 1 Gold

Just after the Divinity Statue, climb up to where the Lost Soul is/was and look out into nothingness. You should be able to spot a Demon Pull point - yank it then glide over when it's safe to do so, followed by a couple more long-distance glides to reach the game's penultimate Secret Mission.

Secret Mission 19: A Day In Hell

"Kill all enemies. Dante dies with one hit."

Oh Aquila... what would we do without you? Once again, the easiest way to tackle this is simply to lock up as many enemies as possible with Round Trip then work on taking down the others. Enemies have a lot of health here but it's only really the Ravager you have to worry about - there's an argument to be made for taking him out first, though it's safer to at least thin the Stygian pack a little first. Your reward is a Devil Trigger Cross Fragment.

Lost Souls: 5

•    Take the left path from the start - it's round the back of the big wall a little way in, just after a really long Angel Lift/Boost combo.

•    Or, take the right path from the start and just after the fight with the Hell and Frost Knights, glide out towards the Demon Pull light on the distant wall and yank it, then Angel Pull yourself up to the ledge.

•    After the epic fight with several Butchers (not at the same time... not yet, anyway), hug the left hand wall all the way along where the green orb pods are. This guy should be right at the end.

•    Just after the Divinity Statue, you'll climb up a series more platforms. This one in on the right hand wall when you reach the top.

•    Climb up after big Witch/Tyrant/Dreamrunner fight rumble (there's a run of four Angel Lift points in sequence) and look on the back of the wall you find there.



Mission 18: Demon's Den Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: 1 Argent

In the passage between the central room and the ‘Moon’ generator room – climb up the right hand side on your way out of the generator room after turning it on and you should have no trouble finding this.

Secret Mission 14: Colossal Triumph

"Kill the Tyrant within the time limit."

Not as tricky as it seems, especially if your air combos are up to scratch. As he charges, evade and get right behind him. Then, pull him over with Demon Pull and charge a max level Eryx Uppercut. Keep him airborne for as long as possible with as flashy a combo as you can muster, using whip moves to keep him up there. Then, when (or if) you let him drop, just get round his back and go crazy on him with no regard for your own safety. That air combo should have done enough.  Again, your reward is a Devil Trigger Cross Fragment.

Lost Souls: 3

•    In the ‘Wave’ symbol generator room - there's a series of ledges on the side wall you can climb to get up to it.

•    On the wall high on the side of passage between the ‘Sun’ symbol generator room and central chamber - Angel Boost over from the edge nearest the centre room (after you grapple back up on your way out) to reach it.

•    Down low in the passage between central room and ‘Moon’ symbol generator room. It's on the right hand side on your way in, so you may need to go back around for it after you've activated the generator.



Mission 19: Face Of The Demon Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: None

Lost Souls:



Mission 20: The End Secret Doors And Lost Souls


Secret Doors: None

Lost Souls:



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