Darksiders 2 Collectables: Stonebites, Relics & Book Of The Dead Locations

Adam Barnes


Need help tracking down all those Mystic, Power and Resistance Stonebites in Darksiders 2? Find them all in our guide.

Published on Aug 21, 2012

There are three types of collectables in Darksiders 2: the Book Of The Dead Pages, Stonebites and Relics. 

We're tracking down as many as we can, but if we've missed any be sure to let us know and we'll pop them into our list with credit given to you.

Book Of The Dead Pages

These individual pages can be found throughout the world. Collect ten of them and you’ll create a chapter, create all four chapters and you can trade them for keys with Vulgrim to access those tombs hidden within each of the realms.

1. Northeast of the Stonefather’s Vale, at the end of a narrow canyon.
2. After collecting the treasure in the tomb on the way to The Weeping Crag, look for a broken staircase at the back of the room. You will need to drop down here. Straight ahead you’ll spot a handhold. Wall run over to there and keep going along the corridor, leaping from wall to wall as you go. At the end of this corridor is the next page.
3. East side of Baneswood, behind the statue of a Maker.
4. Inside the Cauldron you’ll come to a room with a pair of rune-covered balls that are used to unlock gates. This particular page is located beside one of the balls that is trapped behind some iron bars.
5. Inside the Cauldron you’ll reach a room with a rotating lever that pulls the iron stopper out of the ground. Destroy the crates in the corner on the right for the page.
6. Inside the first main room of The Drenchfort (with the aqueducts) jump onto the back of the large statue. From there, turn around and leap onto one of the handholds then shimmy all the way to the right. When possible, drop down onto a small ledge to find the page inside a small hole in the wall.
7. Inside the Lost Temple you’ll come to a puzzle involving two constructs. Once the exit is unlocked, jump onto the wooden beam and, then, the chain you fired from one of the constructs. Follow the chain back to its construct then search the corridor nearby for the page that was previously locked behind a gate.
8. Inside the Lost Temple you’ll come to a room with two locked doors and a pedestal in the centre. Climb to the top of the area, then use the wooden beams near the Shadow Bombs and rune-covered puzzle ball to cross over into a small alcove with this page.
9. After unlocking the Deathgrip ability exit the room you’re in. Don’t use it on the hook on the ceiling, instead drop down the ledge and grab the hook underneath the platform. Follow this around and you’ll find the page here.
10. This page is located at the west of the Gilded Arena. After wall running along a corridor you’ll come to a lantern near a lowered bridge to the west. Rotate the statue so it points towards the bridge to access the page.
11. Inside Phariseer’s Tomb you’ll come to a lift at the end of the corridor. Search the far end of the room on floor IV behind the large statue for this hidden page.
12. Inside Phariseer’s Tomb when you reach the bottom floor (Floor I) head east into a long hallway. On your left is a hook to use Deathgrip, the page is at the top of here.
13. In the second tower of the Judicator’s Tomb you’ll come to a room where a Dead Lord activates a pressure pad that creates two handholds on the wall. After reaching the Dead Lord’s position, enter the corridor and look to the left for this page.
14. After unlocking the door inside the second tower of the Judicator’s Tomb, start using the Deathgrip to climb the tower. You’ll probably spot the page on the right near the second Deathgrip hook. Grab the hook to reach the handhold, then jump to the right to reach the broken staircase and the page.
15. After riding the lift in the third tower of the Judicator’s Tomb, you’ll come to a staircase. At the top of this staircase, on the south side, is the page. Collect this before you go on to collect the third soul.
16. In the City Of The Dead, you’ll unlock a door to a new area. Here you’ll follow a platforming section that culminates in jumping from wall to wall to reach a platform above. In the alcove to the right of a rotating lever is this page.
17. During the City Of The Dead dungeon you will collect a lantern to place into a statue. Once done, point the beam south to access this page.
18. During the City Of The Dead you will reach a platform with a large, elaborate lantern on it. After passing through the locked door to the east of this lantern (you will need a key), destroy all the crates immediately on the other side of the door to find this page.
19. When arriving just outside the Crystal Spire in Lostlight (before crossing the bridge) look for this page on the right. You will find it hidden between the rock and one of the structures.
20. Early on in the part of Earth you’ll head east through a pair of molten claws, down a ramp and underground. This page you will find hidden behind the right-hand set of claws.
21. After collecting the Staff of Arafel on Earth start going up the stairs to the exit and you’ll see the page on a pipe above. Use Deathgrip to collect it.
22. After Uriel unlocks the barricade to the next piece of the Rod Of Arafel you’ll come to a large pipe. The page is immediately on the left after you enter here.
23. After the last page, you’ll come to a bridge. Take the stairs to the area below and search the southwest side of the road for a page between the cars.
24. After the last page, keep looking for the second piece of the Rod Of Arafel until you pass through a small building. Once on the other side, search the derelict building across the road to gain this page.
25. During the Ivory Citadel, you will head towards a tower to the west (beneath which there is a locked door). Enter the tower from floor two, then search the courtyard to the south (near some black webbing) for this page.
26. After encountering the agile and electrical Sycophants for the first time in the north part of the Ivory Tower, head west to a glowing orb and a portal. West of there, just on the other side of the archway, is this page.
27. Early on in the Shadow’s Edge you’ll find a Serpent Tome. Head left until you see some handholds on the right, the page is next to a pressure pad here.
28. Find one at the back of the Black Stone’s throne room, where you meet Lilith. It is as far east as you can go.
29. In the east side of the Black Stone you’ll climb up a cylindrical tower to a door that leads back into the main hall. The page is on the right after climbing out of the tower.
30. During the Black Stone, you will use a Phasewalker portal beneath the large statue in the main room. Back in the present day, the page is next to a portal panel to the east hidden on the wall to the right. Pass through there through the portal panel to the west to access it.

Stonebites Locations

You may have spotted these ringing blue crystals on your journey. They are collectables in the game, and are meant to be given to Blackroot after meeting him in The Fjord. You can’t collect them until speaking to Blackroot, after which you can shoot them with Redemption to collect them.

The Fjord

1. Up high on the left near Blackroot.
2. When travelling through The Fjord (as if heading towards The Drenchfort, head east up a winding path to a small temple. Head inside then stand on the pressure plate, then look up above the entrance to find this Power Stonebite.
3. When heading up the narrow path towards The Drenchfort, as you turn the corner and start travelling west, look for the Stonebite on the right-hand canyon wall.

The Shattered Forge

1. When entering the Shattered Forge, don’t drop down off the ledge to begin with. Instead, you should look up towards the right-hand pillar to the east of the tomb’s entrance.

Stonefather’s Vale

1. Go into the dead end at the north side of the Stonefather’s Vale, then look high up on the southern rock face to spot the blue crystal.

The Weeping Crag

1. As you cross the drawbridge at the Weeping Crag, look for the shard on the right-hand pillar of the gate.
2. It is inside Gorewood’s lair, which is hidden in an underwater passage that can only be accessed after unlocking the locked door at the start of the area. Gorewood needs to be defeated first.


1. Climb to the top of the building located to the northwest of the area (where a chest is located), then turn around. The stone is directly opposite.
2. On the top of a rock in the central north of the area, near a small group of destroyed pillars.
3. When exiting Baneswood on the way to The Charred Pass, look for a shrine on the top of a hill to the south, the stone can be found inside here.

The Charred Pass

1. After entering the Charred Pass you’ll spot a small building on the left. The stone can easily be found at the top of here.
2. On the underside of a large rock protruding from the entrance to The Scar.
3. When riding through a small canyon, look for an alcove with handholds on the right. Climb to the top for a chest, the fragment is in the small room next to this.
4. In the north side of the large open area of the Pass is a body of water. Jump into the circular stone and dive all the way down to locate a chest further on. The stone can be found on the rock at the back of the wall near here.

The Maker’s Forge

1. Around the back of the furnace at the forge, near the top.

The Drenchfort

1. Once inside the first main room of The Drenchfort (with all the aqueducts) look south past the large statue in the centre. It is sitting on top of an archway above one of the aqueducts.

The Nook

1. When exploring The Nook, you’ll come across a courtyard with a lever to the south. Use this and follow the winding corridor down to Bheithir’s lair. From here travel north then west until you come to a room with moving platforms. Climb the handholds on the left up to the top of the room, then turn around and look for the shard in the north side of the room.

The Lost Temple

1. After raising a bridge and using a construct, you will use it to fire a chain at a target to the south. The stone is attached to the southern wall on the hole beneath where you fire the chain.
2. After a platforming section outside the Lost Temple – culminating in a large battle with a number of Prowlers – you’ll enter a room with two locked doors and a pedestal in the centre. Use the handholds to climb to the top of the area, then look for the stone on the north wall.

The Scar

1. This is hidden inside the left-hand broken pipe, though you can only reach it from the highest part of the platform outside the doors to The Scar.

Serpent’s Peak

1. Attached to a stalactite coming from the roof near the tunnel leading to Vulgrim.

Gilded Arena

1. As part of the main quest you’ll pass from the Eternal Throne to the Gilded Arena. After entering the area, after speaking with the merchant, look for the stone of the statue’s sword on the right.
2. During the arena you’ll come to a small square room where you’ll fight an exceptionally large group of skeletons. The stone is attached to the centre of the room.
3. In the room where you collect the first Animus Stone, look to one of the hanging cages to find a stone.
4. After collecting the Animus Stone you’ll head down a long narrow corridor. After passing through a door (there is a chest at the end of this corridor with the dungeon map in it), look on the left inside a small alcove for the stone on the ceiling.

Phariseer’s Tomb

1. On the third floor of the tomb you will use the handholds to cross the room with the lift and enter a new room. The stone is on top of the large statue in the new room.

The Maw

1. Inside one of the left-hand arches beside a doorway leading east towards The Spine.

The Spine

1. After exiting the corridor connecting The Maw to The Spine, look immediately on your right for a handhold and a Deathgrip hook on the outside wall leading to the top. Head towards the chest located here, and spot the stone south of your position.
2. At the eastern most point of The Spine is a tower. Look for a set of handholds to begin the platforming section until you get inside the tower with a chest. Opposite this chest is the stone on the wall.

Judicator’s Tomb

1. After using the Dead Lord to interact with the lever for the first time, enter the next room and look at the bottom on a hanging cage.
2. This stone is attached to the dome of the final room of the third tower that contains the final soul you need to collect.


1. After navigating the tunnels with your Dead Lords you’ll exit a corridor into a cavern to the south. Listen out for the ringing of the stone, it can be found above the doorway you exit through.

City Of The Dead

1. During the dungeon you’ll come to a room with an L-shaped bridge and two wraiths. After rotating the bridge, follow the corridor southeast and you’ll find the stone on the wall near a chest.


1. On top of a statue of an angel to the northwest of Nathaniel. If you look closely, you can spot it during your conversation with him.
2. After taking the lift in the Crystal Spire, head east until you come to a gap in the ledge. The stone is located on the door north of there.


1. On the corner of the building north of the courtyard where you defend Uriel against the swarm. Look up high.
2. In the underground sewer when searching for the first piece of the Rod Of Arafel, you’ll come to a large room with a green Swarm gate you must destroy. The stone is attached to the top of a pillar south of the Swarm gate, overlooking the corridor on the level below.
3. When heading out to look for the second piece of the Rod Of Arafel you’ll come to a bridge (where you will find a grenade launcher at the entrance to the area). After defending yourself from the swarm, look for the stone fragment inside a window of the building on the right, before crossing the bridge.
4. During the search for the second piece you’ll head west to a drop into an area where you fight The Noss. The stone is attached to a building to the north of this area.
5. After the fight with The Noss you’ll head into and underground road. When it heads east into a larger room look for an alcove to the west (with a chest inside), the stone is on the ceiling here.
6. When looking for the third piece of the Rod Of Arafel, you will need to head north along a destroyed bridge. After passing a hole in the road on the left, turn around and spot the stone attached to a pillar.
7. After collecting the third and final piece of the Rod Of Arafel, head through the building until you come to a multi-level room. Before heading down the rubble, look to the north to find this particular Stonebite.

The Ivory Citadel

1. After discovering the main hall filled with dark ooze you will head east and outside. Once back inside you’ll climb a set of handholds up to the second floor. From there you will need to wall run to a small area southeast of your position – the stone is on the wall opposite the chest here.
2. After collecting the Voidwalker ability you will come to a tower to the eastern most area of the dungeon. Before heading upstairs, look up to see the stone attached to a derelict column.
3. On the third floor of the main hall with the three waterfalls (accessed after converting the water at the western tower) look towards the huge statue in the centre of the room. This stone is part of the statue’s chest armour.

The Black Stone

1. In the first room after turning back time, defeat the Legion Champions in the arena then look to the Lilith statue to the north. The stone is on here.
2. In the hall with the chest for the dungeon map, the stone can be found on the ceiling towards the south. To reach it, gain access to a bridge by dropping down the cylindrical tower and looking for a Deathgrip hook.
3. In the present day you’ll head west through the southern door. Once inside here, you need to walk to the edge of the platform you are on and look to the right. You will see the stone on the wall above the archway below.
4. In the same room as the stone above, but in the past (with secure construction) there is another stone on the southern wall.

Relics Locations

These items are similar to the Pages Of The Dead in that they are collectable on the ground (unlike Stonebites) and are often hidden down dead-ends, in between objects and sometimes inside crates. They aren’t available until you speak to the Merchant at the start of the Kingdom Of The Dead.


1. On the east side of the cliff just before crossing the large bridge leading to Leviathan’s Gorge.

The Maw

1. On the path towards Serpent’s Peak, keep travelling south. In the area below with a chest is a switch that unlocks a Deathgrip hook leading to the relic.

Gilded Arena

 1. After raising the bridge in the western part of the arena, look out for the relic on one of the steps on the broken staircase.

The Sentinel’s Gaze

1. Next to a brazier beside the Shadow Bomb.

The Eternal Throne

1. Hidden behind the throne where the Dead King sits.

Phariseer’s Tomb

1. You will find this relic inside one of the archways at the end of the long corridor after prying open a large gate by pushing a stone column underneath it with Shadow Bombs.
2. On the third floor after passing through the locked door you’ll come across some wraiths and an Undead General. Kill these, then search inside the boxes in the area.

The Spine

1. At the very eastern most point of The Spine is a tower. Head up the ridge towards here handholds leading inside the tower, but inside look around the side of a rock near the cliff edge. The relic is behind here.

Judicator’s Tomb

1. During the first tower in the tomb you’ll cross a bridge over the entrance to the area. Inside the next room, you will need to jump into the water and look for the relic beneath the stairs.
2. During the second tower of the tomb you will find a lever that will create a shortcut with a Deathgrip hook. Near this hook is the relic.


1. After collecting the key for a locked door, climb up the wooden beam to the main corridor. You’ll spot a Deathgrip handhold used to get you to the locked door, climb up there for the relic.
2. After navigating the tunnels with your Dead Lords you’ll come to a large cavern to the south. Search an alcove to the west for the relic.

City Of The Dead

1. Inside the main hall with the circular pit in the centre, look at the bottom of the stairs for the relic in the smoke of the eastern vent.
2. During exploration you’ll come to a room with an L-shaped bridge heading left and a pair of wraiths. On the south side of the area is a lever, and south of here in a small nook is this relic.


1. Hidden behind the tree near Vulgrim’s summoning panel.
2. At the eastern most point outside the Crystal Spire. Keep riding east and you’ll find it easily.


1. When you head underground looking for the first piece of the Rod of Arafel you will come to a large room with a green Swarm gate. North of that gate, behind some molten claws, is this relic.
2. When looking for the second part of the Rod Of Arafel, you’ll cross a bridge and then have to enter inside a building. First, however, travel west the north to the end of a second bridge for the relic behind a car.
3. After collecting the third and final piece of the Rod Of Arafel, enter the building until you come to a room with a chest in it. The relic is hidden in the northern part of the room near the rubble.

The Ivory Tower

1. After turning the ooze into water by using portals, you will need to head north across the narrow aqueduct. The relic is hidden beneath a waterfall along the way.
2. In the western part of the dungeon you’ll come to an area with two rotating levers and a pair of portal panels behind some glass. The relic is beside some rocks opposite the switch near the tower.
3. After clearing the ooze from the second tower to the west, travel down the northern aqueduct to reach a relic hidden beneath a waterfall.
4. After purifying all three waterfalls in the main hall, enter the next room and look behind the statue on the left.

The Shadow’s Edge

1. Near the Serpent Tome, down the left-hand path, are a pair of handholds and a pressure pad. Use Soul Splitter to activate it, while you send your second soul around to collect the relic on the other side of the gate.

The Black Stone

1. In the room to the west (in the past) you’ll come to a room with a Shadow Bomb inside. The relic is near here between the statue and the wall.



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