Darksiders 2 Guide: Complete Campaign & Side Quest Walkthrough

Adam Barnes


Stuck on a particular puzzle or can't defeat that tough boss? We've got all the tips to help you survive Darksiders 2.

Published on Aug 21, 2012

This is a complete walkthrough to Darksiders 2. Every dungeon has been explored and every boss has been battled. To find a specific part, simply search the page for the name of the area you need help with.

Additionally, we've tracked down and completed each of the major side-quests in the game, and have tips on how to solve each of those. They are located after the main walkthrough.


The Dark Fortress

Boss Fight: War

1. Keep attacking constantly, using RB to evade War’s attacks. They’re slow but heavy, so relatively easy to see incoming.
2. When attacking, War will deflect your assault then leap into the air and do an area affect attack. Stay away from this.
3. Mid-way through the fight, look out for the quick QTE. Tap X rapidly when it appears.


1. After speaking with the Makers at Tri-Stone, head north into Stonefather’s Vale, then east towards The Weeping Crag. Use your horse Despair to travel a little quicker.
2. When you reach a small bridge into The Weeping Crag, hop off your horse and climb the wall nearby, which is highlighted by a handhold. Here is an optional area for treasure.

The Cauldron

1. In the room with the large iron stopper in the centre of the room, look for a Shadow Bomb on the right. Use it to destroy the yellow crystals at the back of the room to unveil the chest hidden inside.
2. Use another Shadow Bomb on the switch to the right, and unlock the next room.
3. You’ll come to a room with vines on the north wall, and a Shadow Bomb nearby. Look to the south of the bomb for the start of this platforming section.
4. Once you have a bomb, throw it at the switch on the right.
5. After using a key to unlock the door, find the large ball on the right and roll it into the pedestal on the ground. This will unlock a handhold so you can climb higher.
6. On top of the handhold, head right for a hidden chest before wall running left onto a set of vines.
7. In the next room, reach the handhold at the end of the corridor then leap backwards to find a valuable chest.
8. After the large set of vines, push the switch up ahead.
9. You’ll come to a large hall with a pair of rune-covered puzzle balls. Use the Shadow Bomb at the side of the room to free the first ball, then push it into the pedestal closest to the other ball trapped behind some bars. Then remove the now-free ball and push it into one of the two slots either side of the gate barring the way to a chest.
10. Grab a Shadow Bomb and throw it at the first puzzle ball to dislodge it. Then move it to the final pedestal, the one opposite the large gate.
11. After unlocking the door you’ll come to a large room with a switch on a pillar to the right. Pulling this will reveal a platform section, which will only stay for a short period of time. After activating the switch, run to the handhold on the right to make your way to the newly appeared platform.
12. After climbing to the top of the tower, you’ll reach a platform overlooking the hall below. Collect a Shadow Bomb beside you and throw it down onto the yellow crystals on the left below. This will give you access to a valuable chest.
13. Back at the top of the area, grab another Shadow Bomb and throw it onto the switch opposite your platform to create a bridge. Don’t forget the item on the left after crossing the bridge.

BOSS: Gauld

14. A fairly easy boss, this. His main attack is a charge that you can spot with the sparks coming off the ground. Evade when he gets close enough to stop the attack.
15. Apart from that, you basically just have to keep hacking away at his health, pressing RB to evade whenever he attacks.
16. After the fight, rotate the lever in the next room anti-clockwise to complete the dungeon.

Shadow Gorge

1. You’ll come to a barred gate. Use your gun to shoot the Shadow Bomb attached to the wall to the left of the gate and unveil a handhold. Head through here to bypass the gate and use the lever on the other side.

The Drenchfort

1. Once at the Drenchfort’s entrance, head right and up the handholds to the balcony above.
2. Grab a Shadow Bomb and throw it onto the puzzle ball on the platform opposite. Shoot it with Redemption.
3. Move the ball into its pedestal outside the entrance.
4. Once inside the large room with the aqueducts and large, central statue, head east.
5. Keep going east until you come to a room with a statue of a Maker in the centre. Climb the handholds on the right, then wall run around to the other side with the rune-covered puzzle ball.
6. Push the ball off its ledge and into pedestal below.
7. Now climb the handholds on the left side of the room (don’t forget to cross over the archway and collect the dungeon map).
8. Drop down into the next area, then climb the handholds on the southeast wall to find a Shadow Bomb. Use it on the yellow crystals to free the puzzle ball.
9. Push the ball directly next to the iron bars blocking the way.
10. Collect another Shadow Bomb, then place it on the bottom of the ball. Stand on the pressure pad in the centre of the room then, with the gates open, shoot the Bomb to send the ball into the next room. Head over and place it into the spare pedestal.
11. You’ll come to a room with a lever trapped behind some yellow crystals; a Shadow Bomb can be found at the back of the room next to the entrance.
12. Travel back to the room with the aqueducts then leap into the water now at the bottom of the area. Swim through the tunnel.
13. After a couple of fights you’ll come to a room with a locked door on the left. Enter the empty aqueduct nearby and follow it to the bottom for some more enemies and a chest with a key inside. Return to the locked door and pass through it.
14. In the next room, climb the handholds on the southeast wall to find a Shadow Bomb. Use it on the yellow crystals below.
15. Push the ball into the pedestal in the centre of the room, then collect another Shadow Bomb.
16. Stand on the now-lowered platform, then turn around and plant the Bomb on the puzzle ball. Shoot it to dislodge, raising the platform again – this time with you on it.
17. You’ll come to a room with another lever. Stand at the top of the stairs and shoot the Shadow Bomb before pulling the lever.
18. Follow the flowing river down to where you collected the key, and climb the handholds now accessible here.
19. Head through the now unlocked door and go south at the large room with the aqueducts.

BOSS: Karkinos

20. Karkinos will charge at you. Evade the attack and it will hit the wall, giving you a brief opportunity to grab a ball and fire it at it. If done in time it will stun the boss temporarily, letting you chip away at its health.
21. Using the balls will also spawn small creatures. If you have the Summon Ghoul ability, use this to distract the monster while you concentrate on fighting the exposed Karkinos.
22. When low on health, Karkinos will dive into the ground and shoot vines at you that with home in on you. Use evade regularly.

The Nook

1. Now you have the Maker’s Key, activate the construct and roll him into the pedestal in front of it. Then shoot the wall target and climb along the chain.
2. After clearing the next area of enemies, grab a Shadow Bomb to the west and use it on both sets of yellow crystals.
3. Now you can climb the newly accessible handholds to start this platforming section.
4. You’ll come to a courtyard with a Stinger Hive. Pull the lever to the south to unlock the shortcut, then head north until you have exited The Nook.

The Lost Temple

1. Inside The Lost Temple, take control of the construct and use it to smash the yellow crystals.
2. After clearing a group of enemies, go north until you activate another construct. Press RT to use its chain attack on the yellow crystals on the opposite side of the chasm, then use the lever it reveals.
3. After raising the bridge, use the construct to bypass the enemies and yellow crystals until you reach its pedestal in the central courtyard. Once in place, use the chain to hit a target to the south.
4. After crossing the chain, shoot the Shadow Bomb and place the ball into the pedestal.
5. Pass through the gate, grab another Shadow Bomb and plant it on the ball. Before shooting it, be sure to stand on the other side of the gate, so you can reach the chest when the ball is dislodged.
6. After climbing some vines to pull a lever, take the construct through the next area, smashing the yellow crystals then leaving him on the pedestal ahead.
7. Keep going until you activate another construct. Move him onto the lift nearby.
8. Climb to the top and then activate the second construct. Mount it and place it in the pedestal closest to the lift, then dismount and take control of the first construct.
9. Place the construct in the pedestal near to where the last one was sitting dormant to open the gate ahead.
10. Now move the construct near the lift through the gate and into the pedestal at the end of the corridor. Fire a chain into the target on the wall.
11. Lastly, return to the other construct (that hasn’t fired a chain) and use it to destroy the yellow crystals up ahead. Place it into the pedestal nearby to unlock the door and cross over the wooden beams (and construct’s chain) to reach the exit.
12. After heading outside the temple briefly, you’ll come to a room with two locked doors and a pedestal in the centre. Climb the handholds above, then shoot the Shadow Bomb. Use the ball and push it into the pedestal.

BOSS: Construct Husk

13. Here you’ll need to grab Shadow Bombs dotted around the edge of the arena (the construct will dislodge more from time to time). Once the Bomb exploded, concentrate your attacks on the core while evading the weaker monsters that attack.
14. After dealing damage, the Husk will charge after you slamming into the ground, though this is easily evaded.

The Foundry

1. Inside the Foundry, follow the circular path until Karn throws you across to a platform section. Jump onto the moving canisters and travel to the end.
2. In the next room, climb the golden lever to unlock the door for Karn. Stay there until he’s ready to open the door.
3. After the cut-scene, start by heading north into a rocket tunnel. In the next courtyard, have Karn throw you into the eastern room.
4. Swim down into the area below, then head north into the next area highlighted by rays of light.
5. Ignore the puzzle ball and instead head through the corridor into the water. Follow it around until you come to a flooded cavern and swim up into the eastern corner to find the exit.
6. Now step on the pressure plate, wait for Karn, then jump off and push the puzzle ball out into the courtyard.
7. Push the ball into the pedestal on the wall to the south.
8. Once in charge of the construct, you need to take it through the tunnel and north through the yellow crystals. Head down the western corridor and place the contract into the pedestal.
9. Fire his chain onto the target opposite and start this platforming section on the vines to the left.
10. After travelling – and fighting – through this area, you will receive a key. Use it on the door to the east. Keep following the corridor until Karn throws you across, and in the next room you can unlock the Deathgrip ability.
11. Now armed with Deathgrip, head back to the large courtyard with the Guardian in the centre. Go west and use Deathgrip to grab the Shadow Bomb, and use it on the lever on the left.
12. In the next room you’ll need to travel around the room using Deathgrip until you’ve pulled both levers. After the second lever, climb the wooden beam behind it then use Deathgrip to land on the bridge in front.
13. In the room with the Heart Stone, use Karn to start the long platforming section.
14. When you activate the construct, ride it through the lava, past the yellow crystals to the right.
15. After applying the Heart Stone to the Guardian, travel along the newly revealed path until you come to a pipeline. Follow it and then let Karn through.
16. Keep going until you reach a construct. Activate it, then place it in the pedestal on the right. Create the chain between the two lifts.
17. Dismount the construct then use the rotatable lever in the centre of the area. Raise the lifts as high as possible then, as they lower, climb onto the handholds on the left lift and then the chain. Next, use this to reach the central platform before the lifts go down too far.
18. After pulling the lever, head back to the construct and take it across the bridges and through the crystals.
19. In the area with the Heart Stone, aim with the construct’s chain to destroy the crystals on the west wall, then dismount and have Karn throw you over there to collect a key.
20. Unlock the door at the back of the area, but don’t worry about that section just yet. Jump into the water and wall run onto the vines. Follow this around until you can use the Deathgrip.
21. Once at the top, follow the path around to the lever.
22. Back in the main area, take the construct and place it in the crusher then pull the lever nearby. Take the puzzle ball and push it into the area you unlocked earlier.
23. After putting the second Heart Stone into the Guardian, head south and have Karn throw you over the gate. Pull the lever, then go back so you can get the construct sat outside.
24. Inside the final Heart Stone room, destroy the crystals then place the construct in the pedestal to unlock the gate ahead.

BOSS: Corrupted Custodian

25. This isn’t too difficult. Simply evade the heavy spinning attacks and your health should remain intact. After he is stunned, he will do a powerful slamming attack, so watch out for that.

Stonefather’s Vale

BOSS: The Guardian

1. Wait for The Guardian to move to strike the ground with his hammer, then race to the left as quickly as you can. Shoot the Shadow Bombs that are on The Guardian’s arm.
2. Latch onto the Heart Stone with Deathgrip, then keep attacking. Repeat until the stone is destroyed.
3. This time the boss will fire a large Shadow Bomb into the Vale. Wait until it’s closer, then shoot it until it explodes, knocking The Guardian down.
4. Climb up the left arm, then leap across with Deathgrip. Repeat until the stone is destroyed.


1. After visiting the Tree Of Life you will turn up at a new realm. But don’t worry, you can return to the Forge Lands at any time through the portal nearby.
2. Head south until you enter the Breach. Navigate the area until you come to a pressure pad that opens the way to a locked door. Take this corridor, but wall run quickly.
3. In the next room, don’t activate the switch. Instead, place a Shadow Bomb onto it and a second one between the root and the switch.
4. Now head around the bridge and shoot the root Bomb, which should destroy the other two and activate the switch, unlocking the way to a chest that has a key in it.

The Eternal Throne

1. Start by travelling through the platforming section until you come to an area with large swinging platforms. The trick here is to use Deathgrip in time with the swings, to land on each platform.
2. Eventually you’ll reach the deck of the ship. Head to the large doors.
3. In the Gilded Arena you’ll come to a room with a lantern and a bright green beam. Rotate the beam 180 degrees.

The Gilded Arena

1. After the cut-scene with the champions, follow the path to find the handhold leading up to the only unlocked door on the east side of the arena.
2. After fighting in the room with a large group of skeletons you’ll need to grab a Shadow Bomb with Deathgrip while standing on top of the pressure plate in the area. Use the Bomb on the lantern, then grab the light with Deathgrip.
3. Press B to drop the lantern on top of the pressure pad, opening the tunnel near the Shadow Bomb.
4. Follow the corridor west then south to activate the switch, then use Deathgrip to grab the lantern again. Place it into the statue that is up ahead.
5. After collecting the first Animus Stone and heading back up to the arena through the newly unlocked passage, use Deathgrip on the hook in the arena to place the stone.
6. Head to the next area on the west side of the arena. Start by going left (where the lantern is already pointing) and following the corridor until you come to a lowered bridge. Grab the Shadow Bomb with Deathgrip.
7. Now head back to the lantern and use the Bomb on the yellow crystals here.
8. Rotate the lantern right once to unlock the central gate, then collect a Shadow Bomb from behind the area where the yellow crystals were. Use the Bomb on the crystals behind the gate in the now-open area where the lantern is pointing to.
9. Wall run down the corridor on the right, near where the Shadow Bomb is.
10. Rotate the statue in the next room so it points south.
11. Grab the lantern piece from the pressure pad to the south and take it to the pressure pad next to the iron spikes opposite the last lantern you used.
12. Now wall run back across the corridor to the north, then grab the lantern off the pressure pad using Deathgrip.
13. Put the lantern down while you rotate the statue to unlock the southern door, then place the lantern into the statue upstairs.
14. After collecting the second Animus Stone, return to the arena and place it into the skull.
15. Head through the north area of the arena. After defeating a very large group of skeletons here, enter the main hall and step onto the pressure pad. Here, use Deathgrip to grab a Shadow Bomb, then stand near the throne at the back of the room. From here, throw the Bomb onto the switch on the right to rotate the whole throne area.
16. After defeating the Scarab Hulk and grabbing the last Animus Stone, you will need to pull the switch at the back of the room and quickly race into the throne area before it spins.
17. Place the final Animus Stone into the skull.

BOSS: Gnashor

18. Start the fight by evading the burrowing snake-like enemy, waiting for its head to appear where you should try to grab it with Deathgrip. If successful, race forward and slice it as much as you can.
19. When in humanoid form it should be fairly easy to hack away at Gnashor’s health and roll away from his attacks. Watch out for when he stumbles, however, since you will need to use Deathgrip again to draw the snake creature out to deal damage. If you don’t do this step, Gnashor’s health will keep regenerating.

Phariseer’s Tomb

1. Once inside the tomb, continue forward for a couple of chambers until you come to a room with a pressure pad. Climb up to the Shadow Bomb and use it to clear all the yellow crystals.
2. Jump down and use Deathgrip to pull the column off its perch and into the area below, then stand on the pressure pad.
3. Use Deathgrip to grab the Shadow Bombs from the wall on the left and throw them onto the column so it pushes underneath the raised gate. When in position, step off the pressure pad and let the column hold the gate open for you.
4. Once at the lift, start by going down to the first floor. Two of the three routes are inaccessible at the moment, so go north.
5. Use the handholds on the left to reach the switch. Here you will need to activate the switch then use Deathgrip on the right hand hanging cage before trying to grab the second cage as it rises. You will need to do this immediately after leaping off the first cage if you hope to catch the second one in time.
6. Grab the key from the chest then head back out to the lift.
7. Travel to level three and use the key on the door here.
8. When exiting through the door, don’t drop down. Instead, use the handholds on the left to make it to the door on the opposite side.
9. In the next room along, shoot the Shadow Bomb with Redemption, then wall run into the platforming section.
10. At the bottom, pull the lever to create a bridge, then drag the stone column off its perch.
11. Push the column onto the pressure pad in the centre of the room with the lift, then climb all the way back up to the lift on the third floor.
12. Now you can travel down to level two without the lift dropping, so go there now and enter the large glowing door.

BOSS: Phariseer

13. This boss is fairly simple. Just keep attacking him, evading whenever necessary. Especially when he does his chain attacks. He will also summon large groups of enemies, use your ghoul ability, if you have it, to distract them.
14. Once defeated, ride the lift to the top and exit the tomb.

Judicator’s Tomb

1. In the first main room, head right and summon a Dead Lord, then have him interact with the lever here.
2. In the next room, start by going into the room on the right and summoning a Dead Lord. Then pull the lever.
3. Jump into the pit below and move the column into the centre between the two platforms.
4. Climb back out, then command the Dead Lord to activate the pressure pad on the opposite side of the pit, creating a way to cross over yourself.
5. After speaking with the Judicator, continue into the first tower until you find a place to summon a Dead Lord. In the next room, command him to activate the pressure pad.
6. Cross the bridge, then command the Dead Lord to activate the pressure pad to the east. Once done, use Deathgrip to pull yourself over to the stone-hardened Dead Lord.
7. From there, get a Shadow Bomb in the alcove to the north (the dungeon map is located south), then use it on the crystals blocking the other half of the bridge.
8. Use Deathgrip on the lantern sitting to the east, then cross the bridge and attach it to the statue.
9. Rotate the lantern so it points north, then command the Dead Lord to activate the pressure pad nearby to raise the bridge.
10. After climbing to the top of the tower and defeating the enemies, return to the Judicator to unlock the second tower.
11. After defeating the Tormentor, continue upstairs until you come to a room where you can summon a Dead Lord. Do so, then command him to activate the pressure pad on the right.
12. Switch to Deathgrip before using the new handholds, then make your way across them – as you approach the Dead Lord – use Deathgrip to grab onto him.
13. Grab the key from the chest in the next room, then return to the cells to unlock the door.
14. Once again, climb the tower, collect the soul, kill the enemies and return to the Judicator.
15. Cross the corridor into the third tower. When possible, summon a Dead Lord.
16. Once the lift is free, set it to level two. When it jams, command the Dead Lord to stand on the east pressure plate. Then head over to the handhold in the western alcove to reach higher ground.
17. Continue across the handholds around to the eastern side of the tower. From there, command your Dead Lord to stand on the opposite pressure pad to unlock the bars ahead. Continue on with the handholds.
18. Use the Shadow Bomb at the top to destroy the yellow crystals and free the lift.
19. Take the staircase up to the third soul. After collecting, see the Judicator to finish the dungeon.


1. After the first battle of Psychameron, enter the next room and summon two Dead Lords. Stand on the platform ahead, then command each of them to one of the two pressure pads.
2. In the next room summon two more Dead Lords. Place the first on the pressure pad to the left then, after the bridge has risen, command the second onto the pad behind the barred door.
3. In the next cavern, command a Dead Lord to stand on the activation pad to the east then, when he’s in place, grapple over to him with the Deathgrip.
4. From there, order a Dead Lord to stand on the pressure pad below, opposite the last pressure pad. Once again, grapple over to him.
5. Drop down the shaft into the next room.
6. Summon a Dead Lord, then command him to activate each of the three switches in the correct order. Start with the central switch, then the one on the right and finally the one on the left. This will get you access to the chest and the key inside.
7. Climb all the way up then, once at the top, use the Deathgrip to access the locked door.
8. In the next area summon two more Dead Lords, then stand on the nearest pressure pad yourself. From there, order a Dead Lord onto the pad at the end of the corridor to the southeast.
9. Head into the area that has just opened up and look down into the sealed area below. Order the remaining Dead Lord onto the pad there.
10. Use the handholds until you reach the wooden beam. Slide down to the bottom, jump across then grapple over to the Dead Lord with Deathgrip.
11. Continue along the path – taking a detour to pull the switch at the top and open the shortcut – before heading downwards to another pressure pad to order your Dead Lords to.
12. Go past the barrier, pull the switch on the left to active the bridge and continue onwards.
13. The rest is fairly easy to navigate. Clear the arena ahead of enemies then, in the next corridor, wall run over to the switch and pull it.

BOSS: Achinda

14. Start by hacking away at Basileus. He won’t take much damage before Achinda arrives on the scene.
15. When the giant spider arrives, keep an eye out for its electrical surge – you will need to evade to the left or right to dodge the quick charge it makes.
16. Basileus will take over midway too, and his invisible attacks are tricky to avoid. Get close quickly to hack away at his health until Achinda returns.

City Of The Dead

1. Outside the City Of The Dead, use your new Soul Splitter ability to move the huge statues. Use one soul to drag the left-hand statue all the way to the left, then hold B to swap souls and have the second soul move the right-hand statue all the way to the right.
2. After fighting the Undead General, stand on the pressure pad in the northeast corner then activate Soul Splitter. Send one soul onto the pressure pad opposite, then another up to the newly revealed switch.
3. When you come to the room with the rotating lever, move closer to the blocked gate (but not in front of it) and switch to Soul Splitter. Use one soul to rotate the lever as far as it will go, then switch to the other soul to grab the Shadow Bomb from the north side of the room behind the gate.
4. Use the Bomb on the switch opposite the rotating lever, then revert out of Soul Splitter.
5. Push the floating platform closer to the gate then stand on top of it to switch to Soul Splitter. Have one soul open the gate again, and the second push the platform (and Death’s stone form) into the other room beyond the gate.
6. Head to the locked door in the main hall to a room with a bridge.
7. Stand in the centre of the bridge and switch to Soul Splitter, and have your first soul use the various handholds to the right of the bridge to reach and use a rotating a lever on the platform above.
8. After turning the bridge, switch to the second soul and head north. Don’t stray too far, or the connection will break. Head to the corridor on the left, use the switch here. Return to normal form.
9. Return to the main hall and collect the lantern with Deathgrip from the now-accessible alcove. Place the lantern into its statue in the room to the west. When you come to a pit, put the lantern down, wall run across the gap and then use Deathgrip again.
10. Point the beam west to create a bridge.
11. Eventually you’ll come to a room with an L-shaped bridge. Kill the two wraiths, then stand on the bridge and switch to Soul Splitter.
12. Use a soul to activate the lever to rotate the bridge, then reset Soul Splitter.
13. Reactivate Soul Splitter and use the first soul to stand on top of the glowing beam to the north.
14. With the second soul, grab a Shadow Bomb from the wall near the first soul, then cross the bridge. Look to the north and throw the Bomb onto the switch here to unlock the barrier.
15. After wall running along a corridor, use the switch. Enter the door on the left, since the other way is a shortcut to the main hall.
16. Keep going until you pull another switch, then head around to the rotating lever and jump back down onto the bridge below.
17. From here it’s a series of fights and platforming sections until you reach the main hall and a cut-scene showing you a new lantern.
18. Keep going until you spot a pressure pad. Activate Soul Splitter and step on the pad, then have your second soul climb across the new platforms to reach the switch and open the door ahead.
19. Once in the main hall again, use Deathgrip to cross over to the lantern, then rotate it 180 degrees. You can now cross over to the newly opened door.
20. After defeating the scarabs, grab a Shadow Bomb and destroy the yellow crystals. You’ll need to climb the vines to the top, then collect the key from the chest outside on the balcony.
21. Back in the main hall, you will need to drop down to the area below to find the handholds (to the east) that lead up to the locked door.
22. Another bit of platforming you’ll come to an area with a floating platform behind bars. Drop down near here and stand on the southern pressure pads. Switch to Soul Splitter and collect the platform, pushing it closer to Death.
23. Revert to your normal form and stand on top of the platform. Switch back to Soul Splitter, before sending a soul back to the same pressure pad you used earlier.
24. With your second soul, push the platform (with Death on top) past the open gate. Switch to the soul standing on the pressure pad and step on the pad opposite.
25. Now switch souls again, pushing the platform past through the second set of iron bars that are now open. Push the platform onto the pressure pad here to unlock the exit.
26. In the main hall again, push the switch, then use the Shadow Bomb on the yellow crystal on the lantern. If you can’t see it, you will have to cross over to rotate the lantern.
27. Now simply press the switch on the lantern then, after the cut-scene rotate the lantern so it opens the door leading north.

BOSS: The Wailing Host

28. You’ll have to learn his patterns here to know what type of attack he is doing and when best to roll. You can deal damage to either his fists or his face, so try and get yourself close enough to either, in-between rolling around.
29. Once enough damage has been dealt he’ll become stunned – hack away at him until he disappears. Here a swarm of ghouls will appear, but they’re weak, so use it as an opportunity to build up wrath and use the Teleport Slash ability to help you recover health. Use it on bigger packs to get extra health orbs.


1. After taking the lift up the Crystal Spire, head east until you come a gap in the floor. Use Soul Splitter and take a soul across the handholds over to a Shadow Bomb, which you should throw over to the second soul.
2. Switch to the second soul (who should have the Bomb) then travel west until you see the yellow crystals that you need to destroy with the bomb. If you can’t get close enough, move Death’s statue form closer to the crystals.
3. Once cleared, climb up the handholds to the Archon.


1. After defending Uriel at the courtyard, you’ll be handed a gun and sent off to search for the Rod of Arafel. If you start losing your health potions then destroy cars to help look for more.
2. Finding the pieces of the Rod won’t be difficult. This is mostly a linear shooter section. Once you have the Rod in your possession, return to Uriel and then through the portal to Lostlight.

The Ivory Citadel

1. In the first room, avoid the ooze in the centre. Climb the handholds to the top and use the rotating lever to convert the ooze to water.
2. Keep following the only direction you can take until a cut-scene highlights the tower. Use Deathgrip to reach the platform below, kill the two Corrupted Angels and then wall run near the yellow crystals until you reach the next area.
3. Here you should stand on the golden plate to the left of the little stream. Switch to Soul Splitter then have the first soul stand on the pressure pad to the right.
4. Have your second soul pass through the newly opened gate, then climb up the handhold to the north. Step on the pressure pad here, then switch out of Soul Splitter once Death drops into the area below.
5. After a fight, grab a Shadow Bomb to the east and use it on the crystals blocking the path south.
6. Once you’ve collected the Voidwalker, place a portal on the bottom panel and a second portal on the top panel.
7. Back outside, head north, then place a portal on the left after another brief fight. Place another portal on the panel to the east across the gap.
8. East of the portal panel is another golden plate. Stand on it, switch to Soul Splitter then have a soul pull the lever ahead. Once done, revert back to normal form.
9. In the corridor below, place a portal western panel. When putting a portal on the east panel, however, hold down RT to created a charged portal that will increase the speed of Death as he is propelled out. You’ll know it’s charged when it glows.
10. In the next area, go west. After a fight, place a portal on the panel on the edge of the cliff then another on the wall to the west. Jump through and fight more of the angels.
11. Move north, defeat the enemies, then place a portal on the panel here. Place a second over by the glowing orb to the south of your position.
12. After clearing the way, cross over the bridge. Through a hole in the wall you’ll see two portal panels. Place a portal on the one on the ground, then place a charged portal on the panel to the right.
13. After this, head upstairs and into an arena. Once the fight is done, stand on the golden plate in the centre then switch to Soul Splitter. Place each soul on a beam either side of the wall to open the golden plate.
14. Once you reach the top of the tower, place a portal on the panel here then peer through the broken wall to the portal near the glowing orb. Place a portal on that panel to convert the ooze to water.
15. Once done, follow the water to a Shadow Bomb, which you should use on the yellow crystals to reveal a set of vines to climb.
16. In the area to the west of the main hall you’ll see a locked door. Drop down to the area below and defeat a group of enemies.
17. After the fight head west, then drop down to the bottom floor through the hole in the ground.
18. Ignore the portal panel opposite the glowing orb for now and head onto the balcony outside. Defeat the few enemies to unlock a Deathgrip hook that leads to a platforming section.
19. In the next area stand between the two rotating levers and switch to Soul Splitter.
20. Have your first soul rotate the southern lever to lower the right portal panel, then switch souls, head around the wall, and place a portal on the panel there.
21. Switch souls again and raise the right-hand portal panel.
22. Switch souls once more, place a portal on the panel attached to the tower to the south then, when peering through the portal, place a charged portal on the panel you can see inside.
23. If done properly, the right-hand portal behind the glass will be active, but the left one won’t be. The second portal will be on the panel by the tower.
24. Finally, use a soul to rotate the northernmost lever to lower the left-hand portal panel behind the glass. Switch to your second soul, then jump through the portal near the tower, which will propel you to the other side of the locked gate. Pull the lever here to open the gate.
25. Revert back to normal form, but before passing through the now-open gate, look for the switch to open the shortcut back to the tower. Open this, drop to the bottom and place a portal near the glowing orb.
26. Pass through the now-open gate near the portal puzzle. Then wall run across to a chest with a key. From there, use the handholds to grab a Shadow Bomb and destroy the yellow crystals. Head upstairs through the locked door.
27. Once inside the tower, simply place a portal onto the panel here to convert the ooze to water.
28. Cross any of the aqueducts here to reach the third floor of the main hall.
29. Once you reach the outside area to the northeast, place a portal opposite the Deathgrip hooks, then place a charged portal on the floating panel that is closest to you.
30. Swing across the Deathgrip hooks into the portal to propel you over onto the handholds.
31. On the next area, place a portal on the panel closest to you, then look down to see another panel. Place a charged portal here, then wall run into the panel near you.
32. Eventually you’ll come to a glowing orb and a portal panel. Place a portal here, then continue on your way.
33. By the rotating lever, switch to Soul Splitter. Have one soul use the lever itself, then use the other to drag the cube out from the circular arena and towards the rotating lever.
34. Deactivate Soul Splitter, step on top of the stone cube then reactivate Soul Splitter.
35. Again, have one soul use the lever and the second push the cube into the arena with Death’s stone form on top.
36. Up ahead you’ll come across a rotating lever. Switch to Soul Splitter and have a soul use it, then use the second soul to place a portal on the panel to the right.
37. Once done, let go of the rotating lever then place a portal on the panel on the ground below to the south. Then, while peering through this new portal, place a portal on the panel you can see.
38. Revert to normal form and head northwest to the first rotating lever. Place a portal on the panel opposite the glowing orb at the entrance of this puzzle.
39. Near the rotating lever, switch to Soul Splitter again and have the first soul use the lever to open the gate. Send your second soul over to the second rotating lever and turn it. If done properly, the orb inside will activate.
40. Now switch over to the first soul again and use the lever again, connecting the orb inside with the newly activated one.
41. Let go of the lever to close the gate and dissolve the corruption.
42. You will need to get back inside the arena you just closed by using Soul Splitter and the stone cube again. Repeat what you did previously.
43. Once on the other side, simply activate the portal opposite the now-glowing orb, then place a portal on the panel above the orb in the area to the east, turning the ooze into water.
44. Now you will need to follow the aqueduct. After jumping out, wall run over to the portal panel. Activate it, then look through the hole in the wall to activate the second portal.
45. Use the portal, then drop down to hole to find your way back to the main hall.
46. In the room after the main hall, place a portal on the panel at the bottom and a charged portal on the panel above. Jump through.
47. Reset the charged portal by pressing LT, then look for another portal panel a little higher up. Place a charged portal here, then drop down and use the first portal again.

BOSS: Jamaerah The Scribe

48. You won’t be able to get close enough to attack the Scribe here, so use the portals dotted along the walls to reflect his ranged attacks at his back.
49. When he shoots up into the air, place a portal on the base of where the Scribe used to be and another on a panel on the second floor. When he charges a laser, line it up so it will strike the portal on the ground and reflect onto the scribe. This will stun him, giving you the chance to charge up a portal, leap through and use Deathgrip to reach him.

The Crystal Spire

BOSS: Archon

1. This is a tough fight, so you may need to try a few times as you learn his attack patterns. In melee mode, watch for his ranged attacks. You will need to evade them until you can get close enough to actually attack him.
2. When he’s in the air, he will fly over you and charge an attack. Don’t roll away, instead grapple up to him and hack away at his health. When he’s down press B.
3. He will return to melee mode after that, so watch out for his varied attacks.

The Black Stone

1. After unlocking the Phasewalker upgrade, head downstairs and into the room to the north. Use the panel on the left after entering.
2. After passing through the platforming sections to the east and returning to the main hall to use the lever, use the Phasewalker to head to present day. On the other side, drop down to the lower platform below.
3. In the room to the west, head around to the Phasewalker panel at the westernmost point and jump through.
4. After defeating the enemies on the walkway, stand on the pressure pad and activate Soul Splitter. Send one soul through the now-open door into the room with the Shadow Bomb.
5. Plant a portal on the panel in this room, then grab a Shadow Bomb. Switch to your second soul and walk down to the end of the walkway and place a portal on the panel opposite.
6. Switch back to the first soul and carefully through the Bomb through the portal to your other soul. You might find that this takes a few tries.
7. Once the Bomb has been passed, use it on the yellow crystals above.
8. Travel back through the time portal to the west and the crystals surrounding the chest in the present day will have disappeared.
9. Once you have the key, head to the broken pathway south of the key’s chest and use the time portal there. Once in the past again, unlock the door up ahead.
10. Follow the path then pass through the Phasewalker portal beneath the large statue in the main room to find a set of handholds to the west.

BOSS: Samael

11. Samael will have two modes: in melee he will quickly teleport into existence with an attack. Be ready to roll aside. He may also follow up his attack with a second, so be prepared for that too. Attack him when you can.
12. When Samael teleports to his throne, he will switch to a ranged mode that can differ. Sometimes he may fire large bolts at you, other times he may blast down areas that you’re standing on. Either way, it’s dangerous, so make sure you evade it when possible.



Shaman’s Craft

1. Speak to the blind shaman in the south west corner of Tri-Stone and ask about changing fate.
2. You’ll find Karn at the entrance to the Cauldron. Speak to him about the talisman.
3. You’ll find a Stalker inside the Cauldron, in a circular arena after collecting the dungeon map. Once it is dead, you’ll automatically collect the Stalker Bone. Head back to Karn and ask him about Mordent Dew (this can wait until you’ve completed the dungeon).
4. After unbarring the passage to the Shadow Gorge, follow the path until you come to the first group of enemies. Kill a Stinger here (one of the small bat-like creatures) and you’ll collect the Dew automatically.
5. Return to Karn and ask about the Carven Stone.
6. The Carven Stone can be found as part of the main quest by defeating certain floating mask guardian enemies. You can get this sooner, however, by completing the Shattered Forge optional dungeon as part of the side-quest The Hammer’s Forge.

Lost And Found

1. Karn will be met at the entrance of The Cauldron. Ask him about a favour to start the quest.
2. Inside the Cauldron you’ll come to the southern-most room with a timed platform puzzle. After using the Shadow Bomb to create a bridge and pass over to the other side on Floor 2, look for Karn’s item on the left – next to the stairs.
3. Simply return the ‘dish’ back to Karn to complete the quest.

Lost And Found Part II

1. After completing the Cauldron dungeon, when you return to Tri-Stone, Karn will reappear at the entrance to the Shadow Gorge in the Stonefather’s Vale. Ask him about ‘A little help...’
2. The helmet you’re looking for is in the Drenchfort.
3. Once inside The Drenchfort, head east where you will come to a room with an aqueduct running parallel to the path with a door leading east and one to the south. Take the southern door.
4. The helmet is located in this room, in the southwest corner. Once collected, return to Karn.

Lost And Found Part III

1. You’ll find Karn standing outside the Lost Temple. Speak to him about yet another favour to unlock this side-quest.
2. You will find the compass inside the Lost Temple.
3. During your exploration, you’ll climb up to a courtyard with a stone shrine in the centre, surrounded by a ring of water. The compass is in the centre here. Return to Karn after collecting it.

Find And Kill

1. At Tri-Stone, meet with the warrior by the training dummies.
2. Suggest to fight him, then beat him in battle. If your health gets too low he will cancel the battle and declare himself the winner, so make sure you are dodging his attacks often.
3. After defeating him in battle, he will pinpoint you to four different creatures to kill.
4. Gorewood is the closest at The Weeping Crag. After unlocking the door at the entrance of The Weeping Crag, look to the back of the room for a set of stairs: drop down here then follow the stairs into the water. Swim down into a tunnel where you will come out at Gorewood’s lair.
5. Bheithir is the second boss you can battle, and he is located at The Nook. When exploring the dungeon, you’ll come to a large courtyard with a lever located to the south. Pulling this will open a shortcut as well as a gate leading to Bheithir’s lair. You can’t actually fight him, however, until you’ve acquired the Deathgrip ability.
6. Achinda can’t be attacked until you reach the Kingdom of the Dead, and even then you will fight her as part of the main storyline.
7. The Dead Lord can be find in his lair clearly marked on the map at the Kingdom Of The Dead.

Sticks And Stones

1. After reaching The Fjord, head west and look for an NPC called Blackroot. He will ask you to look for special rocks to feed him.

2. These blue crystals are hidden throughout the world, often in concealed places. To collect them, shoot them with Redemption.

3. You can find these locations in our Stonebites locations guide.

Silent Stone

1. Enter the large lake at The Fjord, and swim south through a canyon. East is another Vulgrim location, but further on from here is a dormant warden.
2. Talk to the warden to begin the quest here.
3. After completing The Drenchfort, return to Alya and you will receive the Maker’s Key. Return to the Guardian and use the key, which will start the quest Wandering Stone.

Wandering Stone

1. There are four parts of Oran scattered across the Forge Lands.
2. His right arm is located in the narrow passageway in the Shadow Gorge, between The Shattered Forge and the Stonefather’s Vale.
3. The left leg can be found near the cliff edge just after a small building on the left after entering The Charred Pass.
4. The right arm can be found outside the entrance to The Scar.
5. The right leg is hidden on the way towards The Drenchfort.

The Hammer’s Forge

1. After receiving the Maker’s Key, speak to Alya again. She will give you this quest.
2. Travel to The Shattered Forge. Once inside, go through the west door and dive into the water. Swim down through a tunnel into the next area.
3. After defeating the enemies, enter the next corridor and then wall run along the corridor – leaping from wall to wall – to reach the end. From here, wall run up the small crevice by jumping from side to side.
4. In the room with the Shadow Bomb, kill the enemies then jump into the water and use the handholds to get to the Shadow Bomb. Use it to destroy the yellow crystals here.
5. In the next room pull the lever and wall run across the new handholds. Use the Shadow Bomb on the crystals below.
6. After defeating the Guardian Constructs, wall run along the tunnel to reach the other side.
7. In the next room, dive into the water below and locate a hidden tunnel. Swim through here then swim up into a small alcove. Use the handholds here to climb.
8. Grab the Shadow Bomb here and throw it onto the yellow crystals opposite. Then drop down into the area below and locate the handholds on the left, which will lead around to the exit.
9. From here it’s a series of fights and platforms until you reach the room with the hammer.
10. Now you must return to Alya at the Maker’s Forge.

Spark Of Life

1. After the Foundry dungeon and the Guardian boss fight, return to Tri-Stone and speak with the blind shaman once. Talk to her about constructs to start this quest.
2. The dungeon itself is mostly combat and platform based, so it shouldn’t be much of a challenge.
3. After the platform section with the rising lava, go through the right-hand door and activate the construct. Cross the lava and use it to destroy the yellow crystals then place it inside the pedestal to create a chain to start another platforming section that leads to a Shadow Key.
4. Head north and wall run along the wall to the right of the raised bridge. Use the key on the door.
5. Once you’ve activated the construct, simply use him to access both sides of the large cavern (and the levers on either side) before continuing with a few more fights until you reach the boss.
6. Once he is dead, return to the blind shaman at Tri-Stone.

Soul Arbiter’s Sacred Scroll

1. After passing through the breach you will come to a new part of the Kingdom Of The Dead. From here you need to head south across the wooden bridges and climb the tower on the right (from inside the tower itself).
2. As you climb the tower you’ll find a floating blue symbol – this is the first clue to the Arbiter’s scroll.
3. A second clue can be found in the Gilded Arena. After exploring the western area looking for the second Animus Stone you’ll use a lantern to unlock the path south. Search in the south west corner of the room for the clue.
4. A third clue can be found in the Phariseer’s Tomb. On the third floor after defeating some wraiths and an Undead General, head through the now-open corridor and search the small alcoves for the clue.
5. A fourth clue can be found at the end of the corridor connecting The Maw and The Spine.
6. A fifth clue can be found in the first tower of the Judicator’s Tomb, behind a pillar after crossing over the pit using the raising platforms.
7. A sixth clue can be found in the second tower of the Judicator’s Tomb. After defeating the tormentor, search the southeast cell for the letters SEENN scrawled on the wall.
8. Another clue can be found in the City Of The Dead towards the end of the dungeon before destroying the yellow crystals on the large elaborate lantern. In the room before this with the floating platform, look for the co-ordinates scrawled on the wall.
9. The next clue can be found at the bottom of the north road leading away from the courtyard in Earth at the place where you defended Uriel.
10. Another clue can be found in the Ivory Tower. In the north section of the dungeon you’ll come to an area with three circular arenas and floating orbs in the middle. Southeast of this section, at the bottom of two handholds, is this clue.
11. The next clue can be found in the Black Stone. After returning to the main hall from the eastern set of corridors, look for a Phasewalker panel near the lever here. The clue is through the portal.
12. Once ready, head back to the Kingdom Of The Dead and entire the Arbiter’s Labyrinth. Follow the instructions on each of the notes to find your reward.

The Bloodless

1. After defeating Gnashor in the Gilded Arena, return to the spectre in the centre of the Eternal Throne to ask about the Land Of The Dead.
2. He will give you a talisman that will help you kill the Bloodless. Kill three in the Land Of The Dead, then explore The Forge Lands to kill three there as well.

The Lost Soul

1. Speak to Nathaniel after the battle outside the Crystal Spire and he will hand you a scroll to take to the Kingdom Of The Dead.
2. Simply use the portal at the Tree Of Life to return to the Forge Lands (the portal you need is the first one on the right) and travel to Tri-Stone to find your correspondent.

Light of the Fallen

1. On Earth, after defeating the swarm attacking Uriel, speak to her about the fallen Angels. She will give you this quest to kill ten tortured angels.
2. The first can be found in the wall northwest of Uriel, after passing through a building.
3. The second angel can be found after heading underground for the first time. You will go down a set of stairs, the Hellguard can be found hidden on the right beside a large grate.
4. As you go further underground you’ll head down some stairs with a split in the path. To the east is a pair of alcoves and sewer grates, the angel is strapped to the floor on the one furthest east.
5. When searching for the second piece of the rod you’ll cross a bridge before having to enter a building. Don’t just yet, however, head west then north to the end of another bridge. Turn around to find the Hellguard on the right.
6. The sixth Hellguard is found after passing through the building just before the past one. Start heading west along the road then turn around to see the Hellguard attached to the top of the building on the right.
7. The next Hellguard is located in the underground pass after the fight with The Noss. As you head east you’ll walk up onto a ledge to bypass some molten claws blocking the way. As you do look for a rifle on the ground, the Hellguard is hidden around the corner from here.
8. When the underpass starts to bend north, look for a pair of doors leading to a small room to the south, the seventh angel is in here.
9. After Uriel unlocks the barricade leading to the third piece of the Rod Of Arafel you’ll come to a derelict overpass. After defeating a second Noss, travel all the way to the west to see the eighth Hellguard beneath the road.
10. The ninth Hellguard is situated on the second floor of the bridge after a third Noss fight. After passing through the large archway, turn around to see the angel strapped to the right pillar.
11. The final angel is located after collecting the third piece of the Rod Of Arafel. He is in the last room before jumping out to the courtyard you first met Uriel in.
12. Uriel should now be in this courtyard, speak to her.



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