Black Ops 2: Zombies Mode Survival Guide

Adam Barnes


Need help surviving Black Ops 2’s new Zombie modes, or just want to improve your longevity? Well check out our survival guide for everything you need to know.

Published on Nov 15, 2012

There’s a diehard community for Treyarch’s Zombies mode, and for good reason. It’s a slice of co-operation in an increasingly competitive multiplayer game, and it takes some real skill to survive.

Because of the set up of Zombies we can’t give you a step-by-step rundown on how to survive, so instead give you some general guidelines, tips to increase your odds of survival.

Start With The Knife

Early on in Zombies your most important task is to save as much as you can. If you can avoid buying new weapons or ammo then you’ll be better off later on when it’s needed for the more interesting weapons.

To this end, use melee attacks to kill the first set of zombies. They begin weaker, so a single knife attack is enough to finish them off. The next couple of rounds give the zombies a bit more health, but they can still be kill with safe side-stepping while attacking.

Headshots Win

If you like single shot weapons then you should always be aiming for the head. Not only does this do more damage to the zombies, but it’ll earn you additional points too.

In later rounds you’re going to want to aim for the head as often as possible, even if you have an automatic weapon just because it’ll take so much effort to bring them down.

Let Them Tear Down The Boards

This is really only something you need to worry about early on. You’ll be tempted to shoot the zombies before they reach the boards, but remember you can grab some points for repairing barricades.

Let the barricades get damaged – even if it isn’t completely – then repair them to earn some extra points. Later on this will become less of an issue: the sheer volumes of zombies means you won’t have time to worry about repairing things, just remember that there’s some easy points up for grab if you can.

Create Crawlers

If you ever need a bit of breathing space then remember in later rounds you can ‘create’ Crawler zombies. By shooting at the legs (or, more reliably, using a grenade on a crowd of zombies) you can injure a zombie enough so that they’re forced to drag their way towards you.

Keep one of these blighters alive and you’ll be able to explore the map with a bit more ease since they’re slower and easier to avoid. Use this freedom to look for new weapons and items or repair barricades for extra points.

Don’t Grab The Power-Ups Straight Away

It’s all about timing. If you see a Nuke power-up drop, don’t collect it until the zombie horde is at its greatest to maximise efficiency. If a Max Ammo power-up appears, use up all your current ammo before grabbing it.

It’s mostly to make the most of the drops, so try to wait until the perfect moment before grabbing it. When a power-up starts to flash it’s about to disappear, so you can wait until then to pick it up to ensure you don’t waste anything.

Don’t Be Afraid To Let The Bus Go

In Tranzit mode you’ll likely be tempted to take the bus every time it leaves, but there’s no reason why you need to rush. If you find the Mystery Box then it may be worth waiting a couple of rounds to grab extra points and try your luck at some hardcore weaponry.

The bus will come back around within a couple of rounds, and it’s always worth exploring each area a bit just to help find additional supplies or build new equipment – such as the car door shield. Bear this in mind.



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