Black Ops 2 Guide: Best Weapon, Perks & Scorestreaks Class Loadout

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New to Call Of Duty or just want a handy reference for putting together the ultimate class set up in Black Ops 2? Then you’ll need this guide.

Published on Nov 12, 2012

Call Of Duty can be a tough game. Pick the wrong weapon or choose the wrong perk and you could find yourself at a massive disadvantage.

The pick ten system doesn’t help either, limiting you in ways you perhaps don’t want to be but enabling you in others.

And so we’re here to help, creating some potential loadouts for you to use in a variety of set ups. We’re sure there’s one for you in here somewhere and, if not, let us know your build below and maybe we’ll even include it here.

As with all these things, they are entirely customisable. You may not like a weapon we’ve picked, in which case swap it out. These are just guidelines to help you out.

The Best Black Ops 2 Loadouts

NowGamer’s Favourite Loadout

Entirely subjective this one, but it’s a build we’ve found ourselves using a lot online. Whether you’ll like it or not is hard to say, but we like it. So there.

We went for the SIG556 since its three-round burst reduces weapon spray, attaching a suppressor once we had used it enough to unlock it. The idea here was to stay as hidden as possible, but nor could we turn down the Hardline Perk either. As a result we had to lose a sidearm to ensure we could have a lethal and tactical grenade, but you can pick and choose for yourself.

Primary Weapon: SIG556
Primary Attachment 1: Suppressor
Primary Attachment 2: Adjustable Stock
Lethal Grenade: Grenade
Tactical Grenade: Concussion
Wildcard: Perk 1 Greed
Perk 1A: Hardline
Perk 1B: Ghost
Perk 2: Toughness
Perk 3: Dexterity


UAV, Care Package, Lightning Strike

Play Defensively

We won’t use the term ‘campers’ because it’s all a valid way of playing. Still, if you prefer to play a little more defensively than the run-‘n’-gunners, then this is the build for you.

Primary Weapon: AN-94
Primary Attachment 1: Select Fire
Primary Attachment 2: Reflex Sight
Secondary Weapon: Five-Seven
Lethal Grenade: Claymore
Tactical Grenade (x2): Sensor Grenade
Perk 1: Flak Jacket
Perk 2: Hard Wired
Perk 3: Awareness


UAV, Counter-UAV, Sentry Gun

Play Aggressively

If Team Deathmatch is your thing then this is a build you might want to consider, which combines offensive perks and weaponry with some explosive – yet automated – Scorestreak abilities.

Primary Weapon: Type 25
Primary Attachment 1: Millimeter Scanner
Secondary Weapon: RPG
Wildcard: Danger Close
Lethal Grenade (x2): Grenade
Tactical Grenade: Flashbang
Perk 1: Hardline
Perk 2: Scavenger
Perk 3: Engineer


Hunter Killer, Lightning Strike, Stealth Chopper

Be Quick, Be Quiet

This was a popular loadout back with the original Black Ops, and it’s one that works just as well here. It requires losing a couple of things, but is nonetheless suitable if you like to get to areas you aren’t expected at quickly.

Primary Weapon: PDW-57
Primary Attachment 1: Suppressor
Primary Attachment 2: Fast Mag
Lethal: Combat Axe
Wildcard 1: Perk 1 Greed
Wildcard 2: Perk 3 Greed
Perk 1A: Lightweight
Perk 1B: Ghost
Perk 3A: Extreme Conditioning
Perk 3B: Dead Silence


UAV, Hunter Killer, Counter-UAV

Spray And Pray

This is for those who just like to point, shoot and hope things die. Heavy amounts of ammo and a boost to hip-firing makes this loadout a good one for close quarters matches and faster game modes.

Primary Weapon: MTAR or MSMC
Primary Attachment 1: Extended Clip
Primary Attachment 2: Laser Sight
Secondary Weapon: KAP-40
Lethal: Semtex
Tactical (x2): Bouncing Betty
Perk 1: Hardline
Perk 2: Toughness
Perk 3: Dexterity


UAV, Lightning Strike, Death Machine

For Snipers

There should always be a loadout for snipers, and some Black Ops 2 maps are well built for them. The choice of weapon is by the by, this is all reliant on the attachments and the perks.

Primary Weapon: DSR 50
Primary Attachment 1: Ballistics CPU
Primary Attachment 2: ACOG
Secondary Weapon: KAP-40
Wildcard: Danger Close
Lethal (x2): Claymore
Perk 1: Ghost
Perk 2: Cold Blooded
Perk 3: Awareness


Counter-UAV, Sentry Gun, Orbital VSAT

Jack Of All Trades

Not every map is suited to every kind of playstyle, and so this set up lets you fulfil most roles in any situation. As you might expect, it’s the most customisable one of the lot.

Primary Weapon: SMR
Primary Attachment 1: Adjustable Stock
Primary Attachment 2: Quickdraw
Secondary Weapon: Five-Seven
Secondary Attachment: Suppressor
Lethal: Semtex
Tactical: Flashbang
Perk 1: Hardline
Perk 2: Toughness
Perk 3: Awareness


UAV, Care Package, Sentry Gun



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