Black Ops 2 Buried Guide: Candy Delivery, Pack-A-Punch, Awaken The Gazebo, Easter Egg

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2's latest Zombies map, Buried, is tricky. How do you awaken the gazebo? Deliver the candy? Where's the Easter Egg? We have the answers inside.

Published on Jul 3, 2013

Buried is a deceptively simple map. It seems like a small area with another patrolling giant to be wary of but it's full of surprises - there are witches, weird orbs that light up, a time-travelling element and the patrolling giant is actually on your side.

We don't have all the information yet on what to do or how the map works, so we'll break down what we know and keep this page updated.

Buried - Vulture Aid: What Does It Do?

One of the new perks in Buried is Vulture Aid, which lets you see where all the pick-ups are on the map (you can find it in the back of the church, which is on the same side of the street where Leeroy is locked up in the sheriff's jail). Downed zombies will also drop moneybags that serve as extra points and there's a random chance zombies will spew a green mist when killed, which stops other zombies from being attracted to you.

Buried - Perma PhD Flopper: Unlock It For Free

You can unlock the PhD Flopper perk simply by taking random fall damage. About five or six instances of this will see a small green explosion as you land when it's activated, which awards you the perk. The perk means you cause explosions when you dolphin dive (hold B while running) which is super useful. You also stop taking damage from explosives - unless you hold onto a grenade until it explodes - and you won't take damage if you dolphin dive from height. It's a permanent unlock too and lasts until you normal fall damage, which resets the perk.

Buried - Witches: What's The Best Way Of Dealing With Them?

When you unlock the door to the mansion at the end of the 'path' in Buried, you'll notice the mansion is full of 'witches'. They don't do as much damage as zombies but they're a much faster threat. That's not what's annoying about them though - they'll swipe 2000 points from your total each time they hit.

The best way to get through the mansion is either to get a lot of distance between each player as they travel through or to stick together in a tight, tight cluster. Witches never spawn behind you, and it's only when players are randomly running around throughout the mansion that the spawn system becomes confused. So either get distance or stay right on top of each other as you move through the mansion, and witches will only ever appear in front of you.

Buried - Ectoplasmic Residue Achievement

When you make your way out of the witch mansion, you'll see a hedge maze ahead. Reach the hedge maze and kill all the witches following you. The last witch will drop a perk - as long as you killed her outside of the mansion - which unlocks the achievement when you collect it.

Buried - How To Turn On Power

This guide shows how to switch the power on faster than we can explain with words.

Buried - Make A Candy Delivery Achievement

First up, you need to find Leeroy/the sloth/the giant, who is locked up in the sheriff's jail. You then need to find the glowing green skull key to unlock him, but the bad news is that it's a random spawn. The four locations the key might appear in are:

  • In the same jail room, on the wall to the left of Leeroy (lucky you)
  • In the bank on the wall, before you drop into the underground tunnel
  • In the courtroom, below the Sleight Of Hand perk
  • In one of the rooms above the saloon

When you have the key, you can unlock the door to let Leeroy out - remember that it's not an instant unlock, so you want to clear the area of zombies first. In one of the rooms near the jail cell, there's a bowl of candy. Grab it and feed it to Leeroy for the achievement.

Buried - I Am Your Huckleberry Achievement

You need Leeroy to destroy all the junk in your way, which is done by giving him booze. You can find booze in the saloon (on the table), at the back of the bar or inside the jail cell. You get one free booze bottle per round - you have to buy extra bottles from the till in the saloon.

When you give Leeroy booze, he'll turn 180 degrees and run, destroying whatever's in his path - make sure you're looking at the debris you want to smash before giving him the booze. When you've cleared all the junk, get Leeroy to smash the fountain for the achievement.

Buried - FSIRT Against The Wall Achievement

Buy the LSAT from the starting area (it costs 2000 points) and play through to the mansion and hedge maze. The Pack-a-Punch machine is found at the bottom of the spiral stairwell. Pack-a-Punch the LSAT for the FSIRT Against The Wall achievement.

Buried - Revisionist Historian Achievement

To get the Revision Historian achievement in Buried, just use the Time Bomb. It's one of the unlocks in the Mystery Box. When you unlock it, press down on the d-pad, throw the Time Bomb and detonate it. Using the Time Bomb returns you to the wave and location where you initially placed it (and leaves any unlocked doors open), but it also resets your guns and points.

Buried - Mined Games Achievement

Buried - Death From Below Achievement

First you need to build the Subsurface Resonator…

And then you just need to find a place to use it to kill 10 zombies.

Buried - Awaken The Gazebo Achievement

For this achievement, you need to Pack-a-Punch a weapon during round 1 with no-one using the bank or Weapon Locker. Impossible, right?

Most people thought you had to use the Time Bomb, which takes you back to the round where you placed it and leaves any doors unlocked. The problem is that it resets your points, leaving you short for the Pack-a-Punch (which costs 5000 points).

There's another method to getting the achievement, which also works when playing solo.

Buried - How To Find The Easter Egg

This probably isn't the Easter Egg on Buried, but this is how you unlock Buried's Easter Egg 'song'




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