Mob Of The Dead Guide: Warden's Key, Switching The Power On, Easter Eggs

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Mob Of The Dead is full of Easter Eggs and secrets and sealed off by demands for the Warden's Key and switching the power on. This should help get you started.

Published on Apr 17, 2013

Mob Of The Dead is the new Zombies map for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 and the Afterlife gimmick is central to the gameplay. When you die, you’ll enter Afterlife, a ghost mode where you take no damage but you can ‘shock’ zombies. You can also use this shock attack to power up certain parts of Alcatraz prison. The only catch is that you only have a certain amount of time in Afterlife before you have to revive your own body and you can only do this once per wave.

As for the Mob Of The Dead map itself, there’s a lot to it, so here we go.

Mob Of The Dead: Warden’s Key

This is the first step you have to complete. Open the far door that leads to the prison cells and the key will be in either of these locations:

  • The hook at the far end (by the cafeteria entrance)
  • The hook in the next room (by the citadel tunnels entrance). Head up to the second floor and to the end of the catwalk to find the entrance.

The key will only ever be in one of these two spots. Once you’ve established where the key is, you have to go into Afterlife and you’ll see an opening near the key. Follow the opening until you find a generator. Shock the generator and the key will drop down. Grab the key and it’ll count as though everyone on your team has picked up the Warden Key.

Mob Of The Dead: Turn On The Power

Head to the basement and you’ll find a generator room. Enter Afterlife and you’ll see blue cables running along the ground. All you need to do here is shock the three generators until they clunk back into life for the power to come back on. This will also disable the electricity leading to the Warden’s office (bizarrely).

Mob Of The Dead: Five Plane Parts

You need to get five plane parts to build the plane to escape. You can only carry one plane part at a time, so your team can carry a maximum of four plane parts. This means a return trip from the roof (where the plane is built) to get the last plane part. The parts you need are:

This can be found in the shower room, with the hung-up corpses. Use the Warden’s Key to gain access to the laundry machine, then activate it. It’ll take a while to spin through but when it’s done, you’ll have the clothes.

Rope: There will be a massive lift in a spiral column. Enter Afterlife at the top and head down the spiral column. You’ll see three numbers as you go. This is the code you need. At the bottom of the column is a 000 behind a locked fence. Unlock the fence with the Warden’s Key and enter the code by shocking each number the right amount of times.

Propane Tanks: On the docks, there’s a door that can be opened with the Warden’s Key, which leads to another fence that stands between you and the propane tanks. You need a second person with you to complete this. In Afterlife, with the second person standing inside the area, shock the fence controls and it will open up, allowing the second player access to the Propane Tanks. The reason you can’t do this yourself is you need to be in Afterlife to exit the area and obviously, you only have one Afterlife token to spend.

Valves: It’s in the infirmary, locked away by the roof entrance. Use the key to open it up.

Engine: In the Warden’s Office. The power needs to be turned on to disable the electricity that prevents you from getting to the office.

Mob Of The Dead: Getting To The Roof

In Afterlife, pass back out of the infirmary and you’ll notice a gap in the wall that you can pass through. This allows you to leap onto the roof and you can then shock the roof entrance from the other side, unlocking it for your entire team and giving you all access to the plane. Only access the plane when everyone is nearby to get on, otherwise you’ll leave the others behind. When everyone gets in the plane, it crash-lands on the bridge. You can then return to the prison by using the electric chair, which completes the first ‘cycle’.

Mob Of The Dead: What Do The Flaming Dog Heads Do?

There are three hellhounds – one in the prison cells, one in the docks, one in the infirmary – and they’re tied in with the ‘Feed The Beast’ achievement that grants you the Hell Retriever axe. All you need to do is exactly as the achievement suggests. Feed the beast! Kill zombies near the hellhound and it will eat them. Feed all three heads and the Hell Retriever axe will be unlocked.

Mob Of The Dead: Pop Goes The Weasel

A lot of work for not much reward - although the audio is 'hidden' during the Easter Egg part of this video, so as not to ruin it for players - but here's one of the first full video guides on how to nab the elusive achievement.


Mob of The Dead: Easter Eggs (Sort Of)

Here are some other Easter Eggs that have been discovered in Mob Of The Dead…



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