PS Vita Trophy Guide: How To Unlock The Hardest Trophies

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We delve into the PS Vita's collection of games to find out how to unlock the toughest Trophies on Sony's latest handheld.

Published on Mar 27, 2012

So, you've had your PS Vita for a while and now you're probably wondering how to mop up those remaining PS Vita Trophies for your favourite games.

To help out we've filtered through the biggest games on the PS Vita to track down solutions to those trickier Trophies. From Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipEout 2048 and Unit 13 to digital games like Escape Plan, MotorStorm RC and Plants Vs Zombies - we've got them all.

If you're missing any others, just let us know in the comments below. We'll see if we can help.

Escape Plan

Death Comes For Ye – Silver
Most levels it’s easy to figure out how Lil and Laarg should die, but in the game’s early levels you will need to be inventive – make sure you interact with the environment in every way possible.

Test Subjects – Bronze
For this you’ll need to kill sheep on at least six levels – there are 12 levels where this is possible, so just make sure you kill sheep however you can wherever you spot one.

Trippin – Bronze
There are a few levels where objects clutter the ground so, before you move them for Lil to pass by, let him first trip over them. Do this on five different levels and this Trophy will be yours.

Everybody's Golf

Watery Wonder – Bronze
To earn this Trophy you’ll need to skim the surface of the water with a ball at least three times, then finish on land. Aim into a small lake with land on the other side and use as much spin as possible.

FIFA Football

Once in a Lifetime – Silver
This is surprisingly easy. Play as a goalkeeper in an arena practice match against just another goalie, be sure to get your keeper the ball then simply slot it in. Easy.

Woodwork and In! – Bronze
You’ll likely get this without trying, but if you’re struggling to unlock it then try practising penalty kicks while aiming at either of the top corners of the goal.

Lumines Electronic Symphony

Lucky 5 – Bronze
Luck has everything to do with this Trophy, though you can help it by piling up the blocks as much as possible. The more blocks on screen, the higher chance you’ll have of a randomising block creating five squares for you.

A Perfect Storm – Bronze
As with Lucky 5, you can help this Trophy along by creating a ‘path’ of matching blocks. Avoid making full squares, and create a trail of at least 25 blocks to tie together with a Chain Block.

Time Stands Still – Silver
This tricky Trophy tasks you with erasing 30 blocks in 30 seconds. You’d be tempted to think about each placement, but really you need to be as quick as possible. Don’t worry about mistakes and just keep trying.

Journey's End – Silver
This requires you to keep playing until you’ve unlocked the second batch of skins. The very last one is super fast with red and white blocks – but if you fail, just click retry and clear the skin. The Trophy still counts.

Black Belt – Silver
Master Mode has five different stages, and once you reach a new stage it will be unlocked to return to at any time. Don’t worry about restarting, since it’ll clear the screen for you.

MotorStorm RC

Ghost Busted – Bronze
You’ll want to get this early on before your friends start getting better at the game. Look for someone higher than you in an event and try to beat their ghost. Simple.

Custom Collection – Bronze
You won’t be able to do this until you’ve unlocked the Supercars. Simply enter the collection menu and change all eight types of vehicles to a different model and skin.

Swish – Bronze
Enter the playground once you’ve collected 20 medals and head north. One of the half-pipes here has a basketball hoop; drive at an angle to the hoop with a decent amount of speed to land through it to unlock this.

As Good As New – Silver
If you don’t get this naturally, then retry the very first race event. Quickly grab first position by the first corner then carefully make your way around the course – the opposition are too slow to be any trouble.

Wall Brawl – Silver
The Pitwall at the main menu will show any recent friend activity – the events marked red are challenges that you’ll need to beat, and will only work once you’ve accepted and beat ten events through the Pitwall.

Rare Reward – Silver (Hidden)
For this you’ll need to unlock at least two secret vehicles. Luckily it’s quite easy, simply head to the playground and score ten and then 20 goals in the open net in the northwest corner of the area.

Plants Vs Zombies

No Fungus Among Us – Silver
This could well be the hardest Trophy in the game, but to unlock it easily simply head into any mini-game or puzzle stage that takes place at night and complete it without using mushrooms. Easy.

Super Stardust Delta

Multiplayer Hero – Silver
You’ll need to earn a multiplier of 20 to get this, which means surviving for that long without dying once. Start on easy on the first planet in Arcade mode – you should get it after completing the second planet.

The Tokenizer – Bronze
During Arcade play you’ll encounter a string of bonus meteors. When the final (largest) meteor drops, don’t shoot it. Instead, get close to it and activate boost right through the centre to collect 15 tokens at once.

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Relic Finder – Bronze
In Chapter 15 you will open a locked wooden door for Chase. After you have done this you can scale the wall beside the door which you can climb up and around – the relic will be at the top.

Ruffle My Feathers – Bronze
During Chapter 20 you’ll encounter a cut-scene with Sully. There’s a parrot in it who can be tapped to get him to say a quip of some form. Tap the parrot as much as possible to get eight unique quips and unlock this Trophy.

Unit 13

Twin Foiled – Bronze
This can be earned on the very first mission. In the room where you must plant the charges, wait for a patrolling enemy to walk near a stationary guard then, when he turns around, get behind them and stab them both.

Two For One – Bronze
On the High Value Target mission PHOENIX head through the level until you have to disable a trip mine. On the left are two guards – carefully line up a shot that will take out both and then fire. Preferably use a sniper or assault rifle.

Life of the Party – Bronze
In mission 10 you need to find and collect a wooden bust in the back of the storage room. Now wait until you reach the checkpoint timer, but instead of going upstairs take a right to a dead end. Place the bust and enter the room.

Blast from the Past – Bronze
On the final HVT mission you’ll come to a bazaar with a fruit stand on the left. Head left into the nearby building and follow it left and left again. If done properly you’ll find a table with some sausages and oranges on it. Interact for the Trophy.

WipEout 2048

The unlucky 7 – Silver
Once you’ve unlocked the prototype Qirex with unlimited machine gun fire, play the first challenge stage and use it on all enemies until there is no one left. The race will be cancelled and you’ll unlock this.

Mach 1.5 – Gold
You’ll need to reach Zone 65 for this Trophy. Attempt it on Sol in 2050 where the Elite objective is to reach Zone 60. It’s the easiest to reach and all you need is another extra five zones.

Beat Zico – Gold
Zico returns, but this is a little easier. Practice the track Altima, and remember to get as many barrel rolls as possible. Get in four smooth barrel rolls and it should be enough to beat the time.



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