FIFA 13 Tricks Guide

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Another year, another FIFA - and we've got all the tricks, skills and moves you need to beat your mates in FIFA 13.

Published on Aug 31, 2012

FIFA 13 is finally here, with more than enough subtle changes to give even hardened players something of a learning curve.

As well as new first-touch and improved AI systems, EA Sports has served up a host of tricks and skills. Check out how to do them all, with our FIFA 13 tricks guide below.

First things first: all the tricks and skills listed on this page are from the PS3 version of FIFA 13 (so you'll need to compensate L1/R1 for LB/RB and L2/R2 for LT/RT on Xbox 360) and relate to the in-game perspective you play in Be A Pro (as above) - you'll need to adjust the commands for playing left-to-right, or when your player finds himself off-kilter.

Don't forget to keep L2/LT pressed to perform all of the tricks listed.

1 Star Tricks

The basics - take the mickey with juggle, or unlock some brilliant moves with the skills modifier and the right stick.

2 Star Tricks

Old favourites such as step-overs and body feints are reliable when timed correctly,

3 Star Tricks

This is where things get a little more technical, and mistakes can cost you the ball. The roulette isn't very robust, but looks beautiful - remember Zinedine Zidane's Marseille turn? If you can pull it off you'll be sailing past defenders in no time. Fluff it up and you'll be on your backside. Without the ball.

4 Star Tricks

Lionel Messi is the poster boy for FIFA 13 - and if you can pull off these  4 star moves, you're approcahing his superstar league. The simple rainbow has players looping the ball from behind over their own head and can be a sublime way to take the ball past someone.

Then there's the heel chop (think Cristiano Ronaldo) which enables pacy wingers to change direction with the ball at their feet - without giving away where they're going to defenders.

5 Star Tricks

The best-of-the-best tricks out there - but still some easy-to-execute moves at the highest level - novices should check out the Elastico Chop, Turn & Spin.

5 Star Juggling Tricks

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