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We give you the low down on each and every weapon for you to make a valued judgment about which weapon to use in CS:GO.

Published on Aug 23, 2012

CS:GO is finally here, and so to help you hit the ground running we’ve gathered all the intel on the game’s arsenal so you can better pick the weapon for you.

All weapons are bundled into a category: pistols, heavy weapons, SMGs, rifles and grenades. There’s also gear, but that’s for defence instead.

There are a few differences between the Counter Terrorists and Terrorists weapon sets as well, however, so we will point those out within each category.

CS:GO Pistols:

Pistols are the most basic weapon available in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. You’ll start every match with a basic pistol, but it’s worth upgrading in later rounds to quickly switch to should you run out of ammo – a better pistol means better survivability in these situations.


As the starting pistol for the Terrorists, you shouldn’t expect much from this weapon. As its stats suggests, it’s deadly accurate but very weak – if you’re sticking to saving cash in the initial rounds, remember to fire quickly to safely take an enemy down.


Unlike the Glock-18, the P250 packs a punch with its shots. It’s not very accurate though, so only use this one in close-quarters combat. It’s powerful though, so will only need a couple of bullets.


The Five-SeveN is kind of a hybrid of the Glock and the P250, but what this means is that it’s only slightly more powerful than the Glock but with less accuracy. Our suggestion? If you’re spending this much on a pistol just get Desert Eagle instead.

Desert Eagle

Already proving to be a popular accessory in CS:GO, the Desert Eagle is one of the better choices out of the pistols. It deals a ton of damage and, though it only has a clip of seven bullets, doesn’t take much to kill an enemy. It’s range is poor, but the damage means lucky long-range shots can happen.

Dual Berettas

As badass as using these two weapons is, it takes a risky playstyle to make them work. The accuracy is a little hit and miss, and the damage is middling – the idea here is to get close and pelt enemies in the chest with a ton of bullets. Ideal for the Office map.


This is the starting weapon for the Counter Terrorists and, if we’re judging these things closely, it is a touch more accurate than the Glock-18. What this means is that it is a little better over range at hitting its target, but you likely won’t notice much of a difference.


There’s a reason the Tek-9 is half the price of the Desert Eagle. It has a high bullet count so it can just keep firing – perfect if you don’t always manage to hit your enemy in a close-quarters gun battle – but the accuracy is low and its damage doesn’t make up for the slow firing speed.

CS:GO Heavy Weapons:

Heavy weapons are either shotguns or light machine guns. The shotgun has obvious uses in close range, but the LMG is rarely used in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This is a high-speed game, and the LMG doesn’t cater for that.


This is the most basic shotgun you can get. It’s fairly weak, the shell scatter is too high to be effective at anything other than close range and it’s slow. It is cheap though, so fairly useful on close-quarters maps.


The difference between this and the Nova is only the fire rate. The XM1014 can fire faster, which is important during those frantic up-close-and-personal battles – and a reason it costs much more than the Nova.


Though it looks like an SMG, the MAG-7 is actually a single-shot shotgun. It has quite a lot of power, so great for taking out enemies hiding in corners. It is exclusive to the Counter Terrorists, however.


This classic shotgun has a lot of damage, but it is very slow to fire so you need to make sure you hit otherwise you’re going to struggle taking out your opponent. The accuracy is low, but with a fairly condensed spread. Not as good as the XM1014 though.


Of the two LMGs, this has the slowest fire rate but also slightly increased accuracy. If you’re choosing to use an LMG, this is for maps with larger open areas and corridors for better range.


Opposite to the M249, the Negev favours high bullet count over accuracy. The recoil can be a pain, but get enough bullets into your enemy and that shouldn’t matter.

CS:GO Sub Machine Guns:

As always, the SMGs in Counter Strike: Global Offensive are intended for faster, close-range combat. As such, they’re popular choices in Counter Strike, and for good reason.


Exclusive to the Counter-Terrorist team, this early SMG is fast to use and fast to fire. It’s not very powerful, hence the low cost, but is a good early round SMG.


The MAC-10 is to the Terrorists as the MP9 is to team CT. There are a few subtle differences, however, since it does fire a little slower and the spread of bullets isn’t quite as accurate.


If you have the cash it might be worth opting for the MP7 over the cheaper, earlier alternatives, especially if you’re on the Terrorist side. A slight increase in damage output means it’s a better upgrade, even with the slower firerate.


Though the charts say otherwise, there’s little difference between this and the MP7. It is cheaper so a decent choice if you can’t quite afford the MP7, but the increase in movement speed will only be valuable on maps like Office.


Considering the cost of this weapon it probably isn’t a surprise that it’s the best SMG around. If you prefer this category, aim to use this one more than any other. It can fire a lot of bullets in a very short time – and with minimal recoil and a high accuracy – so it’s great for all situations.


The PP-Bizon doesn’t seem to pin down a niche very well. It is very slick to use however, enabling smooth and fast shots when clearing rooms with tight corners and corridors. It’s huge bullet count means you can last longer in a gunfight.

CS:GO Rifles:

Rifles cost a lot compared to the rest of Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s arsenal (LMGs excluded) but they do deal more damage and are better used at range, which is a very valid playstyle.


This is specific to the Counter-Terrorist and is the most basic assault rifle, including all the connotations that come with that. It does feature a special burst fire alternate fire, for shots more likely to kill over greater distance. The lower clip count does limit it slightly, however.

Galil AR

The Terrorist equivalent of the FAMAS is a little cheaper and, except for the lack of a burst fire function, is largely the same in every regard. A great first weapon upgrade, and useful on maps like Dust.


This is one of the most expensive rifles, and for good reason. It’s accuracy means you can use it over greater distances, though you’ll need to make sure your bullets hit since it doesn’t deal much damage. Counter-Terrorist only.


The Terrorist equivalent of the M4A4, this popular rifle increases damage output for higher recoil and lesser accuracy. It’s a little harder to use over distance, but at mid to short range it is a beast.

SSG 08

This is the cheapest available sniper rifle, which means it’s a good base to start early rounds with if you prefer long-range battles but not worth keeping on to for long due to its weaker damage capabilities.


Though both teams have a specific rifle of this type, they are practically the same. Both have short scopes, both are almost deadly accurate and both have a fast firerate. The ultimate assault rifle.


As a bolt-action sniper rifle this is the better choice over the weaker SSG 08. It deals a lot of damage – in most cases enough to kill a man with a single shot – and comes with a two-times zoom. You’ll need to be a good shot, it is bolt-action after all, but if you are this is the sniper rifle for you.


Another pair that are exactly the same regardless of the faction you play as. These are a hybrid between sniper rifle and assault rifle, including a two-times scope, a single-shot semi-automatic setup and a decent amount of damage. Most impressive is its accuracy, however, making it useful for all situations providing you have the trigger finger to use it to its best.



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