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News 22.08.2014

Do You Still Want Fez 2? Try Making It Yourself.

Josh West
Phil Fish has quit Twitter again and made his most controversial move yet more...
News 18.08.2014

Fez Creator Says "You Don't Deserve" A Sequel

Josh West
Still hoping for a sequel to Fez? Then creator Phil Fish wants you to "shut the fuck up" about it more...
News 05.07.2013

Fez Patch On The Way

Ryan King
Fez creator Phil Fish confirms that after a year-long standoff with Microsoft, the title will finally be patched. more...
News 19.07.2012

Fez-Gate: Developers Wade Into Polytron Patch Xbox Live Debate

Tom Hopkins
Fez developer Phil Fish confirms patch costs mean no more game updates via Xbox Live, splitting industry opinion. more...
News 13.06.2012

Super Meat Boy, Fez, Braid Documentary Indie Game: The Movie Available Now

Tom Hopkins
Highly-anticipated documentary movie featuring Phil Fish, Team Meat and Jonathan Blow launches. more...
News 25.05.2012

Super Meat Boy, Fez, Braid Devs Star In Indie Game: The Movie Next Month

Tom Hopkins
Indie developer documentary available to download in June. more...
News 18.04.2012
MW3 Piazza 1-008.jpg

Modern Warfare 3, Fez Most Popular Games On Xbox Live

Tom Hopkins
Despite opinions that Call of Duty has had its day it was still the most popular game on Xbox Live last week. more...
News 16.04.2012

Fez Bug Fixes Incoming - Polytron

Tom Hopkins
Polytron promises to fix problems on brand new Xbox 360 indie platformer. more...
Xbox Live Arcade Reviews 13.04.2012

Fez Review

games™ Magazine
Fez is finally released, but has this long overdue, quirky XBLA platformer turned out well? Find out in our review. more...
News 11.04.2012

Fez: Indie Platformer Gets Outstanding Reviews, Hits Xbox 360 This Week

Tom Hopkins
Polytron Corporation's retro XBLA platformer Fez has received some exceptional review scores. more...
Features 21.06.2011

Fez Interview: Polytron's Phil Fish

gamesTM Magazine
Phil Fish tells us all about the in-development XBLA platformer, Fez more...

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