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News 22.04.2013

'Next Xbox Will Not Be Compatible With Second Hand'

Adam Barnes
Sources close to Xing Interactive managing director seem to think the Xbox 720 will require an always-on connection. more...
News 28.03.2013

Minecraft XBLA Has Sold Over Six Million Copies

Ryan King
Staggering success for the Xbox Live Arcade edition of the popular game. more...
Xbox Live Arcade Reviews 26.03.2013

Terraria Review

Adam Barnes
Has this Minecraft-alike ported over to Xbox 360 well? Find out in our Terraria review. more...
Xbox Live Arcade Previews 08.03.2013

Brothers: How Starbreeze's Download Game Does Things Differently

Aoife Wilson
Brothers in charms: What Syndicate and Riddick developers Starbreeze did next more...
Xbox 360 Previews 13.02.2013

Obscure Dev Talks Remakes, Dead Space & Innovation

Alex Evans
Obscure remade blends survival horror with cartoon violence - we chat to lead dev Francois Potentier about the series' new direction. more...
News 01.02.2013

Microsoft Registers 'Fusion: Sentient', 'Marlow Briggs' & 'Gunpowder'

Adam Barnes
Microsoft is preparing a set of new IPs, could they be for the Xbox 720? more...
Xbox Live Arcade Previews 28.01.2013

Terraria: So Much More Than Just A '2D Minecraft'

David Lynch
Terraria might be considered as '2D Minecraft', but it's bringing its own special brand of creative platforming to Xbox Live and PSN. more...
News 21.01.2013

The Cave Pre-Order Bonus Grants Team Fortress 2 Hat

David Lynch
Double Fine's The Cave gives Steam pre-orders the chance to play Team Fortress 2 in a fancy themed hat. more...
News 08.01.2013

Minecraft XBLA Update Fixes Bugs, Tweaks Features

David Lynch
Minecraft on XBLA is getting itself a title update to fix a few bugs, but it's all in preparation of bigger things down the line. more...
News 20.11.2012

Xbox Live Black Friday 2012 Sale Isn't Much Of A Sale

Adam Barnes
Xbox Live's Black Friday deals revealed, and there isn't too much to get excited about. more...
News 18.10.2012

Sega Confirms Model 2 Arcade Classics For PSN, XBLA

Tom Hopkins
Following numerous hints, Sega has confirmed Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers, Sonic The Fighters, Virtual On and Virtua Striker for consoles. more...
News 16.10.2012

Deadlight Hits PC Next Week

Tom Hopkkins
XBLA zombie side-scroller Deadlight hits Steam next week - here are the specs. more...
News 15.10.2012

Half-Life Headed To Minecraft Xbox 360 In Skin Pack 3

Tom Hopkins
The first of many new skins for Minecraft Xbox 360 edition have been revealed with Skin pack 3. more...
Xbox Live Arcade Reviews 11.10.2012

Naughty Bear: Panic In Paradise Review

Ryan King
Naughty Bear - somehow - gets a sequel, but has the move to XBLA improved on the original's flaws? Find out in our review. more...
News 09.10.2012

Forza Horizon Demo Live Now On Xbox 360

Adam Barnes
Forza 4 spin-off and open-world racer Forza Horizon is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace. more...
Xbox Live Arcade Reviews 08.10.2012

Worms Revolution Review

games™ Magazine
Is this the evolution Worms needs, or is it just more of the same? Find out in our Worms Revolution review. more...
Xbox Live Arcade Reviews 04.10.2012

NiGHTS Into Dreams Review

Darran Jones
NiGHTS Into Dreams, Sega's cult classic finally finds its way onto XBLA, but is the magic still there? more...
News 03.10.2012

Minecraft Xbox 360 1.8.2 Update In Cert, Change List Detailed

Tom Hopkins
4J Studios has revealed that the anticipated next update for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition is with Microsoft for testing. more...
News 02.10.2012

Star Wars: First Assault Xbox Live Art Uncovered

Tom Hopkins
Evidence mounts that LucasArts' yet-to-be announced Star Wars: First Assault is an XBLA shooter. more...
News 01.10.2012

Minecraft Xbox 360 Passes 4 Million Sales

Tom Hopkins
The XBLA version of Minecraft has hit another sales milestone. more...
News 18.09.2012

Microsoft Confirms 'Killer Instinct' Trademark Is Alive And Well

Tom Hopkins
Rare's colourful 18-year-old arcade fighter could be resurrected on Xbox Live Arcade. more...
News 11.09.2012

DayZ On XBLA: 'We'd Be Stupid Not To' - Dev

David Lynch
DayZ could find its way onto Xbox Live sooner than you might think according to Bohemia's producer. more...
Xbox Live Arcade Reviews 11.09.2012

Jet Set Radio HD Review

Adam Barnes
Sega re-releases JSR with a HD makeover, but is it still the classic you remember? Find out in our Jet Set Radio HD review. more...
News 06.09.2012

Ubisoft Announces Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger For PSN & XBLA

Adam Barnes
Call Of Juarez returns to the Wild West and is coming to Xbox 360, PS3 and PC in 2013. more...
News 05.09.2012

Skyrim: Hearthfire DLC - How To Build The Best House

Adam Barnes
We've been playing Skyrim: Hearthfire, and here's the finished product. Take a look at what your house can aspire to be. more...

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