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PC Reviews 14.09.2012

Guild Wars 2 Review

games™ Magazine
Guild Wars 2 is an MMO hoping it can stand up to World Of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic, but can it really compete? more...
News 27.03.2012
Guild wars 2_7.jpg

Guild Wars 2: New Beta Screens Reveal Asura Thief, World Vs. World, Combat

ArenaNet reveals new shots from the highly-anticipated Guild Wars 2. more...
News 20.03.2012

WoW Director: 'Titan Will Result In Two Strong Blizzard MMO Teams'

Tom Hopkins
Blizzard's next-gen MMO won't swallow up all the devs from World of Warcraft says game director. more...
Features 28.02.2012

The Secret World: Funcom Talks Consoles, PvP, Factions, Star Wars, Next-Gen

Tom Hopkins
We chat with The Secret World's Lead Content Designer Joel Bylos. more...
News 09.01.2012

SWTOR Patch 1.1 Detailed - Brings New Content, Bug Fixes

Tom Hopkins
SWTOR getting new content via huge new patch. more...
News 05.01.2012

Star Trek Online Boldly Goes Free-To-Play For Existing, Former Players

Tom Hopkins
Star Trek Online begins it's journey into uncharted territory today. more...
News 05.01.2012

SWTOR PvP Expansion Promised, Dance Exploit Fix Incoming

Tom Hopkins
Star Wars: The Old Republic gets new update, BioWare discusses new content ideas. more...
News 03.01.2012

BioWare Confirms SWTOR Bans

Tom Hopkins
Star Wars MMO players banned for using exploit. more...
News 03.01.2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic Launch Sales Confirmed, Future Plans Teased

Tom Hopkins
SWTOR played by over a million gamers at launch, could hit Mac says EA. more...
News 23.12.2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic Review Incoming

Tom Hopkins
NowGamer is wading through SWTOR like a Sith through Republic troopers to bring you the definitive verdict on BioWare's MMORPG. more...
News 19.12.2011

SWTOR: 1 Million Already Playing, Queues Forming

Tom Hopkins
Star Wars: The Old Republic player delays being taken seriously by BioWare. more...
News 15.12.2011
Guild Wars 2 Mesmer

Guild Wars 2 Release Date Draws Closer: Closed Beta Begins

Tom Hopkins
ArenaNet reveals that upcoming MMO Guild Wars 2 will enter closed beta this week. more...
News 13.12.2011

Jedi Or Sith? Star Wars: The Old Republic Access Begins

Tom Hopkins
SWTOR goes live as EA grants early access to BioWare's MMO for pre-orderers. more...
News 08.12.2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic Pricing And Early Access Detailed

Tom Hopkins
EA and BioWare reveals final SWTOR launch details. more...
Videos 06.12.2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Imperial Agent vs. Jedi Consular

Tom Hopkins
BioWare SWTOR trailer series gets us to choose sides in the upcoming MMORPG. more...
News 29.11.2011

EA Won't See Star Wars: The Old Republic Profit - Kotick

Tom Hopkins
LucasArts set to clean up says Activision Blizzard boss. more...
News 21.11.2011

Chuck Norris Enters The World Of Warcraft

Tom Hopkins
US action hero Chuck Norris hits latest WoW ads. more...
News 18.11.2011

Last Call For Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Key Giveaway

Tom Hopkins
Get your beta keys today, or too late it will be. more...
Videos 16.11.2011

SWTOR Trooper vs. Sith Inquisitor

Tom Hopkins
Two more classes face off in BioWare's Star Wars MMO. more...
News 14.11.2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Play For Free With Our Beta Key Giveaway

Tom Hopkins
Get in there quick to try out SWTOR ahead of launch. more...
Videos 25.10.2011

Aion - 2.7 Update - Crucible Colisuem

Tom Hopkins
Aion's latest update brings the PvP. more...
MMO Features 20.10.2011
MMO - 10 Best

Top 10 Best MMOs On iPad, Android And iPhone

Adam Barnes
We group test the very best online multiplayer games available on Android and iOS. more...
News 19.10.2011

Gears Of War, Batman Engine To Power MMORPG 'Bless'

MMO Worlds
Unreal Engine 3 confirmed for beautiful Korean MMO. more...
News 14.10.2011

Allods Online: Undaunted Expansion Goes Live

Tom Hopkins
Free-to-play MMORPG update includes new items. more...
News 14.10.2011

Final Fantasy XIV 2.0: Subscriptions Incoming, PS3 Delayed Until Late 2012

Tom Hopkins
Final Fantasy XIV 2.0 road map far from finish line. more...

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