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News 08.08.2013

Open World, CryEngine 3 Snowboarding Coming To Gamescom

Adam Barnes
SNOW is the game all winter sports fans have wanted, and it's going to be at Gamescom this year. more...
Features 06.02.2013

Crysis 3 Interview: Next-Gen, Homefront 2 & Competing With Call Of Duty

David Lynch
Crysis 3 is one good looking game, but what does that mean for next-gen, how is Homefront 2 doing and can Crytek's multiplayer compete with Call Of Duty? more...
Features 31.01.2013

Star Citizen Kickstarter Chat #4

David Lynch
Chris Roberts talks Star Citizen, Kickstarter, Elite: Dangerous, Next-Gen, CryEngine 3, Wing Commander and more... more...
News 10.12.2012

CryEngine 3 Used For Warhorse's Next-Gen RPG

Adam Barnes
Warhorse highlights a little of what we can expect for its technically-still-unannounced RPG. more...
News 19.11.2012

Star Citizen CryEngine 3 Video Released

Adam Barnes
Star Citizen has been quietly turning over a tidy sum, and to celebrate has released a video of the game in-engine. more...
News 30.08.2012

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Could Be First CryEngine 3 Wii U Game

Tom Hopkins
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 has been outed as a Wii U game by th ESRB. more...
News 29.08.2012

Redemption: Screens & Art Reveal Cancelled Crytek Shooter

Crysis developer's cancelled shooter Redemption revealed via first screens and concept art. more...
News 23.08.2012

Unity 4: Stunning Video Reveals Next-Gen Engine To Rival Unreal, CryEngine

Tom Hopkins
The next-gen Unity 4 game engine is looking hugely impressive in this short film rendered in realtime. more...
News 16.08.2012

Crysis 3 Graphics Will 'Melt Down PCs' - Crytek

Tom Hopkins
Crysis will return to its power-hungry PC roots with Crysis 3, according to Crytek boss Cevat Yerli. more...
News 10.08.2012
Crysis 3_4.jpg

Crysis 3 In-Game Video Reveals CryEngine's Next-Gen Credentials

Tom Hopkins
Think Crysis 3 looks impressive? You've not seen the half of it. more...
News 26.07.2012

Crysis Dev's Free PC FPS Headed To US & Europe Via Rift's Trion Worlds

Tom Hopkins
Warface, Crytek's free-to-play PC shooter, is coming to the US and Europe via tech from publisher Trion. more...
News 26.07.2012

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Release Date Delayed Until 2013

Tom Hopkins
City interactive's Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 has slipped again, this time to 2013. more...
News 21.06.2012

Wii U 'At Least As Powerful As Xbox 360', Runs Crysis Engine - Crytek

Tom Hopkins
Crytek boss Cevat Yerli says the Crysis developer has no concerns over Wii U's processing power. more...
News 07.06.2012

Is Warface The Best-Looking Free-To-Play Game Yet?

Tom Hopkins
Crysis-like visuals combine with intense multiplayer action in the trailer for Crytek's F2P shooter. more...
News 04.06.2012

Crysis 3 E3 2012 Trailer Looks Visually Stunning Thanks To CryEngine 3

Dave Cook
Crysis 3 has received a new E3 2012 trailer courtesy of EA and Crytek, featuring stunning CryEngine 3 visuals, gun battles and more. more...
News 04.06.2012

Crysis 3 Coming February, CryEngine 3 Looks Outstanding

Adam Barnes
EA confirms the expected release date of Crysis 3, alongside an amazing gameplay demo of the game. more...
News 16.05.2012
Crysis 3_1.jpg

Crysis 3 Images Reveal Overgrown NY, Bow, Graphical Polish

Tom Hopkins
Crysis 3 concept art and screens reval Crytek's ambition for the shooter's visuals. more...
PC Previews 24.04.2012
Crysis 3.jpg

Crysis 3: Trailer Analysis & What The Trailer Doesn’t Tell You!

Adam Barnes
Crysis 3’s gameplay trailer has landed: watch it here, then discover all the hidden details that it doesn’t show. more...
News 24.04.2012

Crysis 3: First Gameplay Video Reveals Combat, Weapons, Stunning Graphics

Tom Hopkins
Crytek reveals latest CryEngine adventure - Crysis 3 - with new gameplay video. more...
News 16.04.2012
Crysis 3.jpg

Crysis 3 Made Official With Early 2013 Release Date, Stunning Screens

Tom Hopkins
Crysis 3's New York billed as an 'urban rainforest' as EA and Crytek tout the "premier sandbox shooter experience of 2013." more...
News 02.04.2012

Crysis 3 Set For Reveal In April - Rumour

Tom Hopkins
Are Crytek and EA cooking up a reveal for a third Crysis title this month? more...
News 08.03.2012

Crysis Dev Opens Beta Registration For F2P Shooter Warface

Tom Hopkins
Closed Beta registration begins for Crytek's stunning looking CryEngine 3, free-to-play FPS Warface. more...
News 28.02.2012

Next-Gen: Crytek Teases New CryEngine Content, 'Durango Dev Summit'

Tom Hopkins
Rumour: Is Microsoft showing game developers next-gen hardware? more...
News 20.02.2012

Crytek Re-teaming With EA For More Crysis?

Tom Hopkins
Crysis 3 could be on the way, according to an EA job listing. more...
News 09.02.2012

Mafia, Operaton Flashpoint Devs Making Open-World CryEngine RPG

Tom Hopkins
Czech dev Warhorse Studios reveals work on CryEngine 3 project. more...

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