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Features 31.01.2013

Star Citizen Kickstarter Chat #4

David Lynch
Chris Roberts talks Star Citizen, Kickstarter, Elite: Dangerous, Next-Gen, CryEngine 3, Wing Commander and more... more...
News 31.01.2013

Next-Gen 'Won't Be As Big As The Last Generation' Says Star Citizen Dev

David Lynch
Star Citizen and ex-Wing Commander developer Chris Roberts believes the next-gen PS4 and Xbox 720 won't be as big as the PS3 and Xbox 360. more...
News 28.01.2013

Star Citizen Dev Talks Call Of Duty 'Fatigue' & Publisher 'Guessing'

David Lynch
Ex-Wing Commander dev, Chris Roberts, talks about publishers and why their 'guessing' has led to a lack of innovation and 'fatigue'. more...
News 24.10.2012

Star Citizen Kickstarter Hits $500,000 Target

Tom Hopkins
Chris Roberts' space sim goes from strength to strength with a successful Kickstarter campaign after just a few days. more...
News 19.10.2012

Star Citizen Hits Kickstarter, Targets $500,000

David Lynch
Star Citizen, Wing Commander developer Chris Roberts' new PC space sim has hit Kickstarter. more...
News 10.10.2012

Wing Commander Dev Details New Game Star Citizen

Adam Barnes
But, surprisingly, won't be using Kickstarter. Chris Roberts details his brand new game, but he needs your help. more...

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