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News 08.05.2014

Elder Scrolls Online PS4 & Xbox One Release Date Delayed

Adam Barnes
Elder Scrolls Online's PS4 and Xbox One versions likely won't be released in June. more...
PC Reviews 14.04.2014

Elder Scrolls Online Review

Kirsten Kearney
Can you afford to play ESO? The real question is can you afford not to play it? Find out in our Elder Scrolls Online review. more...
News 13.06.2013

Elder Scrolls Online On PS4 & Xbox One Details Confirmed

Adam Barnes
Zenimax Online Studios recently announced that Elder Scrolls Online is coming to PS4 and Xbox One, but what does that mean? more...
News 14.05.2013

Fallout 4: Bethesda Is Up To Something

Adam Barnes
Bethesda seems to be up to something, and the optimist in us hopes it's got something to do with Fallout 4. more...
News 07.05.2013

Wolfenstein: The New Order Coming To PS4, Xbox 720 & PC

Adam Barnes
Bethesda announces Wolfenstein: The New Order, in development at MachineGames. more...
News 11.04.2013

Prey 2: Zenimax Files Trademark Extension For The Series

Adam Barnes
Zenimax - parent company of developer Bethesda - has filed to extend the trademark for Prey. more...
PC Previews 25.03.2013

Elder Scrolls Online Hands-On: A Compromise, But A Good One

Adam Harshberger
We go hands-on with Elder Scrolls Online to find out if it's more of a Skyrim MMO than it looks. more...
Features 10.01.2013

Fallout 4: What Do We Know So Far?

Adam Barnes
Bethesda is no doubt working on Fallout 4, so we scour through clues to see what we can find out about the game. more...
News 06.12.2012

Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC - How To Start Playing

Adam Barnes
Want to know where to go to start Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC and reach Solstheim? Well, it's actually pretty simple. more...
News 08.11.2012
Elder Scrolls Online_1.jpg

The Elder Scrolls Online Gets First Gameplay Video

Tom Hopkins
Bethesda reveals first look at Elder Scrolls MMO in new dev diary video. more...
News 26.10.2012
Elder Scrolls Online_7.jpg

The Elder Scrolls Online Site Goes Live

Tom Hopkins
Zenimax Online and Bethesda launch online portal for all things Elder Scrolls MMO-related. more...
News 23.10.2012
Elder Scrolls Online_1.jpg

Elder Scrolls Online Looks Massive In New Screens

Tom Hopkins
Zenimax Online reveals new images from Tamriel in the upcoming MMO The Elder Scrolls Online. more...
News 21.08.2012

Zenimax Trademarks 'Giant Monster News', Is it Shinji Mikami's Zwei?

Tom Hopkins
A new Zenimax trademark could have something to do with the survival horror game in development at Shinji Mikami's Tango Gameworks. more...
News 18.07.2012

Elder Scrolls Online Dev Open To Next-Gen Console Port

Dave Cook
Elder Scrolls Online developer ZeniMax Online has revealed its interest in bringing the game to next-gen consoles. Full quotes here. more...
News 08.06.2012

The Elder Scrolls Online: Time Travel, Moral Choices, Puzzles & Low-Spec PCs

Tom Hopkins
We get up close with Zenimax Online's Elder Scrolls MMO. more...
News 07.06.2012

The Elder Scrolls Online: CG Teaser Trailer Reveals Factions

Tom Hopkins
Zenimax Online and Bethesda reveal the first epic teaser trailer for MMO The Elder Scrolls Online. more...
News 21.05.2012

Skyrim: Zenimax Trademarks 'Dragonborn'

Tom Hopkins
Is a new Bethesda trademark prepping the name of more Skyrim DLC? Or simply protecting IP? more...
News 03.05.2012

Elder Scrolls Online: First Video, Screen Incoming This Week

Tom Hopkins
Bethesda will reveal the first teaser trailer and in-game screen for Elder Scrolls Online tomorrow. more...
News 25.04.2012

Resident Evil Creator Returning To Survival Horror At Bethesda

Tom Hopkins
Shinji Mikami's new studio Tango Gameworks working on unannounced survival horror game according to reports. more...
News 26.03.2012

Bethesda Declines To Comment On Prey 2 Cancellation Rumours

Tom Hopkins
Publisher won't confirm or deny whether Humanhead Studios' MIA shooter is in jeopardy. more...
News 21.03.2012

Skyrim DLC: 'Dawnguard' Bethesda Trademark Hints At Elder Scrolls Content

Tom Hopkins
A new trademark listing from Zenimax hints at new Skyrim DLC content. more...
News 16.03.2012

Elder Scrolls MMO To Be Announced In May - Report

Adam Barnes
Bethesda could be working on a MMO in the Elder Scrolls universe if a recent report is to be believed. more...
News 14.02.2012

Skyrim: 2,500 Creation Kit Mods Now Available For Free

Tom Hopkins
Bethesda reveals 2 million Skyrim Creation Kit downloads within three days of launch. more...
News 10.01.2012

Bethesda-Developed Fallout MMO Back On The Cards

Tom Hopkins
Bethesda settles IP licensing litigation with Interplay over Fallout MMO. more...
News 16.11.2011

Skyrim: Bethesda Shares Impressive Launch Figures

Tom Hopkins
Bethesda ensures all potential customers get Skyrim. more...

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