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News 12.02.2013

Dead Space Writer Responds To 'Necessary Evil' Comment

Adam Barnes
Antony Johnston has commented on a recent remark he made surrounding EA's need to make Dead Space 3 more action-focused. more...
News 08.02.2013

Dead Space 3's Action Focus A 'Necessary Evil' - Dead Space 1 Writer

Adam Barnes
Dead Space 3's emphasis on action is a difficult balancing act, according to the writer of the original Dead Space. more...
News 04.06.2012

Dead Space 3 Release Month Confirmed

Adam Barnes
EA confirms that Dead Space 3 will be with us in 2013 alongside a gameplay demo. more...
PS3 Previews 31.05.2012

Dead Space 3 Reveal: Co-op, Snow, Weapon Customisation - Details

Gavin Mackenzie
Visceral looks to be changing a lot of what we knew of Dead Space, we had eyes-on to find out just how these changes are working out. more...

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